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  1. Thehappycommunist

    is there a port for ROTT

    that would be cool
  2. ill be moving to new mexico soon so i won't get to visit this site for awhile, man this sucks

    1. Disorder


      Aaaaah shit man, no more posts from you.

    2. Grazza


      Sorry to hear that, and I hope you sort out a way to connect again soon.

      Still, I'll blog this, because I'm a heartless bastard. ;)

  3. Thehappycommunist

    good day comrades and gutentac!

  4. gee, that must be a crappy way to go, how can people be so desperate to buy something that they can walk over people? well i guess that's an american at christmas time for ya

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    2. zark


      Link to what you're talking about please.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      She actually died? I thought she was knocked unconsious

    4. Sharessa


      WTF...wasnt this part of another thread?

  5. Thehappycommunist

    wtf is up with this country?

    heh.lol to that, Vile.....
  6. Thehappycommunist

    does anyone know

    if strife can work on a port?
  7. Thehappycommunist

    i have a question..

    sadly i only have the first doom, not the second, not even shareware of it, does anyone know a good store to get doom 2
  8. Thehappycommunist

    wtf is up with this country?

    well i was thinking of turning america into a "fourth reich" heh, with a communistic base, hitler didn't approve of communism, a communistic hitler, that would be amusing
  9. ever notice how AOL keeps "optomizing"? or so they call it, it started at 3.0 and went from 4.0,5.0 so on and now we have the lovely 9.0 which is no different in it's level of suckage, Netzero is still the way for me.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      darknation said:


      Where is that quote from? I recognize it...

    3. Job


      insertwackynamehere said:

      Where is that quote from? I recognize it...

      It's from Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

    4. Santa Claus

      Santa Claus

      Ho ho ho

      He knew that, he just couldn't think of it.

  10. Thehappycommunist

    Drugs are like, SOO EVIL!! or are they?

    damn BBG you sure know alot about that stuff.....
  11. Thehappycommunist

    Drugs are like, SOO EVIL!! or are they?

    i don't know, never done drugs, i drink some wine now and then though (hey why is it when i smoke this that pink and blue four headed dragon appears?) hmmmmmm
  12. Thehappycommunist

    wtf is up with this country?

    America is going to sit with it's thumb up it's ass while those dudes over there in Ye olde east come up with nuclear tech, i take that back, they have it, but they need to get it here somehow. One day bin laden will be dancing thrrough the ruins of new york city wearing nothing but a burning american flag, it's sad really...........
  13. throw all third world countries into the great ocean of hydrogen peroxide known as the third millennia by somehow developing a monopoly on metal
  14. Thehappycommunist

    What are the coolest in-game worlds you’ve ever seen?

    theres a game coming out called siren it looks cool