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  1. Quick progress update. https://i.imgur.com/Y7UiT3w.mp4 Not only have I settled on the P90, but I've also made a new sprite for the pistol based off of the 1911. Mainly because I just like the 1911. But also because it helps convey that it functions differently than the vanilla pistol I guess.
  2. Also alternative third option I came across. This is a modified MP5K with a heat shield(?) which gives it a much bulkier aesthetic. Combined with fiddling with the scale and position of certain things, this looks pretty close to the silhouette of the SMG on the box art. That said, I don't like how pronounced the mod rail on the top is. I feel like this might be getting too far away from that smooth sci-fi aesthetic. I dunno tho. I figured I'd put it here as another option, or maybe I can use this for the pickup sprite and the UMP for the actual "viewmodel." For real tho I would like some input on which of these is preferred as a chaingun replacement.
  3. Ok. Good news. Nuevos Bueno. (I can't remember what the spanish word for News is) First off: I am still alive. Poggers. Secondly: Been busy with life overall, college is naturally a struggle, but also I got caught up in another project that I got really passionate about, and that's still happening. So updates will still probably be slow but regardless I'm gonna try to get this mappack under the defibrillator. The main reason I'm posting now is because the first thing that I wanna do is do a bit more polish on the add-on gameplay mod. I always regretted leaving the project on standby where I did because the more I look at it the more I think the friggin' machine gun in Spectacle Creep looks ugly as sin. That and I want to redo the sound too, maybe. The current one is punchy but it's also kind of annoying. (God he's not even holding it right, he has his thumb tucked under the gun so it's just resting on his wrist) So anyway I need help deciding which one of these I want to use. The first is a mangled UMP45, with the magazine shortened and shoved in at an odd angle, and an MP7 stock stuck on the back (it'll also look bigger in the sprite). This is me continuing the attempt at replicating something reminiscent of the box art SMG, this time using a real gun and not an amalgamation of Planetside 2 weapons. I also imagine it's closer to the Machine Pistol described in the Doom Novels. If I go with this I shall call it the MP-KA. The second is just a regular P90. I just like this gun's sleek design, and it always fits really well in a Sci-Fi environment. That and it also continues Doom's legacy of taking inspiration from other media, as I'm told the P90 is frequently used in Stargate. I feel like for a more grounded take on the Doomguy, I can see him using this.
  4. HQDefault

    HQDefault's big substitute-insert thread

  5. HQDefault

    HQDefault's big substitute-insert thread

  6. HQDefault

    What's your "mapping style"?

    I'd honestly love to see a series of just a level designer dissecting the mapping styles of various community members. As for me? Well, it's hard to say because I'm still new-ish to Doom mapping and most of my current mapping style is seen in Spectacle Creep, which is of course a remake, so you're only getting part of how I do things. I have established a few things though, not all of which I've had many opportunities to really put into practice: -Indoor areas stay orthogonal, outdoor areas stay freeform. I like using 45 degree angles for my man-made stuff. Partially because it's easy, partially because I feel like architects wouldn't want to use that many bizarre angles. But in outdoor spaces I don't need to worry about aligning I-Beams, so I just go nuts. -I have a mild fetish for reflective surfaces in UDMF. I put them on every liquid, I have little puddles on the ground, I have shiny polished floors, I love using 'em. They look so nice for so little effort. -I absolutely never do the misaligned texture secret. Never. It's too easy to spot and too simple these days. Even a different wall texture is a little better. -You have to earn your Super Shotgun. It's nearly as powerful as the rocket launcher and it almost completely negates the need to use the regular shotgun. -I heavily rely on loops in my maps to try and give a sense of non-linearity, and minimize the number of dead ends a player encounters. I try really hard to give the player freedom as to where to go without turning it into a maze, and I find that the fastest way to make your map a maze is with a bunch of dead ends. -I have a tendency to use sector lighting in unconventional ways. I love UDMF's ability to give surfaces independent light values, and with that I spend a lot of time trying to get the light balance on each part of a room just right. That and I also will frequently use light in outdoor areas to indicate a change in elevation. This is probably most obvious with my work on "UAC Pacific Northwest". -My maps tend to be pretty small and cramped. This is partially because I'm just not good at scaling, but also because I like congestion maps. Fights tend to feel pretty samey if they can be overcome by just circle strafing. There's a weird thing in my mind where I see a wide open space I put in a map and my brain is like "bro it's empty" and it just feels wrong. -One of my core philosophies when detailing is to give the sense that there is a world beyond the confines of the map. I partially mean this in an "environmental storytelling" kinda way, but I also mean this in the literal sense of "I don't want to turn to my right and see the endless void." It kills my immersion. (Unless you're Super Mario, then you're in an abstract acid trip dimension and you can do anything) -Because of this I wind up making a lot of out-of-bounds areas. This is partially a habit I learned from my time in the TF2Maps community, because this is a detailing practice they did all the time. "Blank wall? Turn it into a fence and have some trucks dropping stuff off behind it." Really expands the world. EDIT: Also I use the doorstop texture way too much
  7. HQDefault

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Anyonr else do this?
  8. I posted this earlier but I didn't get a response, so let me rephrase it as a question: Would you be open to include a late submission in Part 2 of the stream if I got it done by midnight, even if it's not actually part of the judging?
  9. @Jimmy Sadly I'm not gonna get it done by deadline. And I'm not gonna skip class just to try and complete a speedmap that I wouldn't even get done in time anyway. If you're open to have it be in the stream list but not actually include it in the judging, then I'd be happy to wrap it up by midnight.
  10. The deadline said today was the last day, but you also said you were streaming the submissions today, so I don't know if you meant they were do by midnight last night
  11. HQDefault

    HQDefault's big substitute-insert thread

    I'm now uploading these to a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SubstituteEdits/
  12. HQDefault

    How tall is doomguy?

    I like the idea that Doomguy is kind of a Manlet. In Eternal, he looks like he's shorter than the UAC security guards. I dunno, in my head canon he's like 5'7". So not like super short, but clearly a stocky build.
  13. HQDefault

    HQDefault's big substitute-insert thread

    Here's today's Daily Bugle headline: "Substitute: Threat or Menace?"
  14. HQDefault

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Well, I went ahead and just did the full tier list. Keep in mind that out of all of these rows the only ones I actively dislike are in the very bottom tier.