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  1. AverageDoomguy

    Serious Sam: Mods, Maps and More

    You can find nice stuff for Sam here: https://42amsterdam.net/samforum/downloads.php?s=ee685069ff841aa6e2241a60f4aefd9e It's a bit obscure to find maps for the classic Serious Sam games nowadays outside Steam, due to the considerably spread communities. But I believe there is a small fanbase on Europe/Asia. :P Here are some suggestions for you: "Underworld" for TSE: https://42amsterdam.net/samforum/downloads.php?do=file&id=108 (Nice detailing on this one, well balanced.) "Marsh Wastes" for TFE: https://42amsterdam.net/samforum/downloads.php?do=file&id=140 (Different concept on this one, a bit inspired by Quake's original levels as well) "Welcome to Nightmare" for TFE: https://42amsterdam.net/samforum/downloads.php?do=file&id=138 (Awesome detail put on this one, seems to be quite difficult it seems) "Secret of Palace Butyano" for TSE: https://42amsterdam.net/samforum/downloads.php?do=file&id=447 (Average detail and vanilla style gameplay)
  2. AverageDoomguy

    What's With Doom 3's Weird Weapon Designs?

    That's right, the weapon design on Doom 3 is quite lacking, like it does makes sense to create innovative ideas since the game takes place in a futuristic setting. Though it was almost as if they were aiming for a balance of both worlds. Something that gives the impression of "both modern and classical at the same time." Some of the designs do justice over the Classic Doom weapon designs such as the Chaingun and the Rocket Launcher, however there was something going wrong with the Shotgun, Pistol or BFG designs.
  3. AverageDoomguy

    Anybody here heard of the Satellaview or BS-X

    Interesting, Japan always created the most creative and innovative ideas since the beginning. To think that there was a game downloading network in Japan back in the 90s while today such technology is almost everywhere to be found is impressive.
  4. Tomb Raider Anniversary/Tomb Raider Series, I enjoyed the 2001 Tomb Raider movie and somehow I wanted to try playing a game from the series. Instantly loved the game as soon I saw it (plus archaelogical stuff), the only thing blocking me from playing the original Tomb Raider games is my lazyness to actually try to learn something new. :P
  5. AverageDoomguy

    Mods that make the game harder?

    If you don't mind the amount of gameplay changes you can give Perfected Doom 3 a try: https://www.moddb.com/mods/perfected-doom-3-version-500 It brings back the some of the classic monsters such as the Pain Elemental and the Baron of Hell, along with some new features. The difficulty was re-balanced too.
  6. Sometimes yes sometimes just nope, getting 100% Kills and Secrets is a big problem for some of the 1994/95 wads for example.
  7. AverageDoomguy

    I make art sometimes.

    I'm wordless after seeing this amount of amazing work, and we are looking forward for more. Keep it up!
  8. This is impressive for a 2004 Mobile phone running on a 104MHz CPU,4,13MB free RAM and a 132x176 display, a very obscure and little known one though. As it was developed in 2009, when advanced mobile phones were already on the market. I believe Siemens and Sony Ericsson mobile phones did make a great amount of success at countries such as Russia even after the smartphone era. I read that In order to run it you need to patch the device with a third-party software named "Elfpatch". There are more ports for other mobile phones as well, such as the Sony Ericsson, and Motorola, but I could't find a video of these running. They also require the same software to be installed. It would be interesting to find out the base to these source ports. Further information: https://itrunsdoom.tumblr.com/post/146513497873/the-siemens-s65-yeah-it-runs-doom-another-tiny - It runs Doom article. http://iddqd.ru/porta?type=mob&file= - A list of ports developed for mobile phones. (In Russian) http://forum.allsiemens.com/viewtopic.php?t=58428 - Original discussion thread created by the author. (In Russian)
  9. AverageDoomguy

    VLC actually supports .spc files

    VLC is one hell of a all-in one media machine, didn't knew it could play snes .spc files as well. That's definitely cool.
  10. AverageDoomguy

    What ports do YOU use?

