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  1. Hyacsho

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    Absolutely epic map @Danlex I cannot wait to give it another go! :D Stunning to look at, and I really enjoyed it.
  2. I hate including Lost Souls in my maps. I don't like them; they're unsatisfying and just a pain to play around. I'd rather add in more pinkies or soliders or shotgunners for more pump.
  3. Hyacsho

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    I cannot believe this one missed my gaze! I'll be playing it blind UV with no added mods this Friday; and I really think I'm in for a treat! If anyone would like to experience this with me; hope you're visit:
  4. Hyacsho

    Raytracing in GZDoom possible?

  5. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

    ELEMENTALISM! Episode 3, the Fire Realm!
  6. Hyacsho

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I gotta come back to this tonight. I'm in dire need of organising my stuff.
  7. Hyacsho

    Most confusing map ever?

    I know it was meant to be a puzzle map, but Finely Crafted Fetish Film was a bit of a mind bend for me haha just couldn't complete it
  8. Thanks for the suggestion then dude, I'll check it out for my next run. Currently playing through Elementalism on GZDoom, but then I'll try this one out, and apparently Chocolate Doom is a thing :D
  9. Great, thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, I personally only use GZDoom because it's what I was taught, don't mind using others of course, doesn't matter too much to me :D Chocolate Doom will be given a fair shake then :D
  10. Fair enough pal, then what source ports do you suggest I use?
  11. Hyacsho

    Can't get GZDoom to work on mac

    Massive thanks @Foodles - wanted to play some Doom at work during lunch, and we work on MAcs. Really appreciate this help, I really dislike this OS. Not sure how romero plays Doom on Mac.
  12. I did it myself! I love what Romero did and why he did it. Also decided to kick off my new WAD review series with One Humanity, if anyone is curious to check it out, or leave their feedback: