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  1. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Diablo 3

    3 is lacking atmosphere. It's not badly made, it just has no soul. Everything about is forgettable. Don't get me wrong, I spent several hundreds of hours grinding my ass off in grifts, trying to beat the timer by putting up my increasingly large numbers against the enemy's increasingly large numbers, but after a while I realized I wasn't having any goddamn fun, and the game just turned into white noise, to the point where I basically had to have a podcast running on my second screen to not fall asleep. There's just nothing in this game that would compare to the fantastic feeling of walking out from the Rogue Encampment for the first time with your level 1 character, hearing them utter their first quip and slay the first Fallen/Zombie/Quill rat and hearing the following play. For fuck's sake I still remember every sound from that game - footsteps, monster and player grunts, weapon swooshes, chests/doors being opened, gold dropping, town portal appearing, scrolls of identify being used, potions being chugged etc. I remember nothing from D3, aside from the 'ting' made by legendary items when they drop on the floor. I heard a remake was in the works, but if it's complete audiovisual overhaul, it will be a flop. The game has this unique, rough feel to it. Hi-res support and high framerate are the only things needed for a successful remaster. It kinda worked for HoMM3, it would work here too.
  2. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Should I Play Quake?

    If you're still not sure, you can try this very faithful Quake simulator. It does a really stellar job at recreating the vanilla experience.
  3. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I nicked a sticker from the Steam points store and put it through a gruesome mutilation provess in order to make it fit under the filesize limit.
  4. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Halo Infinite Gameplay Reveal

    I sunk around 7k hours into UT2004, and those visuals gave me HEAVY Torlan/Maelstrom/Aridoom vibes. Also, DNF 2003 footage.
  5. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Halo Infinite Gameplay Reveal

    This looks like an UE2 game. What the fuck.
  6. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    What is the most anti-climactic level in all of Doom?

    MAP23. Barrels of fuck you, more like. Just replace it with a single room featuring a trigger that drains 90% of your ammo, hp and armor.
  7. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Let's talk about the scariest games you've ever played.

    Ctrl+f'd for "suff" and found no results. It's the only game that legitimately made me feel fear. In comparison to this, Doom 3 is like a saturday-morning cartoon. All its jumpscares get old like fifteen minutes in, while TS has this feel of creeping dread and fearing for your life every step of the way, accompanied by unadulterated disgust. The scratching sounds made by these knife-limb fucks will send shivers down your spine, because they could crawl and ambush you from literally any direction. I never finished it. Maybe I should, I'm more than double the age I was when I first tried it.
  8. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    DOOM Eternal - Render Modes | Update 2

    That Doom Classic setting was the biggest letdown yet. I was hoping for blockiness with increased saturation, not just some dumb pixelization.
  9. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Forum Weapons

  10. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Personal reaction vids; thoughts on them?

    They really make me want to die. They're on the level of screamer let's plays. Who the fuck watches this shit?
  11. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    What's with the fish?

    I had a similar thought.
  12. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    I never said Valve are fans of HDTF. They know it's shit. They know it uses their intellectual property. They know it embellishes the story they told. And yet, despite that, HDTF is being sold for actual money. None of the other mods do that. It's an unspoken "We're completely okay with this existing and making money". And no, Black Mesa doesn't count. It's a near complete remake, very strictly following an already established world and design decisions.
  13. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    Late, but HDTF is used to crap on Valve because it uses Valve's intellectual property while being sold for money on Valve's own distribution platform and as such carries an implicit stamp of endorsement.
  14. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    Disputable. It has all of core features of a Roguelike with the addition of graphics and real-time gameplay.
  15. SuperchargedEuthanasiaDiv

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    Diablo/Torchlight, Immortal Redneck and Isaac are all pretty good. IR might be the only case of an FPS roguelite being done right, even considering its numerous flaws. I've also tried Ziggurat, Tower of Guns and Paranautical Activity, but they all sucked hard for many, many reasons.