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  1. @janiform don't forget to use this version of map 29 meatball added with the fixed linedef issues
  2. @Demonic Meatballah alright, i think i know the issue, flipping the linedefs makes the platforms not lower for some reason, i'll just make the linedefs a box instead i also fixed the texture bug and made the mud do way less damage. thank you @janiform i updated my map based on some stuff demonic meatball made me aware of Map29_A_Dead_Start.zip
  3. sorry for the late response, i'm not sure what's causing the revenant issue, everyone i had playtest never encountered a glitch like that
  4. Generic Doomer

    Doom 2 Recreation Project: Update

    thanks for letting me know, i'll fix it in the next update
  5. i consider it done, go ahead
  6. Generic Doomer

    Doom 2 Recreation Project: Update

    alright i've fixed the issue you were talking about in map 03
  7. Generic Doomer

    Doom 2 Recreation Project: Update

    i believe i put invulns there on lower difficulties, but yeah the boss is pretty hard on ultra violence, at least no one can call it underwhelming now
  8. Generic Doomer

    Doom 2 Recreation Project: Update

    oh yeah, you can find screenshots on the old thread they're outdated though so i guess i should make new ones and include them on this
  9. Some of you might be familiar of what this is, though most most you probably don't know. This is a project I worked on in 2020-2021ish to test my skills with UDMF and Hexen map features, then it kinda blew up in a way I didn't expect it to. This is a recreation of Doom 2's stock levels obviously, with advanced features and fancy stuff. I sort of felt pressured into redoing every map from doom 2 after my mod got traction and people wanted to see more, but I now realize that's out of my scope to do. So consider this a final version of sorts besides any bugs or flaws I may come back in to fix. I originally only did maps 01-05 and 13, and 30. Though since then I've done a complete rework of map 30, edited the levels 1-5 based on feedback I got, and complete map 06. I also added Mapinfo to automatically take you to level 13 after 06, and 30 after 13 for convenience. I decided I'd make a new topic due to the old one being inactive for, well, quite a while. I'd recommend playing this mod with GZDoom, and you need the Doom 2 Iwad obviously. If you find any bugs or want to point out any flaws you see, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Credits are in the wad file. doom2recreationproject.zip
  10. @janiform i did some major overhauls to the lighting Map29_A_Dead_Start_v2.zip
  11. thanks for the feedback, might work on it in a bit.
  12. @janiform just making absolutely sure you see this, in case you accidently overlooked it i'll update it based on feedback given.
  13. @janiform my map is done, it's a short but sweet map. bit of a heads up, this map gets pretty difficult on ultraviolence, not slaughtermap hard or anything though. map name: A Dead Start slot: 29 author: Dogelord (Generic Doomer) no custom midi used tested in: PRBoom+, GzDoom, DSDA-Doom Map29_A_Dead_Start.zip
  14. I'd like to make a claim on map 29, I need a kick to really get myself back into doom mapping anyways. Feel like this might be a good way to do it.
  15. Generic Doomer

    Doom 2 Map Recreation Project Beta

    nice to know i introduced someone to the magic of doom mapping