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  1. sampi9306 on discord if u wanna add me 

  2. complete utter gemmie of a user, hi

    1. heliumlamb


      h (i hope this comment does not count as An Content im stayin at 666 contents for a good while)

  3. we love, we live, we lie! dun dun dun dun dun dun dan dun dun dun dan dan dun dun

  4. Majin

    I think i'm starting to love BTSX (E1)

    thats an awesome autism creature
  5. to an extent they're always going to be dirty so you just have to live with it. it doesnt bother you after a while and subsequently you'll clean it less
  6. Majin

    Dosbox or chocolate doom

    nice roblox avi playing roblox rn
  7. Majin

    What are you?

    im an industry plant
  8. act


  9. Majin


  10. Majin

    What are you?

    omg its its ena hi ena wow ena hi hi hi
  11. Majin

    What are you?

    I believe I am a wizard that
  12. i want to make a cool map for myself 1st that could eventually become something others could enjoy. Essentially I wanna be authentic but I find it very hard to be because I'm critical of anything that isn't watered down and streamlined for a random player. Even when I promise that I'll be the only person to ever make this map I'm still going above and beyond to make it make sense to theoretical players. "NOOO YOU CANT MAKE A MAP THAT USES A TEXTURE FOR HOW IT WASN"T INTENDED IT'LL CONFUSE PEOPLE AND STUFF AND IT'LL BE UNEJOYABLE YOU HAVE TO BE AS ORDINARY AS POSSIBLE. "

    1. NoisyVelvet




      Funny thing is that I haven't played the game yet.  Saving it for when the hype train dies down, and otherwise it seems like a good winter game.


      It's sector art by resident Wavy.  Purah and I are both wackos who juggle some form of Peter Pan complex (elf genetics only carries you so far), so I think the pic fits.

    2. Majin


      I don't think I'll ever play those games, I think games are much better in more linear fashion. Open world games in my mind have become associated with a giant flat landscape with empty geometry with some unique locations scattered across the map, something that could be much more fun if it was built like a tunnel instead of a shopping mall.