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  1. Droolius_Sneezer

    DOOM: RAGING ANARCHY - An Ultimate Doom megawad

    Badass trailer! Excited to play it!
  2. Droolius_Sneezer

    The DWMaster Endurance Tournament #2: We endure... Kama Sutra

    Kama Sutra Category 1 Ultra-Violence My endurance was finally shattered at Map 11 Died quite a bit, this wad has some fun nastiness in it, lots of beasties popping out to murder. I actually played it more later in the day I enjoyed it so much, will probably end up finishing it! I'll get my Sigil run done later and upload that as well.
  3. Droolius_Sneezer

    The DWMaster Endurance Tournament #1: We endure... DOOM

    Run complete! DoomRunD_S.rar Episode 1: 21:42 Episode 2: 36:43 Episode 3: 39:42 Total Time: 1:38:7 I'll do Episode 4 later on most likely, I have to take time to mentally prepare myself for the first two levels. UV Category 3 Source Port: GZDoom
  4. Droolius_Sneezer

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Definitely gonna nominate Three Is a Crowd for this year, such a strong megawad both in concept and execution.
  5. Droolius_Sneezer

    A Hole for Meat 2.0 - GZDOOM - Doom 2

    Looks like a lot of fun, love those obelisks in the last screenshot, excited to play!