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  1. MowEmDown

    My 2nd doom map!!!

    Thanks guys, i want to improve more in the future.
  2. MowEmDown

    My 2nd doom map!!!

    Alright, so i fixed all the problems ( i think ) i also added a new room to make it feel newer. rework.zip
  3. MowEmDown

    My 2nd doom map!!!

    I'll fix the problems!!
  4. MowEmDown

    My 2nd doom map!!!

    I learned alot from you guys, thank you. here is the story of this map: You got trapped in hell, you walked around for a bit and you found a uac tech base, your dumb brain though "Hey! Maybe there are people inside that base!!" So you walked to the base and the demon guards kidnapped you from behind, then you wake up tied up, you managed to untie yourself, now its time to kill all of them. Almost the same story as UACCO.wad but yeah. Doom: Doom 2 (Hexen Format) Freelook : Yes Jumping : No Crouching : No Source ports tested on | Zandronum, LZDoom, and GZDoom. Levels | 1 (replaces doom map01) uachellbase.zip REWORK :rework.zip (fixed version)
  5. MowEmDown

    How do i change doom weapon sounds in slade 3?

    Thanks guys.
  6. Im working on my first mod, can someone teach me how to replace weapon sounds?
  7. MowEmDown

    Hi guys, i just wanted to share my first doom wad!

    Thanks for the tips everyone! Im gonna try harder next time.
  8. Made in GZDoomBuilder, so basically the uac base accidentally got connected with hell, this is also just a pretty short doom wad, i finished it in about like 5 minutes and yeah.. Enjoy! UACCLEAROUT.zip