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  1. AverageDoomguy

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    I've heard that this fact was confirmed on Doom Eternal, that he could be the same guy from the previous Doom games. Though I didn't get the chance to try out the new Doom games, so you can correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. AverageDoomguy

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    Doomguy is a man that does the right stuff and can get the demon killing job done, but does not care about the religion at all though he does respect it. In the introduction story for the original Doom for example, he was ordered to fire upon civilians by his superior officer, however he refused to do such thing which resulted in his actual state of rampage. He is basically the guy that is there and kills demons because he does not seem have anything else to do, though Doom Eternal seems to have pushed his character a bit by making him the choosen one type of character. Which can explain in some ways his actions in the past.
  3. AverageDoomguy

    Which GZDoom/Zandronum features are FPS heavy?

    LZDoom can run very well even on older processors such as Intel Celeron or Intel Atom. You can play most of the maps made for the vanilla/boom engine running at the OpenGL renderer at acceptable speeds, though you will struggle with maps and mods that take advantage of the engine's capabilities, such as fog, 3D floors, special effects, and more.
  4. AverageDoomguy

    bb.wad - [RELEASED TO DOOM 2020]

    Here's a playthrough with Beautiful Doom, I've tried to do text commentary as well. Have fun!
  5. AverageDoomguy

    A tech-base themed level.

    Thanks pal, I use Windows 10's built-in screen recorder (Recording at 60 fps, normal quality, 1366x768), Xbox game bar is the internal name I believe. There's a number of different screen recorders if you use Win7/Win8, this one is a good open-source alternative to other screen recorders for example: https://obsproject.com/ I prefer to use open-source software, but I'd recommend Fraps,Dxtory, or Bandicam if you have the chance. Nice playthrough buddy. Don't worry you got the commentary just right for the map, you can improve it over time. I'm looking forward to see more of your videos, keep it up!
  6. AverageDoomguy

    A tech-base themed level.

    No problem, glad you enjoyed that playthrough. Looking forward to your new levels! And nah, there are better players out there.. :P
  7. AverageDoomguy

    A tech-base themed level.

    Here's a playthrough of the updated version I did combined with Smooth Doom, it was fun to playthrough this one! there's room for improvement over time, keep it up pal. And always listen to feedback so you can improve upon the original releases. Enjoy! (BTW, make sure to always edit the original post, so other players can download the updated release easier.)
  8. AverageDoomguy

    aa.wad - [SCREENSHOTS ADDED]

    Thanks pal, it was a nice opportunity to playthrough this great wad while showing off a bit of the great gameplay modification by SilentZorah. Looking forward to your new maps to come by as well!
  9. AverageDoomguy

    aa.wad - [SCREENSHOTS ADDED]

    Here's a playthrough I did of the upgraded version combined with the ZageMod modification by SilentZorah.
  10. AverageDoomguy

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    It looks interesting, even though I don't do modern gaming or anything involving consoles. I'm looking forward to see the new remasters and new releases, the design looks questionable to some however. But I didn't find it too bad, they are attempting at doing something modern looking for the new generation.
  11. AverageDoomguy

    Brutal Doom creator speaks about past controversies

    I understand your point, I also honestly kinda of expected him to apologize these things directly. However he did mention that prior to winning the Moddb award for BD64, he told to a friend that most of the credit should go to the Doom community and Kaiser. Can't see him as being a bad guy in the community, and he does have some talent at creating some stuff for Doom, he could have been taken wrong. Like a person telling a "bad joke" to you and you didn't find it funny. And he is possibly not exactly perfect, but can't see no way he would to anything to hurt anyone, even indirectly.
  12. AverageDoomguy

    Brutal Doom creator speaks about past controversies

    He provided some excuses to it, which I believe were right consider his point of view. About he being racist for example, he said it was more of a inside joke on his own, as he was going through a hard time when creating the modification, he was a user of the 4chan stuff as well. Guy was probably 17 to 18 years old at the time. He also admitted that would not do the same thing again, even if it was a joke.
  13. AverageDoomguy

    Beauty is all around.

    I have this and a number of tropical islands as my wallpapers, heh. Nature is amazing.
  14. He talks about it at 26:00, if you have the chance I recommend you to watch it from the start. Maybe this can clear off the bad image that Sarge may have to some, I hope.