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  1. Hitboi

    brutal doom in half life

    You ain't old enough to post here lol
  2. Hitboi

    My Experience with GZDoom Optimization

    Cool, but did you know you can change the language in GZDoom's options menu? You can find it in Options > Miscellaneous Options. Here's the list for languages, not all of them are in GZDoom's selection of languages, I think. It would've helped you save time instead of having to translate every option, unless your native language isn't in that list.
  3. Plutonia, especially MAP15 and one of the last maps (MAP27 I think).
  4. I remember this used to happen to me too, but now I use VirtualMIDISynth, it's an external midi program so this doesn't happen to me now.
  5. Hitboi


    I don't have a Mac OSX, but I don't see SLADE3's map editor doing anything weird here, like "placing sprites where they shouldn't go" as you mentioned. Did you get any error message from SLADE3?
  6. Note: 4 embed videos "It's my Doom-mapping sleepover and I GET to choose the music!" Are you curious or you don't know what music to choose by yourself? I've heard this midi before! Old midis are nostalgic.
  7. Hitboi

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Agreed! Wait, I actually like Plutonia more, but I guess TNT is better. I've heard some jokes about Romero's levels, like how "bad" or "unfair" they are, honestly I don't know why would someone hate on Romero's level design.
  8. Hitboi

    Mess hall - my map :^)

    Now it's better! Also, (spoiler warning): Both of them, I died from the Revenant at the end but I didn't want to restart all over again so I used idclip, then after I noticed the left over things I thought they were some kind of easter egg so I opened the map.
  9. Hitboi

    Mess hall - my map :^)

    How are people saying this is hard? Just don't get shot by the swarm of hitscanners lol First there are a lot of square rooms with no good amount of detailing, that's forgivable, most of the enemy encounters are straightforward and in front of the player which is something I discourage for good gameplay, it gets easier if you hide behind corners when the monsters attack. There are two things out of bound in the map, that's weird. There are no secrets which is something I dislike. Anyways this is a good map.
  10. Hitboi

    Best Sites To Waste Time

    Show them this: (it's actually on Wikipedia thanks to the website's acceptance of comedic articles)
  11. Hitboi

    Moving Trains

    Nevander already told you how to do it, but I'll explain more specifically in Boom: Make a train inside an area you made Make a dummy sector outside of the map or a linedef on one of the walls of the area (not train) and give it a "Scroll floor, Move Things" action (number 253), then give its linedef a tag Add a tag to the area's sector(s) (not to the train) and make sure the sector(s)' tag is the same as the dummy sector's/linedef's, also rotate the sectors of the area and train if the scrolling floor is scrolling in the wrong direction Optional: make the area's floor instantly killable so when the player steps off the train the player instantly dies
  12. Hitboi

    Best Sites To Waste Time

    Yeah, like politically incorrect posts, racist jokes, etc., I rarely visit the site though.
  13. Hitboi

    Air's Deathmatch

    It's awsome! I think this map pack draws heavy inspiration from Dwango 5. My favourite map is Map02, these maps are a little too large/open but that's fine for me. Also, Map04 reminds me of a map by Doomkid from some DM mapset, I don't remember the name of the mapset but it looks pretty similar from what I remember. You should've posted this thread on the WADs and Mods section instead because the Multiplayer Doom section is only about events and talking about multiplayer, but don't worry, if a moderator sees this they will probably move this thread to WADs and Mods.
  14. Hitboi

    (Third Map) Entry Base

    The theme reminds me of TNT's first episode and the map looks good but generic with the gray techbase textures, most of the monster encounters are one enemy in front of the player which is something I dislike, there are also no secrets but that's okay. The best fight is the large room with Imps, Cacodemons and Arachnos.
  15. Hitboi

    Rant: Vanilla is too limited

    You could've made a friendly NPC with DeHacked, and I don't get that one NPC could make your entire map unplayable, you could've just port the map to be Vanilla-compatible and fix the things in your map that require the NPC to exist.