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  1. Okay so I'm aware that in the newer games (it's iffy for Doom 3, but it's 100% confirmed in 4 and Eternal) that the technology attached to Demons are built buy UAC scientists. But in Doom 1 and 2, it's not clear if the tech is from hell itself... or what. We know it wasn't the UAC's doing, because in that rendition of the story, the UAC had not gathered any information on Hell or Demons by the start of the game. So they never even had that opportunity. What I think is supposed to be happening is the Spider Mastermind as well as well as the Arachnotrons are sort of the engineers of the demonic world, that's why they get around in their armored mechs. They built them themselves. It's also possible that scientists that went to hell when they died retained their knowledge of technology, and were forced to replicate it. Or, heck, maybe Hell just assimilates a bunch of random stuff so the tech just sort of... forms. I dunno, I'm interested to hear other interpretations of the lore.
  2. HQDefault

    Cursed Doom Images

    I legit want to re-draw this because it emits such a sublime energy
  3. HQDefault

    Doom timelines

    I don't subscribe to the headcanon that Wolfenstein, Doom, and Commander Keen all exist in the same reality. I think that's kinda dumb and dilutes the tone of the games. I'd rather the characters be independent of each other, not all heroes have to share a family tree. And yeah, I know, phone RPGs, but they're pretty much ignored outside of those titles. Besides, Youngblood confirmed the idea of an "id multiverse", so they're still all canon alongside each other, but they all occur in different realities. Here's how I see the timeline: Doom 1 and 2, as well as Doom 64 (and maybe Final Doom?) are "Reality A" Doom 3, 4, and Eternal are "Reality B" Meanwhile, Hell is sort of like Xen from Half-Life. It's a bridge that connects all of the universes, so all over these parallel realities share the same hell.
  4. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    One last WIP screenshot of Maximum Doomage, and then I'm gonna stay quiet on it until I finish Episode 1 Here's a very early version of "Toxicity Trial", the Toxin Refinery + Ga(u)ntlet mashup I think after finishing up Map02 I realized exactly how I'm gonna play this. So rather than just purely being a mashup of aesthetics and ideas, I think ultimately I'm going to try to fuse the levels in such a way that I have to ask myself, "what identity does the combination of these two levels create?" Allows for me to do some more interesting and unique stuff if I feel appropriate.
  5. Considering there's Stucco textures in Doom2 (and also what a lot of the architecture is based off of) it's probably Southern United States. Considering it's id, probably Texas. Although if we ignore that it could also be somewhere like Albuquerque. He obviously has to have a house of some kind, but there's no way it's fancy... and obviously wouldn't have any demon pets. (Unless we're talking the Doom Slayer post-Sentinel, then we know he has a bunch of Demons in the Fortress of Doom's prison... but I'm not sure that counts as pets) But he clearly has to have kept Daisy on Earth somewhere... so he at least has an apartment or something. I'm assuming he also had a friend that was watching the rabbit for him while he was on Mars. I have no clue who though.
  6. Environmental hazards in level design is always fun because literally everyone does them in a different way. I'm interested to see how the Doomworld community handles things like damaging floors, especially considering not even the main games can stay 100% consistent with how they're used. For me it's pretty simple. If it would logically hurt you in real life, that's what hurts you. So brown sludge? No, that's just murky water, that wouldn't kill you. You might get sick in a few weeks, but not immediately. Blood? Yeah, nah. We got plenty of blood in our bodies, I think we'd have a problem if it hurt us. Nukage I obviously make damaging, and I always keep it at the minimum damage level. But lava? Hell yeah. Crank that up to maximum with the flashing lights. Lava will burn your face off. There's also stuff like electric and invisible radiation hazards, which I feel like I remember Doom 1 attempting once or twice, but not to a great extent. I'm interested to see how people handle that.
  7. I feel like the question here is "Are Demons sentient beings that are aware of their wrongdoings, or are they just really violent animals" To that end I think it depends. Former humans definitely fall on the stupid end of the spectrum. So they're more just the brainless killing variety. Pinkies are basically big fuckoff dogs with arms, so same there. Imps are a little smarter. They seem to pursue ritualistic practices, but aren't very sophisticated. Same goes for Pain Elementals. I like to imagine Cacodemons are the least evil. They're more like domesticated flying things, they've just been trained to fight. I bet if you found a baby one and gave it food it would be totally friendly. Outside of that, yeah, all evil. Hell Knights/Barons are supposed to be nobility, and depending on the interpretation can even be somewhat classy when they're not trying to kill you. Cyberdemons have an obvious dominance complex, and clearly like to display just how dangerous they are. The Spider Mastermind is... well... that's kind of obvious. Arachnotrons are of a similar breed to the Mastermind, so them to. The only one that's kinda fuzzy is the Mancubus. They always struck me as really not wanting to be here. They're so chubby that they'd rather just sit in hell and be lazy all day, but they also have cannons for arms, so they really have nothing better to do than kill something.
  8. HQDefault

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A catgirl left her blinker on but the blinker is her face
  9. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Yeah, I'm not counting Thy Flesh Consumed. It always just struck me as a pack of challenge maps, and less a part of the complete "Doom 1" experience. Never really tickled my fancy. EDIT: Alright, so it seems there were a few prior attempts. There was the map01/e1m1 crossbreed someone brought up, but I'm not too broken up about that because different creators will have different interpretations, and also that's one level and I'm planning on this being a MegaWad. So the other 26 maps are still fair game. And then there's The Patchwork Empire, which from what I've seen largely is a copy/paste job, but does have a leg up on me in the fact that it also seems to be grabbing content from TNT Evilution and Plutonia. Not to discredit their work on it though, trying to make a patchwork map like that and still have it flow in a way that isn't completely infuriating must be a really challenging task. But either way, I still think that ultimately the way I'm handling development on this is probably going to be unique from other attempts, even if people did do roughly the same thing, because ultimately I still have my own mapping style and some of my own personal touches will bleed through somewhat.
  10. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Right now I'm joining them by level number. But because there are fewer maps in Doom 1 than Doom 2 that gives me leeway to skip a couple Doom 2 levels, particularly the ones that I really don't like. *cough* the factory *cough*
  11. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Also on a mildly interesting note, here's the size of Nuclear Plant compared to Underhalls
  12. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    So uh Someone might've already tried doing this, but... I had a fun idea for a megawad I'm gonna merge Doom 1 and 2 maps together I call it "Maximum Doomage" I feel like if someone did do this idea before it was probably just them copy-pasting bits and pieces of levels together, which I'm trying really hard to avoid doing.
  13. Figured it was a pretty simple solution. Thanks. I should've used the forum's search function instead of just google.
  14. HQDefault

    Phaser_Foundry.WAD (Single map, vanilla assets)

    Updated the map. Fixed the switch issue (I think), and did a minor texture swap
  15. So from what I understand, Doom 1 has a few textures that are missing in Doom 2 for some reason (I'm guessing filesize limitations) and I'm wondering what the best way to go about re-insterting them into Doom 2 is. What I do know is that I shouldn't just set GZDoom to load from both Doom1 and 2's wad files, because when you actually boot the map up, GZDoom will only grab one of the wads, leaving all of the assets specific to the other as a missing texture/error. I'm hoping someone cataloged all the textures that don't appear in both so I can easily just drag-and-drop into Slade.