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  1. RobReevy

    lcomplex.wad (Living Complex)

    Thanks very much for the video, Biodegradable :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the map. It's really cool to see it played with different mods! Here's the video I mentioned yesterday. Sorry it seems to lag a tiny bit in places. (I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I think that's had a negative impact on performance.) I didn't play the Revenant section that well - I was a little slow getting in position as the exit door opened, and I didn't have as many cells as I could, having switched from plasma to SSG a little late during the Hell Knight section. I'm pleasantly surprised that people have found this map challenging. I used to play a lot of Doom in the mid-late nineties (I did some DHT6 titles in 1997 and also sometimes played Compet-N between then and 2000), and some of the Doom play I see nowadays would have been unimaginable back then! So I was expecting people to find it easy. I generally made Living Complex to replicate vanilla play (vanilla invisibility sphere behaviour, for example). Jumping isn't allowed because I intended the player to have to use the steps to get from the grass area to the stone walkway around it (or later the metal steps in the corners, which are really just there to make it easier for the Hell Knights to move between the two areas). However, I note that two people have commented on freelook not being around: there's no gameplay reason why it couldn't be, so I'll gladly reupload with freelook enabled, on request. (I assume enabling it via the console overrides MAPINFO settings but I'm not 100% sure.)
  2. RobReevy

    lcomplex.wad (Living Complex)

    Hey everyone! I'm really flattered that people are making videos of my map! I'm sorry of course that you didn't enjoy the gameplay so much, but I really appreciate you taking the time to make videos and review it. Feedback is always helpful! Good job punching out those revenants, Suitepee! And I'm quite surprised it never occurred to me that the teleporters are a little Pac-Man-like :-) Clippy, you came so close to finding the secret! The room in the SE tower is DM-only - the secret room is in the NW tower. When I uploaded this I had no idea whether anyone would be interested or what people would think of either the design or gameplay. To that end maybe I should have been a bit more specific about what the map is: basically a MAP07 remake, but with a couple of extra waves, and a bigger map with a more detailed design than the original. mArt1And00m3r11339, I'll watch you video soon :-) With regard to the ammo situation, yes, I think doing this map on UV requires a plan re when to pick up ammo and what weapons to use when. Obviously you wouldn't know this when you first play the map, so that's maybe a gameplay weakness :-( I'm hoping to do a video of it on UV, but at the moment I'm having an issue that Zandronum crashes every time you quit while using Fraps. I'll hopefully find a way round this soon, but in the meantime, in case it's of interest, here's how I do it: Take out the Mancubi with the SSG only. I do a circuit of the stone floor to pick up shells, then circle round them in the grassy area. That way I can get close enough to them to take them out in 3 SSG shots rather than 4. I also leave one of the boxes of shells at the beginning (rather than picking it up when I have more than 80 shells). You may well need the shells in the grass area, but it can be done. Once all Mancubi are dead I grab the Megasphere, then fight my way out of the main building with plasma or rockets. I use plasma at first on the Arachnotrons, then go back to the SSG (and the chaingun sometimes) once they've thinned out a little. By the time they're all dead, I've pressed all the teleporter switches and maybe grabbed the shells and cells by the white teleporters (again making sure not to grab boxes of shells when I have more than 80 shells already). I probably end this wave with about 150 cells, not counting the ones by the north teleporter. When the Hell Knights start teleporting in, I dive into one of the blue teleporters to the other side of the map. I now have around 50 rockets, having used few/none up to this point. The Hell Knights will gather around nearby so I stand near the teleporter and blast them with 20 or so rockets (taking advantage of splash damage) then teleport back. There will be more Hell Knights gathered just outside the exit building on that side, so I blast them with another 20-25 rockets. Then I take out the survivors with plasma, SSG and chaingun. I try to save at least 8 rockets and ~200 cells for the revenants. That may not be the only way... ammo still gets a little tight. It's doable, but definitely requires a plan. I think the key to it is maximising the splash damage done by rockets. Anyway, hope that's helpful :-) FYI the download link has changes but I've just removed a duplication in sector tags and improved the script comments a bit - no changes to gameplay.
  3. RobReevy

    lcomplex.wad (Living Complex)

    Thanks again all for the feedback on this map! I've reduced the number of Hell Knights on TY/NTR (from 16 to 8) and on HMP (from 32 to 24) in response to DynamiteKaitorn's suggestion above.
  4. RobReevy

