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  1. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=38469

    You can use this program to make monsters

    I make textures using gimp http://www.gimp.org/

    And normal and height using blender http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Normal_Maps.491.0.html

    Using gimp I use the dialog-->layers feature, the texture is then grain merge or multiply onto a height map or you can choose just to use the normal as is over a plain texture, but ID website shows the method they use to make it.

    The blender manual shows how to make a sword, look for that.

  2. Well, here's a link to some doom 64 I try to made.
    Well, you may have to remake the defuse, cause I sort of made the mistake of using a grey scale of the normal for that. Anyways, I impove at making normal and defuse and I use a render of a height map trick in Blender. "A blend of black and white"

    As for the girl, well I sort of lost of the time my computer die on me, but I'm working on a better one and trying to learn about topology and loops http://www.air-internet.com/~awalker/show/topo1.jpg

  3. It's not my model, it's a target that was made with makehuman, if you want me to sumit a 360 view, I can do that.

    Well, I did adjust the target to get this, so you know what I mean.

  4. What you mean by porportions not matching ? You don't render it in makehuman, you export it then render it in blender, then turn on "Ortho" to get a full view. Here's an example that I made after I index the color to 16 in Gimp.

  5. Well, the makehuman program of the pre alpha beta release has a horn target, that can be import in Blender then do the charater seperate "Cause the emotion effect the horn" Join them then render them, if you plan to do UV mapping there's a good plug-in that was suggested in the makehuman forum that could do that, so you wouldn't have to work with so many quads.

    I made a demon target for makehuman would anyone find it usefull ?

  6. Yea, read this in PCWorld, they say it's more like "Collect New Revenue" then "Click-N-Run". They are charging for the "Click-N-Run" service then the actual program. But to use Id logo is cutting it to close in my opinion, maybe someone should contact them a let them know.

    However the freedoom license is clear and let's be happy that's it's being notice.

  7. You looking for if the levels can be passed and completed with jDoom also if there's any function that is too noticeable and different from the boom experience. If you play the original wad on jDoom, see how far you can go >)

  8. Yes, the one by the H. I could raise the ceiling and assign raise to higher floor on one of them then assign a lower to floor at the one at the top. But right now I'm confuse as for the function the one at the top does, don't seem to notice anything in 3drisen however the lift works fine in 3drisen. If you have any suggestions I'm open to use them.

  9. Ok, I will really like to stress that the purpose of this project isn't to make everything in a map 100% workable.

    My aim is to make the doom map passable for jDoom players. So stuff like monster not spawning, bodies not floating, barrows not traveling on belts, multiple function for switches "won't be expected" to be implemented in.

    The goal is to provide the jdoom freedoom with the same map, textures, design, sprites, layout and feel of the original freedoom map.

    So the chances are people who play the freedoom jDoom map and the Freedoom Boom map will hardly know the differences.

    The reason I like this idea is so that linux users can play a part in freedoom 3D eye candy development so that new and other games can develop from it.