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  1. Dannarchy

    CRUST! Doom Map

    Definitely an improvement given the short amount of time you've been mapping. You've progressed with detailing nicely, and I like the circular rooms and the inset doors. The diagonal corridors are a nice touch too. Only comments would be to try and revisit the texture alignment, both on the doors and the corresponding switch graphics, so they blend in a bit more. Minor things.
  2. And appreciate the playthroughs @netcurse2000. I actually stumbled upon the videos on Youtube, but thanks for adding them here. I'm finally back into the swing of things, and taking a bit more time with EP2, as well as fixing up stuff in EP1, so hopefully it's a better package by the time the whole thing is done.
  3. Thanks for the update. I'll fix that softlock area and see what's up with the switches. I know I stupidly tried to clean up my PNAMES node and it threw everything into disarray, so I might have overlooked that one. Yeah, the MIDIs are AI too, and I hate them, but people asked for machine generated music too. I tried to clean them up as best as I could, but I have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. I've gotten way sidetracked, but I have two more finished for EP, plus the two bonus maps. Getting there.
  5. Looks great. I'll jump into it once I'm out of this meeting.
  6. Appreciate it. Now I really need to get moving on part 2.
  7. Fixed a few errors in UMAPINFO (referencing the RSKY texture file instead of the SKY texture entry), and added dummy patches for the switches I'm not using just yet. Tested in Crispy v5.12 and DSDA v0.19.7 just now, but let me know if any older ones are still throwing some issues. Updated the download link in original post.
  8. Thanks for the note. I believe it's due to the fact that I cleared out the TEXTURE1 definitions so there were no stock images available. I did copy the switches over in my main working WAD, but left them out when I extracted just the EP1 content. I had a similar issue when I left out the Skies, so I'm guessing the port is expecting those to be defined. I was also getting error when I included the entries, but had no patches in them, so I guess I'll throw some dummy images there just to keep the errors at bay.
  9. For sure. Once I get the next two episodes finished, I'll make a proper resource pack, which can either be linked to, or harvested for textures of interest. I have quite a bit already there, but I'm sure I'll be adding some more before it's done. Feel free to poke around in Slade if you want. Also if you're up for a map, I was thinking of having a set of guest maps once EP3 is done, so let me know if interested. I'll probably ping on people after EP2 is wrapping up, so I there's time.
  10. A.I.A is a mapset completely assembled from machine generated textures, and when possible, obstacles and sprites have been updated as well. This started as a small experiment in order to flesh out some additional textures for existing maps, but quickly turned into a proof of concept to see how much could be done using this method alone. After a two-day bender creating several hundred sample images, I started the work of converting them to the Doom palette and proper dimensions. The goal was two-fold: to create a resource pack that might find some use by others, and to see how well they fit together. Episode 1 is a 12-map set that attempts to showcase as many as possible through small arenas without trying to mash all of the hundreds into the same space. Difficulties have been implemented, but overall it's not too punishing. Each is very short and shouldn't be too hard to UVMax saveless. There's a few speedrunning routes too, and ironman runs should be good for those who want to give those a try. It IS meant for continuous play, but pistol-starting should be fine. The main benefit of continuous play will be certain ammo drops for weapons sourced via secret areas, as well as a few health bonuses to help start the following level on a better note. Map layouts were also A.I. generated just to give me a head start and help overcome mapper’s block. After that point, I traced them and continued in a more traditional manner. Such was the process with most of the work, especially the images since it wasn’t a matter of just pressing a button and dropping them in. I’d like to think of the AI process as a rapid development and prototype tool in the same way using a photograph would be a good first step in making a texture vs drawing each pixel by hand. I know there’s the concern that AI could render some traditional jobs as obsolete, but in this case, it let me reduce much of the laborious work down to a few days vs months. As a bonus, the intermission text and midis are also AI generated to varying effects. And if you play in a ZDoom port, I've thrown in some bonus art between levels too. Huge thanks to @Clippy for early testing, @Pistoolkipfor the tough love and telling me that I could always do better, and @azerty, @A Handsome Fridge, and @sandwedgefor their video playthroughs and final bug fixes. Download: https://dannarchy.com/doom/AIA_EP1.zip Format: Limit removing Base IWAD: Doom2.wad Tested in: Crispy Doom 5.10.3 & GZDoom 4.6.1 & PRBoom 2.5.0 Single Player & Coop Playstyle: Continuous preferred Maps:
  11. Good times. Took a few saves, but I got through it. As noted, that AV blast at 22:35 must be a world record or something. I'm only impressive with bad luck and timing, it seems.
  12. Very cool. This was my very first attempt at mapping, so thrilling to see it getting some love. This whole project was a great experience.
  13. Appreciate it. That was my part. The silhouette technique just always looks cool. Wish I had longer to work on a section, but I was in the middle of another project. Agreed on the difficulty, but I didn't want to leave the player with less health than they gained by the megasphere. Plus it was a dead-end when I made it, so the red key and such weren't there to justify the horde. Here's my playthrough:
  14. Took a few tries just due to timing, but maybe on the 4th or 5th, I got through. Final time was 2:02, which probably coincides with the two hazmat suits, and the invul. Wasn't quite sure if I failed at the end or not, but like your last map, you had me guessing.