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  1. joemolley


    you can configure win98se to have the "Open With..." command available to all files. i dont know exactly how, but you can get the Xteq X-Setup thing and choose the option. BTW, Xteq thing is awesome, i recommend it to everyone. you can customize win95, win98+se, win2000, winNT(i think) easily (hundreds of option things). and this is NOT an advertisement. its just a mention.
  2. joemolley

    god provided... fuck!

    my monitor has been going bad for 2 weeks now. its one of those EV910 19" pieces of crap gateway was (or still is) giving away free. it was ok for a while, but now its all tweaky. if there is something dark on-screen, it will create a horizontal band of darkness across the screen, obscuring everything. it looks like shit. also, when i ordered from gateway, i asked for some 17" monitor that cost around $220 but the blew it off and gave me this crap. I say screw the EV series of monitors, sure there cheap and have good sizes and dot-pitches and refresh-rates and blah blah blah, but they dont last and you get crappy support. My $.01 (thats being generous)
  3. joemolley

    Whats your favourite doom weapon?

    Super shotgun is awesome, but you just cant compete with a chainsaw. A huge screaming, tearing blade with hundreds of razor teeth ripping at your flesh, tearing it off your body one little bit at a time (really quickly), and flinging it everywhere! all thats left is a gooey gelatinous mess akin to fruit salad. Tho, the ssg does pretty well too. HUGE roaring blast of intense heat searing you skin at close range, then a giganitic mass of pellets ripping whole pieces of your body off and just tosses it like so many beef carcasses, while you yourself soar through the air just like that kite you had as a child. Not much can beat that.
  4. joemolley

    having problems here...

    when all else fails... [/b]PC Sleuth!![/b] I figure he can help, if you got the cash $$
  5. joemolley

    help a guy out...

    you need some cake, Lüt
  6. joemolley

    having problems here...

    i gots Win98se and hell i reformat my hd at least 2 times a year, just to clean out the cobwebs. i reccommend doing that anyway, Zeratul, imo its worth the trouble. BTW i use ie 6.0 for several months and my comp's working fine, maybe you should upgrade to it. Who knows?
  7. joemolley

    exploding shells in edge

    oh i guess its not possible then. i already checked the docs many times. i thought it might be possible seeing as how they arent completely up-to-date (you can tell sometimes). oh well
  8. joemolley

    exploding shells in edge

    im not looking for an explosive puff, i already have one of those. i want to make the bullet explode when it hits a monster. and i cant change the blood sprite, because then every bullet weapon would do explosive damage. what i want to know is if its possible to make a bullet have a custom "blood" sprite (meaning when it hits a monster, NOT the wall) that is only associated with that bullet weapon, and NOT any of the others.
  9. joemolley

    exploding shells in edge

    i haven't the slightest clue about what you are referring to, but i did come up with an idea. maybe if i made the attack a tracker (since you can do explosive damage at range without a projectile), but i dont think a player can use that. i will just have to find out. EDIT: no it doesnt work. damn. btw, i think you misunderstood my first (possibly poorly worded) post. i mean that i dont know how to get explosion damage when a bullet hits a monster, or if its even possible. the "puffs" explode alright, i know how to do that.
  10. joemolley

    am i the only one...

    yeah no kidding :( i hate 3ddownloads.com, i been trying to d/l the doom3 movie forever, and i always get 404
  11. joemolley

    exploding shells in edge

    is there any way to get a bullet weapon to cause small explosions when a monster is hit? I already got exploding "puffs" but i have no idea how to make it explode when a monster is hit. i dont want to use a fast invisible projectile to make it seem like a bullet, they cant go fast enough to suit me without flying off in some wierd direction. Oh and i got the bfg to spawn a thing, but the thing only spawns if i face a certain direction. Whats up with that?
  12. joemolley

    ... EDGE is NOT working like i wish

    so thats why goldeneye didnt work - i have EDGE 1.27 thanks man but i still wonder why everything else doesnt work. this is very aggravating. i cant do any editing anymore.
  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Whew. EDGE's "ability" to be so wonderfully edited isn't showing up lately. Editing the DDF files doesn't work for me for some reason. The only thing i have added in the DDFs that actually worked is grenades for the rocketlauncher. Everything else isnt working at all, and belive me, i followed every guideline and stuph in the DDF docs at the EDGE site. Hell, i d/l the GoldenEye TC for EDGE, and damnit, it doesn't work either. And i KNOW its not me, i followed the install directions to the letter. SOMETHING has MESSED up my copy of EDGE. I re-d/l it and it still dont work. WTF is going on? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! BTW, any help would be appreciated!