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  1. CaptainWinky

    Skulltag Progress Thread

    Wow, I have been gone a while. :)
  2. CaptainWinky

    Skulltag Progress Thread

    What was the last version of ST that still had bots included? Maybe it's just nostalgia clouding my memory, but I thought the bots in that version were pretty decent--better than the regular ZDoom bots at any rate.
  3. CaptainWinky

    Gun Idea List

    Perhaps "heat seeking wood" could be a powerup rune that gives you only two weapons, the chainsaw and the wood launcher. The chunks of heat-seeking wood wouldn't do as much damage as a rocket, but they would slightly adjust their trajectory to make it easier to hit your enemies. The chainsaw would be used to cut down trees, leaving behind pieces of wood for ammo. :)
  4. CaptainWinky

    Skulltag v0.95h Bug Report Thread

    Probably because the Cajun bot is mediocre at deathmatch and, as far as I know, incapable of playing in CTF/ST. If you're just jonesing for a bot deathmatch, grab the latest version of regular Zdoom, which has Cajun bots built in. It's not the greatest, but it works.
  5. CaptainWinky

    New Guns?

    That reminds me of the dehacked patch I did a long time ago that made the rocket launcher launch dying Nazis. In fact, almost every weapon and monster was changed to be criminally stupid. Wish I hadn't lost that patch now, it would have been funny to load it up in Zdoom.
  6. CaptainWinky

    Flashing Skins? HOW?!

    I don't know how, but why would you want to make your doomguy look like the average geocities website? :)
  7. CaptainWinky

    Skulltag v0.95h Feedback/Discussion Thread

    It's not a big deal unless more people complain, now that Infinite Ammo showed me the easiest fix. :)
  8. CaptainWinky

    Skulltag v0.95h Feedback/Discussion Thread

    I almost forgot to mention, the Daisy skin (bunny) is incomplete; there are no firing frames, so the rabbit vanishes while shooting. Besides, it's tough to see anyway (smaller than Hissy, light brown color). It's not a big deal, but it bugs me to go online and see half of the players using a cheap skin to rack up frags.
  9. CaptainWinky

    Version v0.96 Plans/Thoughts

    Weapon prefs and multiple binds sound good. As for llama frags, that should be a user option, because if it were mandatory, some idiots would use it to screw with people. I DMed a few days ago with a guy who thought it was comedy gold to hit T right before I shot him, so I racked up about 20 llamas. [LLJK]CptWinky: .... Guy: lol Guy: u a llama [LLJK]CptWinky: HUR HUR
  10. CaptainWinky

    Version v0.96 Plans/Thoughts

    The bots would have to take a look at the damaging sector(s) and how much damage they do and weigh that against their desire to get items in/across from the sector or, in the case of coop, follow the player through the sector. At least that's how I think it could be done. As a total amateur programmer, I don't know how it could be implemented.
  11. CaptainWinky

    New Guns?

    The disembodied eye of a Pain Elemental, which, when thrown upon the ground, would summon several lost souls to attack everything in sight (including you, so you might not want to stay and watch the carnage).
  12. CaptainWinky

    new gun heat seeker wood that be new

    While we're on the topic of heat-seeking trees and the like, I suggest that someone make a bioweapon of some sort. It would use guts for ammo (run over gibbed players...reduce, reuse, recycle!) and spew a hearty blast of gibs and blood when fired. Any player hit by the bioweapon would become ill and suffer damage for several seconds unless he/she had a radsuit.
  13. CaptainWinky

    new gun heat seeker wood that be new

    I'm sorry, but when I read the subject, I thought of a gun that launched big pieces of heat-seeking wood at your target. Then I laughed uncontrollably.
  14. CaptainWinky

    Favourite poll

    ^^^^ I must disagree, good sir. Favorite Rune, although relatively new, has a lot of potential. So many runes, so many possibilities!
  15. CaptainWinky

    Favorite Skulltag DM Level?

    d2dm7. d2dm1 would be my favorite but the secret room is a little overpowered in my opinion. Not that I don't enjoy getting BFG10k, rage, and invis and then sneaking out and grabbing the doomsphere. :)