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  1. Chill Base

    Doom 1 E1 with some chaingunners. Short & easy, with "cardboard" texturing and some fine layouting.
  2. Hell 77 N°02

    This is a really beautiful map divided into about 7 sections which each have their own distinctive flavor, though they keep the same theme. Sections are interconnected with lots of corridors, somewhat building a confusing layout that might not be easy to navigate. However, the sheer level of detail polish, the texturing and the intriguing ways in which everything is connected here easily conquer that little inconvenience. While the fights doen't belong to the more unforgiving ones, you will find lots of health and armor to help you pull through. Definitely recommended.
  3. L'agonie Finale

    A hub-like MAP containing 7 separate levels, each is completely separate and each must be completed for the exit to become available. You can complete them in any order, though the final one offers the most noticeable step up in difficulty. Each section has the same level of quality, polish and good design. Each completed section gets marked with a green slimefall texture (incompleted are red bloodfalls), though each section requires you to push a switch to exit. If you miss that switch you will have to return to an otherwisely completed section. It would probably be better to just use walk-over lines for marking sections as completed.
  4. Abyssal Speedmapping Session 29 (XXIX)

    I believe this pack sets a new standard for this series - this is the best one with all maps pulling through. Maybe I wasn't fond of the endless "Living End" tributes, but the maps are nicely twisted to not feel like a repetition of the old map. Some maps can be lengthy, but the entire pack shouldn't take an hour to beat. Difficulty is moderate.
  5. Mystic Crates

    Relaxing map with relaxing tune to go with. Looks a bit like Containment Area, mixed with smooth feel of Episode 1 layouts. Very short, but can catch you off guard several times. I like it.
    I'm not sure what happened with the theme of this A.S.S. because the maps don't fit. Some berserk-only healing maps became berserk-only maps for Tyson playthroughs. I hardly see any spirals. There are many crushers, it seems like they were one of the themes. Does motionless damaging yellow surface count as lava? Regardless, the maps are pretty swell, with MAP10 being the best here with its floor hazards and necessity to hug walls.
  6. Woodcraft

    Built from Doom 2 resources, this maps packs a surprising difficulty level. You may get caught off guard several times. Expect some Arch-Vile fights. While the visual design is simple, the areas feel distinctive, though quite cramped which further bumps up the difficulty.
  7. Doomworld Mega Project 2017

    I commend grouping the maps such that there is a streak of excellent maps followed by not so good maps. That way it's easy to continuously play good maps without getting disgruntled with the WAD. I recommend all vanilla maps (yes, even TimeOfDeath's one), two first ZDoom maps, all limit removing maps except MAP10 and MAP11, boom maps - the quality varies here but there are still some good maps. Special highlight for map of the WAD goes to MAP24 - what a map, what an excellent use of textures. The illusion of lighting and depth is strong in this one. What excellent architecture. What grand design. What great fights. Go play it! Awful stench awards go to: - MAP11 - the inversed turd mountain that you climb and climb and climb in a rotating spiral while imps spawn and spawn and spawn and then you fall down like a ski jumper. - MAP20 - It's like a Wolfenstein 3D level but with 1200 enemies. Avoid. - All jump puzzle maps in ZDoom map pack. Given that there are no quality guidelines for this particular community project, I still think that there are plenty of very high quality maps here, hence it's a remarkable achievement, hence 5 out of 5 stars.
    When playing a map set like this one, one can envision the scene where Marcellus Wallace spends some inconvenient time in the store's back room, having close encounters with some strange men and waiting to be rescued by Bruce Willis. It really does give a new ring to the whole ASS acronym. Speaking of which, ASS 27 looks good, though much of this can be attributed to the texture theme as the architectural design is your standard convexgonal set of cliffs/water sectors. Nothing original, but good. 4 out of 5 * for this part. The gameplay is where you'll get your pounding, as already sufficiently difficult fights with Revenants and Pain-Elementals are spiced up with some Arch-Viles. These, given RNG's mercy or no mercy, will burn you up or burn someone else up allowing you to win. Don't count on RNG's mercy, though. Somewhat alike to Marcellus after his unfortunate encounter in the store's back room, after playing this WAD you might be pretty fucking far from being ok. Not all maps are like this, but most are. No rating for this part because I really can't rate it.
  8. Hidden Base

    For what's it's worth, I think this level primarily needs better texturing, but otherwise it could be a good starting point for a larger WAD. It's size alone (35 enemies) doesn't offer much of a gameplay. Maybe try to make a longer level and avoid applying wall textures to floors.
  9. Waste Abandonment

    This level is like a spider web of connected openings with very short corridors in-between them. The layout feels open as you can roam through the nodes of this web freely. This level has all the elements that a good level should have. The only detriment is the terracotta-army placement of some enemies, especially towards the end of the level. There's also plenty of ammo to go around, but moderate amount of medikits.
  10. The Ledge

    It looks to me like a strange aberration of all Ultimate Doom's episode 4 maps - the wood, marble, black metal, white rock and nukage creates a level that could fit there just fine. As you navigate ledges hovering just over drops where hazardous liquids await, you will be forced to fight enemies in some tight encounters. It's not the numers here that count - the enemies aren't that many, but given the enclosed quarters, you will have some trouble outmanuevering them. The super shotgun comes late here, but you barely even need it before it comes. I don't think you will find anything really original in this level, but all that it does, it does very well.
    I didn't ask for such WAD. It was unnecessary to create it. The initial batch of maps (about 14, 15?) is actually playable to some extent without feeling that you're wasting your time. But then the garbage falls out of the trash can, the trash pandas invade and you yourself become one with the garbage for wading through the flood of IDCLEVs that I wouldn't recommend to the worst enemy.
  11. The Last Experiment

    The author wanted a video review so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUQyQcXYu2Q The commentary is in Polish, but so seems the author to be so that's okay. Anyway, this is a 4* material at least, but there are some minor problems throughout that sum up to a detriment in the note. Here's the breakdown. Pros Excellent attention to detail. Every corner of the map has something in it, every wall, every ceiling has something interesting on it. At the same time the visuals aren't cluttered and the detail usually doesn't seem random. Good variety of texturing while sticking to a single theme. Airducts (John McClane style?) Mostly unconfusing layout. Gameplay that doesn't stall. Midtexture plane - it's silly, it's a cardboard cut-out and it has holes in it, but it looks nice. Just the right playtime length. Cyberimps. Cons Too easy. Hardly anything is a danger. Combat happens mostly on a flat level with little verticality. Some lighting cuts off very roughly. A finer gradienting would be nice. There are some places where you can get permanently stuck. Try jumping behind crates. These computer textures that hide essential switches. These would be okay for secrets, but switches that block progress should not mesh with what's usually considered a detail. I've went through the level 4 times before I noticed that I need to press a computer-on-da-wall in a very, very precise spot. Shootable levers. How does a lever go up/down when you shoot it? Music choice is fine, but it doesn't loop seamlessly and the track is too short. You will hear it multiple times during play. Either pick music that loops or try to extend the one you're using so that the noticeable rewind doesn't occur that often. Rats (I'm nitpicking, but still...)
  12. Unhappy Expedition

    Expansive cave area with some lava and chasms. You run through arenas much like those "classic" shooters like nu-Shadow Warior, Painkiller or Hard Reset. Ugly room design with next to no lighting variation. Monsters spawn in hordes by scripts but the fights are usually very easy due to circle-strafing. Poor level.