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  1. neurocore

    Tunnels, a single map

    Really gigantic map. Personally i expected x5 times higher count of monsters on map of such big sizes. Gameplay is evident mostly, i stucked only once in the center of pillars with teleporters (btw, cool idea). "Doom rally" in actually tunnels i found boring - no challenge, nothing memorable, only caves. Nice idea with that mountain - you reusing space forcing player to fight back agains new waves of monsters, but here, as i said, i expected much more monsters. All parts after yellow door are well designed, i love AV anti-trap (got it, filthy beasts?!), not understand final fight - you can just skip it and accidentally push the button that finish level, strange (some "exit" text needed?). Some mistakes:
  2. My personal favorite MAP07 is in Slaughterfest 2012 I was little bit shocked when i played it first time ;)
  3. neurocore

    Warehouse processing - a single map

    Minimalism, slaughterishness, platforming, Opeth! Ideal combination) Hardest part for me was pain elementals area, i hate these heads. Easiest - 4 AV at the end. Maybe it will be better if they move to player? No challenge at all. But i love clean design, nothing intricated, pure gameplay. Little bit sad that there is no secrets. Very good first map!
  4. Yeah, definitely big and detailed map. Great for watching, bad for moving, i stucked almost in every thing. Maybe if it would be more spacious, i wouldn't faced this problem? Who knows. I realize how titanic work was done, and i feel sad to know that it not working in the way it was designed.. That lift) I looked on it twice, but not seen any changes) Good fights, some of them unexpected, some not, good balanced. Final cyb is little bit tricky) Anyway i got entertained, found 3/6 secrets, good map. Good luck in ahead mapping!
  5. neurocore

    map feed back

    Map has a lot of ammo its definetely a plus (for me), i even not used a rocket launcher. As was mentioned above, map lacks some decorations, or something that can be memorized. There's two way to solve this: add more geometrical details (maybe even abstract, such as this red-blue flashing stuff on the ceiling of pinks arena), or to make map more compact. Some mistakes i found: Anyway, it is fun map to play, quite relaxing. Until you're not encountered pinky's arena, - to my shame i died here once) Good architectual thinking, some arenas looks finished visually, and i like there tombs) –°herry on the top of cake
  6. Excellent architecture, good texturing. I was very happy when i got SSG) First encounter with AV was unexpected, but manageable. I really like that map gives you the opportunity to beat monsters from one to another closed zone. Not finished to play this map because i still do not found what changes this button (it is repeatable, but doing something single action?). Circled map four times, but not found a way to progress. Also small texture misalingment here. Played in PrBoom+ (GlBoom+ actually)
  7. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    Thank you for pointing this out. I updated initial post with direct link
  8. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    @ElPadrecitoCholo Well done! Thanks for playing this. You pointed correctly that feeling of progression here is probably the weakest part. Initially this map was a batch of ideas i want to implement. Not so right approach to build a map. Anyway i glad you enjoyed.
  9. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    @Degree23 Thanks for analysis! - Imps room was planned to be a place where player forced to fight back against horde of weak monsters waiting when next door will open. So to make it clearer, i'll fix just the trigger that starts to spawn imps - it will be just switch in the pit. I believe that invul sphere placed well, because touching invul always kinda risky (player must expect that it placed for some reason) - There is 4 cybers and they not infighting with other previous monsters. Reason is simple - to make speedrunner's live little harder ;) On the other hand there is enough cells to destroy al cybers. - AV area. I always forget about saveless players. But someone may think that words "platforming" and "slaughter-ish" mean that you can save in some places) I don't blame them. As i remember, arena consists of 4x100 cells and 4x20 minicells, so player has 480 plasma. One shoot for one AV gives 40*8 = 320 plasma. So, probably won't change anything here. Anyway, thank you for that kind words)
  10. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    @Biodegradable Thanks for such detailed overview! Now i understand that this point is quite confusing and need to be fixed (i'll try to upload fixed version today). What about the progression:
  11. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    Maybe it will be better to show to player immediately what do his actions lead to, i'll think about that. Solution is:
  12. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

  13. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    I still see some sweet suit ;)
  14. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    Playing this without saves will be a special challenge, as in most places you'll need to be concentrated. Thanks for playing!
  15. neurocore

    Reckoning Hour - my first map

    Boom-compatible marble & metal styled map, it contains some portion of platforming, puzzles and it is full of slaughter-ish fights. You will need to show your skill and sometimes ingenuity. Watch carefully, as the reckoning hour has come. IWAD: Doom 2 Map: MAP01 Tested in: PrBoom+, GZDoom Expected: no jumping/crouching, no freelook, complevel 9, SAVES Difficulty settings: not worked on it much, it feels harder than Scythe, but not harder than Scythe 2 Build time: 2 weeks (GZDoom Builder) Updated version: 2021/04/16 More screenshots Download: rh_20210416.zip