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    MAP01 - MAP03 - 4* MAP04 - MAP05 - 1* MAP06 - 2* Verdict: 2* Maybe subsequent speedmapping sessions will produce better results?
    Normally, Doom 1 maps that were foolishly created with complete disregard to Doom 1 slower pacing can be fixed by spawning a super shotgun. Which I did here. It didn't save this WAD. This is an utter disaster - not only the same maps are repeated just with different textures, most of the existing maps are pure IWAD plagiarism. This is not a tribute or homage, this is plain replication of the geometry. The maps are ugly and boring. The taking away of weapons after every map just pressures to use IDFA. The only good map in this WAD is E2M6, which I can recommend playing but still, don't expect much. The others should be avoided.
    The maps here are quite long, or rather I should say that they take longer to beat than expected when you notice that the monster count never goes above 150 (I think). Despite the low monster count, the maps can be challenging to beat. It's not the quantity that matters here but how it's used (she never said that, though). Layouts feel very organic, but not in a chaotic way that would spell "hey bro, let's make some interconnected layoutz out of random geometry". The maps are very coherent and good looking and they play very, very well and despite some unobvious triggers you rarely feel lost. A great WAD.
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    At first you lull yourself into the simple but fun Doom 2 replica, play through a few maps, think the WAD is fun and then ANAL FUCK TO THE FACE HAPPENS! (just imagine how that must look). I think that maybe playing it on a difficulty level lower than UV would make the experience more smooth and less crushing as I can't recommend UV unless you like retrying a lot. I still have no idea how you're supposed to survive being suddenly surrounded by an army of arch-viles.
    This map really does flip a switch on a time machine, but the reality you'll find yourself in will be warped. On one hand this map feels like something that could've come from the IWAD, on the other you see bland ceilings and Doom Builder's "auto-misalign" feature - especially on corners with right angles, and in some straight walls with trim textures too. Difficulty is easy, action is constant and the map ends quickly. In the end - it's not bad, it's okay and that's it.
    Splendid 6-pack that does what it says: provides a rusty environment to fight in. All maps have interesting layouts with lots of odd angles and architecture that provides visuals true to the theme. Gameplay is good for the first 3 maps, but after that it seems as if the fights are orchestrated not to fight them, but to avoid them. Moreover, you seem to be playing a game of attrition here - some enemies are positioned to slowly wear you down as you pass nearby and you should calculate the odds everytime you need to pass through. That would be easy if you'd knew the map layout beforehand. There is very little ammo so don't rely on being able to easily shoot everyone. I'd say that difficulty is high, but doable. The usual DeHackEd iffrit monsters are present here but somehow less annoying than in some other WADs.
    A pretty successful speedmapping with all maps being of at least decent quality, and most being just simply good. The final few err a bit on the difficult side, where you might get numbed and tell yourself "Oh, another death. Whatever." But really, good visuals, interesting gameplay, a bit tight on ammo but still, mostly fair.
    Steers much to the "realism" side but manages to stay right in the gameplay department. One gripe is that all maps look very samey. But otherwise there's nice attention to detail as the WAD tries to mimic infrastructure buildings. Action is constant but rather mild. There are also some blue pinky recolors that will spit water (?) at you.
    This WAD is sort of split in half. The first half, which consists of maps 01 - 05 is, well, nice. The maps look decent, the gameplay is full of action, the difficulty is moderate as you're constantly being provided with lots of health pickups. Despite this, the fights manage to be engaging. Tha latter half is different. The maps still look decent, but they become more and more straight forward. This is also visible in the first half, but the second consists of tunnel levels where you go forward and forward and pump rockets into enemies that arrive at you from 128 unit wide tunnels. And this drags on. These maps sport 900 enemies, each, but they are all threatless and die quickly. The last map, MAP10, is somewhat better, as it is set in a Doom2's MAP15-like city with loads of room to roam freely and allowing you to beat the map in the way you'd like it. It's still rather easy. Not a bad WAD, but it has lots of filler and wears you out after a while.
    This WAD starts out nice and then with each map it gets stronger and stronger. Each single map in this WAD is of topmost quality, with very good looking architecture, thoughtful gameplay and good music choices. While keeping the difficulty level high, it also manages to keep it fair. You will never find yourself in a RNG situation here. It's one of those rare WADs where MAP30 doesn't shy away at casting hordes of enemies at you while having multiple spawners but at the same time it's beatable in a single run! Do pay attention to your ammunition, however, as there's "just enough" of it. Control your shots. Make each one count.
    Short, but very nice looking Ultimate Doom with smooth and constant action. Rather mild in difficulty level, but very playable nonetheless.
    Nice map with well-detailed visuals and vicious gameplay with lots of action. The redcard can be obtained too quickly if you ram into it and then you can get stuck in a tiny compartment with a switch that doesn't release you.
    Holy fuck? A '96 WAD that beats many contemporary ones. Good gameplay, detailed visuals, interesting room architecture. Excellent!
    This is a nice map with nice lighting effects and Agent Spork's feel but then it ends quickly.