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  1. Dehacked gameplay mod, compatible with any port with DEHEXTRA support (prboom+um,glboom+um, eternity, doom retro, gzdoom, lzdoom) This mod is inspired by Decino's comments during his playtroughs of Doom 64 and Valiant. Download from here Gameplay Changes : Replaced the chainsaw with the one from Doom 64 This version is actually a usable weapon. The sprite is changed to the one from Doom 64 Retribution. The speed of the original chainsaw is doubled. This makes it possible to even stunlock Cacodemons and Revenants. Replaced the normal pistol with a slightly tweaked pistol from Valiant. The Valiant pistol version has good speed, but it required tapping to remain accurate. I did a small modification to the Valiant dehacked code to keep it always accurate. The sprite and sound are from Valiant as is, the original sprite is by NMN from the wad Stomper, the original sound is by ID from Doom 3. Replaced the normal chaingun with the chaingun from Valiant The chaingun from Valiant is epic. I used the sprite/sound, but i rewrote the dehacked code for the spindown to use DEHEXTRA states. This should ensure that this mod will be playable with almost any Vanilla/Boom/MBF WAD. The original sprite is again by NMN from the wad Stomper. Bullet Capacity is increased to 300/600 Same as in Valiant, but I did not modify the ammo pickup sizes to not flood the player with ammo. Lost Souls have their health reduced to 70 This way a super shotgun blast will now almost always kill a lost soul and make them a little less annoying. I included an extra version of the wad that is compatible with the BTSX pallet.
  2. I wanted this to work with prboom+, this is the reason why I refrained from using PNG files.
  3. Seppe

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    It is not an official update. But this post contains a download that contains UMAPINFO for eviternity. https://www.bountysource.com/issues/92317279-feature-request-umapinfo-files-for-popular-wads Please note that PrBoom+um does not yet support a graphic as intermission picture. I recently opened a ticket for this on github. https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus/issues/121
  4. Seppe

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I encountered some problems while trying to use some umapinfo files that have been created for Ancient Aliens, Eviternity and Valiant. All the issues occur with the interbackdrop keys. I am using glboomplus, 1920x1080, last build I could find this tread by Recca I am comparing against running the mods in GZDoom 4.4.2, 1920x1080 Ancient Aliens : The interbackdrop picture should be screen filling, but it is displayed tiled. Eviternity : The interbackdrop flat is tiled much too small compared to how it is scaled in GZDoom Valiant : The interbackdrop picture should be a screen filling image, but it is displaying a tiled red error message "No Texture" The error does not occur when I changie the picture to a flat (ALLBLAKF)
  5. Really liked the mod, thanks for making it. I did not encounter any bugs (GZDoom 4.4.2) But following secrets were difficult to trigger consistently (they use the same trick which requires you to run over a linedef and return fast enough to prevent it from closing again) - beginning of map05, opening the panel to access the invisibility sphere - in the blue key area of map25, opening the door to the bfg room