    2 action linedefs occupying the same space

    Looking at your post again, I realise maybe your question was more whether teleporting and exiting at the same time, specifically, would work reliably, rather than whether having two lines with actions specials in the same place would. My WAD demonstrates the latter (one line raises a pillar that works like a door, and one lowers a pillar next to it). I can't think of any reason why either wouldn't work consistently, but again I'm not an expert on this sort of thing. One thing I forgot to mention: when I tried to move the overlapping lines in Doom Builder, something got screwed up, probably to do with the sectors they were linked to. (I needed to convert it back to a Doom 2 map, as DEU 5.21 only supports Doom 1.) Not a big deal, but probably worth bearing in mind that such lines may need to be left alone in modern editors. (Doom Builder doesn't let you manually change what vertexes or sectors a line belongs to, afaik.) Not sure how helpful all this is - just thought it might be useful to know how I got on with it :-)
  5. RobReevy

    2 action linedefs occupying the same space

    It had never occurred to me to try this. Your WAD worked the same way every time I tried it. At first I didn't know why I was dying on exit, then I realised there was a voodoo doll under the teleport destination ;-) I knocked together a similar WAD last night (see attached) and that seems to work fine. I dug out DEU to draw the two lines in the same place - that's quite easy, as you can draw the line somewhere else and then manually set the start and end vertex and which sector each sidedef belongs to. I've tried this with vanilla Doom and Zandronum and it seems to work, so I expect it always would. That said, I'm not an expert on mapping 'tricks' and I'm not aware of any maps that make use of this, which surprises me as it seems to work. btw sorry I didn't reply earlier - I'm having internet trouble on my PC that has Doom on, and then it took me a while to find the post again. linetst.zip
  6. RobReevy

    lcomplex.wad (Living Complex)

    Thank you all very much for your kind comments and feedback on my map :-) It's really nice to get some feedback on both the design and the gameplay, especially seeing as my first map (at least in a looong time!) I'm afraid I'm a bit lost here. On HMP there are 4 on the grass (plus the 4 on the platforms); on UV 12. The placement is intentional - but I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it :-) I note that in MAP07 of Doom 2 all Mancubi are on platforms unless you play in UV. I haven't tried that! Normally I focus on getting the number of Arachnotrons under control with a view to making sure I've pressed all the switches by the time the Hell Knights start spawning in. It's really great to feel that the map opens itself to different tactics. Thinking over it, I might cut the number of Hell Knights in HMP to 24 rather than 32. At the moment, on HMP and below, 50% of the monsters in the map are Hell Knights. It is a long fight - I don't really mind it, but I'm used to it by now ;-) Perhaps a different monster would even work better? The fight with the Hell Knights is long but actually not very dangerous. My tactic for this (which may be why it doesn't seem so boring to me) is to run to one of the blue teleporters as they spawn in, then teleport to the other one. A load of them will begin to amass around the entrance to the teleporter area, so I stand between the teleporter and the stone wall and blast them with rockets, so taking advantage of splash damage. After maybe 20 rockets I teleport to the opposite side, and there are a load more in the grassy area in front of the exit building, so I use another 15 or so rockets on them, then take out the survivors with SSG and plasma. (I like to save at least 8 rockets and, if playing on UV, 200 cells for the revenants.) Well, the name of the map is sort of a pun... ;-) I quite like the fact that you have to be tactical with the health that's available - and on UV, ammo gets just a little tight too! Thanks DynamiteKaitorn :-) I really appreciate you and others taking the time to give me feedback. I was worried people would find it too easy! If there's still an interest in moderately detailed maps that you don't have to be a Doom god to play, I'll probably make some more :-) Thanks again!
  7. RobReevy

    lcomplex.wad (Living Complex)

    Living Complex is a tribute to Doom 2's MAP07. The level design and gameplay are similar, at least at first... It's more difficult than the original but probably won't be much of a challenge for today's Doom players. Difficulty-wise it's maybe on a par with TNT:Evilution. It replaces MAP01 and should work with any ZDoom-compatible source port. It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/49yqqn643n89esb/lcomplex.zip/file IWAD: Doom 2 Tested with: Zandronum 3.1, GZDoom 4.4. Also tested with ZDoom (probably v2.8.1) during building. No jumping/crouching; no freelook I've tried to make sure I've included all the necessary info, but I apologise if I've missed anything. Hope you enjoy playing it :-)