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  1. Quite a few years ago (in 2004) I posted here some very basic pics of the moon, but they were really basic and I've done much better since then. So I thought, I might start to share the images here. Astrophotography is my another passion and, with time, I acquired equipment needed to take pics of deep sky objects. My current setup looks like this:

    Except there's a film camera attached, just for demonstration purposes, I actually shoot with digital. Currently I use a modified Canon 550D (T2i) camera.

    I usually tend to shoot the less-known and not so popular objects, but my last picture, taken on Jan. 27th, is the pop - Flame and Horsehead nebulae:

    The temperature was quite cold, -20°C, and there was probably an air current inside the tube, that's why the stars seem to have tails. There are a few other imperfections, but in general, I'm almost satisfied.

    I will post more images when I have them, but don't expect frequent updates, because the right conditions to shoot the sky don't happen very often. Of course, the sky must be clear, with no moon, weekend is highly preferred, because I most often go to a dark sky site with no (or little) light pollution, far from the city lights. And there must be no strong wind. There are many other things that can ruin everything, so sometimes I don't have anything new for months :P

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    2. Technician


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I have new desktop background now

      Haha, awesome.

    3. Donce


      Two more recent pics.

      Startrails in the background of museum of etnocosmology:

      Spiral galaxy M101 (Pinwheel galaxy):

    4. GreyGhost


      Donce said:

      AAARRGH!! A black hole's swallowing the sky! AAARRGH!! Run for your life! AAARRGH!!