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  1. PLEASE VOTE WHEN VIEWING POLL This is the first of a couple of polls I am making to see what is the "crowned" source port by doom-world users. Thank you for voting, the next poll will go up on 7/06/2020 at 12:00-2:00 P.M. EST Additional info: Graphical error- graphics cause a hall of mirrors, and or textures becoming checkered or maybe even textures turning into a recognizable but weird looking texture Consistent grapical errors- the graphical errors mentioned keep on happening alot lighting- as in shading via the color grading doom does
  2. Goopymonster

    Weird Brutal doom audio thing

    I was working with brutal doom and now for some reason when I reload or shoot a bit I literally get earaped by this sound that is like BOOOOOOOOOOOO-EEWWWWWWWW and then it has some reverb after that, its weird as hell any fixes?
  3. @seed I don't think its odd its the first of a couple straight forward polls that im trying to get results from, I wish I could spread the poll around but it would be under spam then because I want the best sample size possible for each poll if anyone could do a none illegal way of spreading the poll it would be nice
  4. @LiT_gam3r why did you vote for every single source port? I made it multi choice so you could at least pick a handful not all of them
  5. @hawkwind Im sorry theres nothing I can do about it, the only thing I can do is try to implement into the 2nd pole on 7/6/20 in the us
  6. @esselfortium Lighting is stuff like is the lighting more modern and refined as in being less like the colors turn into brown and black and more like the colors tone down and don't totally change
  7. Goopymonster

    Why do you WAD?

    I just do it because its fun
  8. I've been working on a map but I don't know how to configure the start and end lumps, how do I do it?
  9. I've been making a wad, and I've decided to create tower but the thing is when I tried putting a monster in the top of the tower with a cage providing as an opening shoot it at, the cage sprite instead goes black in the spaces instead of being see through. Any help?
  10. Goopymonster

    How do you make monster cages that are seethrough

    @RonnieJamesDiner Im a little confused can you give me a bit more info on how to make the grates, as in how you extended it up and how you formed the middle space
  11. Goopymonster

    How do you make monster cages that are seethrough

    @The MemeMind whats to make fun of for that? I love the series!
  12. Goopymonster

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    An actual doom related drawing I was working on
  13. Goopymonster

    How do you make monster cages that are seethrough

    @RonnieJamesDiner oh so I guess I could try that also, a my little pony fan that likes doom? Thats an interesting mix. I won't make fun of you because I used to be bronie.
  14. Goopymonster

    How do you make monster cages that are seethrough

    @ViolentBeetle What? that flew over my head can you explain that in a little more detail or a more newbie friendly way?
  15. Goopymonster

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    A couple of drawings I made, im very H.P. Lovecraft inspired
  16. Goopymonster

    How to make skybox change?

    I am a user of Zandronum for my doom port and I use slade 3 map editor. Also please don't redirect me to another thread, I tried the map info method, the scripting method, and so on and so forth, so about all conventional methods, please help me. Im trying to change it to RSKY3
  17. Goopymonster

    How to make skybox change?

    @xvertigox please reply
  18. Goopymonster

    How to make skybox change?

    @xvertigox my map slot is e1m1 I just want to use it for my first map although it would be great though if you could also show me how to make each level's skybox a different one, I only have one map so far.
  19. Goopymonster

    How to make skybox change?

    @xvertigox My slot is map01, and my script was like map MAP01 "The First Circle" { sky = "RSKY3" music = "D_RUNNIN } I also have had problems getting my mp3 files to play as music in slade 3
  20. Goopymonster

    how do you make doom have a better color scale?

    Please take this down moderators, I accidentally posted on the wrong forum
  21. Its simple, and self explanatory, but Slade 3 keeps on deleting it, and my mp3 is not recognized as an mp3 when I import my custom midi or mp3 file in for music, it only identifies premade doom songs and sounds, so how do I not only fix it but boot it up with my custom music?
  22. Its pretty self explanatory I just want to know how to import my mp3 or midi file into slade 3 for my map pack Im making, I will be putting the pack on ModDb so it needs to be in one file.
  23. Goopymonster

    How do you make custom doom midi files play? MAC OS X

    @ViolentBeetle yes you did but also i already tried it and it wouldn't work