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  1. MowEmDown

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    Like Frost-Core said, it felt kinda more like a doom 1 expansion, I wouldn't call it "full" of new stuff and I'm not seeing this as a very bad thing too, I was just wondering why. I got my answers though, never actually knew it was made only in 10 months!! Im dumb when it comes to doom stuff because I only really just play it and forget stuff about it too so there's that.
  2. MowEmDown

    Cursed Doom Images

    I'm so sorry
  3. MowEmDown

    Nostalgic or Old Doom videos

    A masterpiece, this is the pinnacle of doom videos!!!
  4. MowEmDown

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    Thats fair :) My bad then, just thought it was interesting :(
  5. But i mean, sure they had new textures, some new monsters and the famous super shotgun, but why didn't they add more interesting weapons? It would've been cool if they changed the old monster sprites, I also kinda wish they still used the doom 1 textures, imo the doom 1 tech and light textures were a bit better tbh Just a random thought, I know there are doom mods to fuel my satisfaction, I was really just wondering why they avoided that opportunity? Not trying to come off as negative also.
  6. I'll make it more clear, how do i make it so when you kill all enemies it ends the level? Like a cod zombies wave type thing, I use gzdoombuilder.
  7. MowEmDown


    I meant to say 4 haha sorry for the typo! Thanks for the review though!
  8. MowEmDown


    I fixed it my homie, the lost souls were the problem, didnt know how to fix it so i just replaced them with imps. inferiorupdate.zip
  9. MowEmDown


    Oh damn, let me fix that.
  10. MowEmDown


    A short 4 level doom wad to waste your time on during quarantine, it also has a little story to it and this is my 3rd wad too haha. Doom 2 Heretic Format Freelook: Yes Jumping: No Crouching: No I tested the wad on zandronum, gzdoom, and lzdoom, i think it should work fine. inferiorupdate.zip
  11. I was wondering how to make your own plasma projectile and then change the damage for the plasma rifle
  12. MowEmDown

    Increasing Weapon Damage

    Hello, how do i increase the weapon damage for custom weapons in doom? Mainly hitscan weapons, thanks.
  13. MowEmDown

    Weapon Isn't replacing the pistol

    Ah, thanks man.
  14. MowEmDown

    Weapon Isn't replacing the pistol

    Defining my weapon slots in the mapinfo lump didnt work
  15. MowEmDown

    Weapon Isn't replacing the pistol

    Where do i find the default player definition?