    For mostly 90s releases - Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom or Doom Retro 2000s - Sometimes alternating between GZDoom, LZDoom, PrBoom +, Crispy, but mainly LZDoom or a older version of ZDoom if not compatible with today source ports. 2010s, Modern Releases/Mods - GZDoom, LZDoom or Zandronum. Multiplayer - ZDaemon and Zandronum sometimes.
  11. AverageDoomguy

    DOOM2 - NIGHTMARE! (mega update)

    Here's my attempt at reviewing. :P (I'm out of reach to create a walkthrough/review vid this time) Gameplay: It's a fun wad to kill some time, the starting area will instantly remember you of Map01 from Doom 2 with a Tricks and Traps style added to it. You can progress through this one quite early, at the same time the monster tier levels up to even with your given arsenal. As long you go through this one quite slowly, you can pretty much do it with minor damage received. I've died one time in my playthrough, due to rushing through to find the red key. Design: There were some interesting and imaginative design choices, even though they were executed a tad bland. The starting area looked cool, and I bet effort was put there. Unfortunately I think that such effort wasn't distributed through the entire map, the big room outside with the lava pool was quite imaginative and it was my personal favorite from the wad. The upper area where the red key is located was rather well done. The texturing was a bit random to say, you start off in a base-themed layout but later you begin to notice a hellish-themed layout. Bugs: The switch that opens up the locker containing the blue key seems to have incorrect texturing, thus it appears as pressed before going on to activate it Those ledges seem to be missing their texturing, near the red bars where the Mancubus was located. Other: The included song is a mp3 version of "Waiting For Romero to Play", interesting choice and it does fit with the thematic of the level. Tips for the author: Aside from playing the original maps you can also try playing through other maps created by other authors, so you can base and create your ideas and improve the gameplay. With some time you will begin to get where to go on first for detailing and enemy placement. Always listen to critics and recommendations, which I noticed you were listening to patiently in your previous releases. This act will be always accepted by the community.
  12. AverageDoomguy

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Okay if it counts, I enjoy playing 1994 wads after midnight.
  13. AverageDoomguy

    Crash As Doom 6's Protagonist

    While there's a large amount of support for female protagonists in videogames, as you can see with Tomb Raider and Metroid as examples. It's difficult for it to happen to Doom, personally it would be totally awesome to get some in-depth character background on Crash or Phobos for that matter, even though they were basically characters that were added to the arena so it could have some diversity in it, I feel like they deserved some creativity and love as well. I can see them possibly appearing up on a future co-op mode, while it would be a bit over the top, it would be awesome to have Ranger, Wrack, BJ, Crash, Phobos, Bitterman and some of the other ID characters added in to the mix. Or simply a female unnamed player character "Slayer Gal" perhaps?
  14. AverageDoomguy

    Worms Takes a Controversial Direction

    I was really hoping for a new Worms game in the style of 3D and Mayhem, even though these were the most ignored by the community and didn't do the universal success as say Worms Armageddon or World Party, they had something special to them that always made them fun to play, it gave some background to a game that almost didn't have any in my opinion, and this coming from a guy that almost doesn't care if a game lacks in story such as the original Doom. The world felt alive and livery, the Worms were funnier in a "Mr. Bean" kind of way and the cartoonish style did traduce very well into the 3D world honestly, similiarly to how Super Mario went from 2D to 3D at 64. Unfortunately it seems that Team 17 has almost completely forgot about these games, as if they don't exist anymore because of the negative reaction from fans. (It did have a commercial impact on them as well I'm afraid) I'm afraid this game may give the idea that Worms is a franchise to be killed or put into dormant status by Team 17 if it doesn't make enough success, as they seem to have moved over to new franchises already. Plus publishing of new games. Many may disagree with me but I feel like Worms has a large potential for more in-depth history similiarly to a adventure game such as Super Mario, hell, there's little to zero character coverage in the games. Like how is the world where the Worms live? Why do Worms like to go into war with weapons? How the hell do they reproduce? sure there is Boggy B and Spadge, plus the nice Worms Blast characters that few people know about, not to mention the Worm Songs that do explain a bit of the game's backstory narrated. But that's just the piece of a world that wasn't been explored yet.
  15. AverageDoomguy

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    I've heard that this fact was confirmed on Doom Eternal, that he could be the same guy from the previous Doom games. Though I didn't get the chance to try out the new Doom games, so you can correct me if I'm wrong.