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  1. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

    Divine Frequency live stream this weekend:
  2. Divine Frequency started out as a Doom total conversion mod, and now, I think is something a bit more. Either way, still GZDoom; so hoping to see what this iteration of the game has under the hood.


    Will be live streaming the experience this weekend, if anyone would like to join in:


  3. I've been trying to list my "go to" mods and wads, essentially just like the original Doom chapters, these are some I just love, or want to play to add to the list. 


    IF you're seeing this, let me know if you have any you'd recommend: 



    • Japanese Community Project
    • Doom the Way ID Did
    • Bastion of Chaos
    • Antaresian Reliquary
    • Rapid Fire 2/3
    • Sigil
    • Decent of Evil 2
    • Faithless
    • Verdant Citadel
    • Lullaby
    • Clandestine Castle Crashing 1


    Still to play: 


    • Hell Forged
    • Struggle - Antaresian Legacy
    • Dark Universe
    • Hocus Pocus
    • Miasma
    • Criticality
    • Mutabor
    • Ancient Aliens
    • Ashes Afterglow


    1. taufan99


      Tangentially related, but I just recently found out about Islands of the Caliph thanks to your YouTube Short. Gotta say I love it a lot!

    2. Hyacsho


      I'm so glad to hear about that @taufan99 I've really enjoyed it too, and glad you found my work :D

  4. Sigil + Voxel Doom:


    I loved the original Sigil by John Romero.

    I'm hoping we get some news or updates on the coming Sigil 2 at this year's Realms Deep. 


    In this Sigil Gameplay, we're going to try this run with the Voxel Doom mod. 

    Hope you can join for the live stream, see you there.


  5. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

    Sigil + Voxel Doom: Really love a bit of Sigil, especially with Realms Deep coming and a potential Sigil 2, so, let's play it! Also going to try the Voxel Mod for the first time, so let's have some fun, hope you can join me:
  6. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

  7. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

    This weekend, trying something different, my first ever... "mod" and a roguelike to boot. Doom Infinite! Hope to see you this weekend! :D
  8. DOOM Infinite: 


    Excited to be playing this kind of mod for the first time in my lifetime of more traditional Doom experiences. Apparently Doom Infinite is an action roguelike, and that's weird for me, but just the same, something new, new is good. 


    I'll be live streaming my gameplay and experience over on my YouTube channel, hope you are entertained and let me know what you think of the mod: 


  9. Unashamed punt of my live stream playing Boomer, and I'm going to give it a try with Crispy Doom to boot:
  10. Going to be giving Boomer: Beyond Vanilla a go this coming weekend! Hope to grab some Doom Worlders for the enjoyment: 


    I'm going to try get crispy doom up and running before then; I know it's not hard for most people, but I've always just used GZDoom, so I'll try Crispy for once. 



  11. Saw this one announced. Keen to see how it works; never played Deathmatch before.
  12. Hyacsho

    Doom Streams

    DEATHLESS! Time has come, and I cannot wait. I am giving the "sanctioned" Add Ons a try, seeing the difference between that, and the source port versions:
  13. Playing and live streaming through the "officially sanctioned" Doom Wads and Mapsets offered on the official Bethesda game on Steam sounds like, a different kind of experience, than playing through our source ports and similar. (Crispy Doom or GZDoom)


    In that spirit, and because it's good to know the difference; I decided to try Deathless by Jimmy Paddock as a start: 


    *Doom Mood: an old name for a series which I never had the confidence to develop; it was meant to be a way for me to review Doom Wads, suppose this is in the spirit of that. 


  14. Thanks Baja, not here to upset anyone haha but will keep it in mind going forward. Oh well, can't please everyone I suppose. I will use my homepage status going forward though as a record. On a topical note; the WAD was INSANE!!! I loved it, hope you all did too
  15. Hi there @Mr.Unsmiley -AH! Oky, sorry about all that. I'll do that in the future. Obviously there's a promotional incentive for me, but, honestly, in the past it's always been great to share the experience. Saying that, I'll be a bit more aware next time. Thanks for helping here.