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  1. ever notice how AOL keeps "optomizing"? or so they call it, it started at 3.0 and went from 4.0,5.0 so on and now we have the lovely 9.0 which is no different in it's level of suckage, Netzero is still the way for me.

    1. geekmarine


      What do you mean, no difference? Every version released increases the efficiency with which AOL brings computers to their knees. Jesus, I had AOL on my computer over the summer, and it was ridiculous. Load it up, and then wait five hours while the darn thing processes God Knows What before finally allowing me to connect. Why the hell does it consume so much computing power? What the hell is it doing? I mean, it's a simple dial up program with a web browser. How the hell complicated could that possibly be? I mean, I swear, I'll bet if you looked at the source code you'd see these massive loops which do nothing but slow the computer down to make it look like something important is happening.

    2. Danarchy


      We got AOL back when it was 2.5 or something. We kept it for the 12 free hours they gave us then deleted it.

    3. darknation


      I got the 12 free hours package thing... I phoned up to cancel it and waited for at least half an hour on hold, finally to get through to AOL's customer services dept. I say department but it's really a ukranian refugee called Alan who processes the thousands and thousands of AOL cancellations every day.

      "Hello, I'd like to cancel my AOL subscription please."

      "Wazza! Flobadob bling bling whoza ma carbunkle! AOL fribreeze, ma wantang Connie woooooooooooooazabugger!"

      "You what?"


      "I don't speak dago. Is there someone there who speaks english?"




      Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but it was still the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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