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    First map, huh? I'd say you succeeded - verticality, visuals, not-boring geometry, monster placement. Make us more maps. Odd music, though. Also, 36 monsters, but that's okay since they do pose certain threat.
    There's a nasty increase in difficulty in the latter maps, but in overall this is a good "reimagination". All levels are instantly familiar, but also changed in ways that make this a fresh experience.
    If you remove the fancy color-palette, what remains? A church-like level with some vertical arch-vile tediousness, some serious combat that will actually make you sweat a little and cacodemon/pain-elemental invasion that's again more tedious than dangerous and all you need to do is take cover and kill everyone that comes at you. Progression is straight-forward and the level does feel like it'd belong in an arena shooter. The fight at the exit can be skipped as the exit opens at the same time when enemies do.
    This level gives off a late-00's vibe with its rectangular layouts, cut corners, beam and compwall textures and gray metal padding everywhere. In overall, the level is ok (but just ok) and despite traps and omnipresent archviles, the difficulty is very low. The traps are also very lenient. It should take about 10 minutes to beat.
    This map is what the description says, but also the design is blocky and poorly detailed. I wouldn't even say this would be a good starting point in a larger WAD.
    Doom 1 with challenging but fluent action is always something that's difficult to achieve. There are some moments here that are too aggressive in mauling you with pain and death, but in overall the WAD is excellent with visuals barely, but still, surpassing the vanilla E2. Despite some use of high HP enemies there's always either enough ammo to kill them, or enough of space to skip or postpone the fight. The last map, though, is something really, really stupid, as felgro has already stated. It seems it was supposed to be extra-hard, but actually it just makes your left hand twitch into a gesture that can press ALT+F4, and then you press ALT+F4.
    Expect the same that is in the vanilla Episode 1. A large portion of abstract base levels with some nukage, many optional sections, gameplay that doesn't involve post-shareware monsters and not very high difficulty level. This is some good, light-hearted play good for a slow morning or for an evening with a nice glass of beer. The action doesn't stall and the level layouts are interesting. Pretty good.
    I dig such community project. You actually don't feel the size limitation in the maps and each map is competently designed, fun, definitely not easy, good looking and distinct from one another.
    Mind-numbing slaughterrape with horrible INTERPIC, although level visuals are actually decent. And the last map was actually already in the other memorial WAD.
    Really good maps in this pack. For speedmaps they're longer than expected, have more content than expected and have good visuals. I also like the Christmas theme.
    Excellent music. Excellent gameplay. Holy Excellent visuals that only use Doom 2 resources. Excellent progression. Excellent ideas executed excellently. Excellent spooky moments. A masterpiece.
    I like the constant action, the rough visual design with flesh theme, the eerily atmospheric music, the independent key sections. I didn't like this trypophobia texture crap.
    The map is built around hostile environment (and it's really hostile). And I don't mean the omnipresent nukage, but how the level is built to allow monsters to sneakily hammer you. There's a feeling of constant threat but it's not dependant on the randomizer at all. I also like the barren visuals. They're ugly-hot.
    5 stars
    That's a Quake-themed level done right, it even maintains Quake's bizarre approach to verticality, much alike Ziggurat Vertigo did in Quake 1. ZDoomisms are kept to (relative) minimum, with polyobjects and some 3D floors being the most apparent features. Map plays smoothly with constant action and with difficulty steering towards the higher levels. The map favors revenants.