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    Quote from the text file: I'm really not sure what to think, really, because I have no idea what's the author's idea of "everyone else's UV", but I think it's not the same as mine. The description consists of telling the player over and over again to play this on HMP, not on UV, and so I did. The maps will either punish you with wailing revenants, arch-viles and other monsters that crush you from all directions in a wild orgy that even this new Westworld show would be jealous of, or, you will be stuck trying to figure out which piece of the level that looks the same as every other piece of this level has opened up after you have crossed over an invisible linedef or pushed a strange button. I look at all these beautifully crafted sectors and think how mapper has put lots of effort into pressing CTRL+D and dragging vertices and aligning textures and then I can't think of these levels as nothing else but not fun to play... for me. This probably means that I'm a piss poor player and that's okay.
    I have played at least 2 of those maps before, but I don't know where I got them from. This wad will tear you apart, tear you down and tear you to pieces and then it will leave you in tears. The maps are good, but I'd recommend cautious expectations or using lower difficulty levels.
    The visuals are very blocky here, plain and rough and brown. Lot's of brown. But they work; somehow they create a nice skyscraper architecture. The gameplay is constant action, with enemies sniping at you from long distances - both horizontal and vertical. There is at least one dickish Arch-Vile placement. This is a good map with minimal geometry - an example that detail clutter can be avoided.
    I like this particular ZDoom level. It uses ZDoom features in ways that enhance gameplay. Level visuals are interesting, if the proportions are a bit off; I'm not sure why, though. Texturing - good. Detail - good. Layout - not bad, with some verticality, but not much. Coop play is impossible due to missing player starts but I edited those in and we had some coop fun. Boss battles are orchestrated good with little helpers coming out that prevent circle strafing and hiding behind cover.
    Surprisingly difficult WAD with very well done graphics. Quake textures work very well with Doom, maybe they work even better than with Quake. Most maps play well, the layouts are interesting and the resources are scarce. The few last maps leave a bit of a bad aftertaste, unfortunately, as difficulty progresses into downright shitting down your neck. See that Cyberdemon? You're gonna walk into an invisible teleporter that will teleport you right next to it where it will shoot a rocket in to you. See that circular, small room where you have to avoid enemy fire? Part of the floor will soon lower into unescapable death pit. Stupid.
    Feels good, man. 5000 monsters. Took 101 minutes to beat in 2-player coop. Apart from 1 mass caco invasion, the monsters are laid out evenly as the level itself is big. Many times there are provided means to gain advantage over the horde. Just stay observant.
    5 short but intense levels with nice, interconnected layouts and very good visuals that are almost free of detail clutter and rely on clean texturing and simple but interesting architecture. I would say that difficulty is hard, but not too hard and overall it's great fun. The music choices are meh for me but they are not annoying and I won't let it affect the score. Playthrough recommended, especially since the WAD is very short and can be beaten in less than 20 - 30 minutes.
    Mellow map that plays much like a Doom 1 E1 level but uses Doom2 chaingunners and Hell Knights. Easy, short, good layout, good visuals. Not bad. It would be a good opening for a larger WAD. I don't understand why ZDoom is required (or at least the text file states so). There are no advanced features used as far as the eye can see.
    Short but excellent WAD. Visuals are very detailed with no surface left unscathed. The gameplay occurs mostly on a single, flat level. The action is near constant, with some fights putting you in tight spaces. All of this sums up to a WAD that reminds me of Agent Spork or UniDoom design, but that probably stems also from the replaced color palette. The "met a nazi" traitor plazma marines are used here too, but they are taken down a notch. While still fast and hurtful, they aren't used in ways that would cause much annoyance. Playthrough recommended, especially since all maps can be beaten in less than 30 minutes total.
    This WAD is like box of chocolates - you'll never know what you'll get. Unless you will because I will tell you. If you run this in a port that supports MAPINFO, you will start in MAP30 that is a "pick the level" map, Quake 1 style. You get 49 portals, each with a 512x512 pixel screenshot, map number, author name and designated port (vanilla, boom, limit removing, g/zdoom). Once you complete a level, you return to the hub and you can pick another map. This is excellent! You also carry over weapons between maps, which gives you a choice to whether you want to play each map from pistol start or carry the weapons over. I preferred to carry the weapons over, but it's apparent that all maps were designed with pistol start in mind as having access to BFG spoils the difficulty level of many of them. The maps are divided by the MAP30 hub level. By this I mean that all levels before MAP30 range from very good to mediocre with some very few bad apples here and there, while all maps after MAP30 range from mediocre to really poor. MAP50 is the only one in this range that I'd recommend playing, and even then the scripts seemingly broke for us in multiplayer and we got stuck. I can recommend playing all of the maps in the lower range (before MAP30), apart from the few mentioned in the list below. The particular hall of shame: MAP06 - not only it's the usual TimeOfDeath slaughterhouse, it's also a jokewad map with obnoxious "music". Avoid. MAP09 - this map is actually very impressive and it's not actually bad. The level is huge and it has only one monster in it - a cyberdemon. Once you kill it, the remainder of the level is switch puzzles, teleporter puzzles, crusher puzzles, etc. In other words: expect Tomb Raider gameplay. MAP13 - very plain, very 1994. MAP14 - This is a good map, but it's very, very confusing in its layout. I could not find the exit. MAP19 - slaughterhaus with poor visuals/architecture/geometry MAP24 - an abstract map where you will fall into pitch black pits of death. The text file also deserves some criticism. Formatting is all over the place and you must rely on your editor wrapping the lines properly. There's one line with 810 characters in it. All in all, I think it's a pretty successful compilation with majority of the levels being playable and enjoyable. There are better community WADs out there, with stricter quality control that will give you a more balanced experience in overall.
    Was there a texture limit imposed here or what? It's all red rock. Shooting is straight forward, geometry is the same irregular shapes with height variation that only slightly goes up and down. The map is very short and not boring, but it's very, very basic.
    Nothing spells meh like recycled IWAD geometry. And it's recycled a lot. The level is crampy, plain in visuals and the combat stalls at times.
    A graveyard/mausoleum level built only out of Doom 2's stock textures. Weapons stop at chainsaw, shotgun and chaingun - there's no SSG as far as I know. The level is short and mostly not difficult. A nice map, all in all.
    MAP01 - MAP03 - 4* MAP04 - MAP05 - 1* MAP06 - 2* Verdict: 2* Maybe subsequent speedmapping sessions will produce better results?
    Normally, Doom 1 maps that were foolishly created with complete disregard to Doom 1 slower pacing can be fixed by spawning a super shotgun. Which I did here. It didn't save this WAD. This is an utter disaster - not only the same maps are repeated just with different textures, most of the existing maps are pure IWAD plagiarism. This is not a tribute or homage, this is plain replication of the geometry. The maps are ugly and boring. The taking away of weapons after every map just pressures to use IDFA. The only good map in this WAD is E2M6, which I can recommend playing but still, don't expect much. The others should be avoided.