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  1. mephisto00

    Mock2 demos

    Okay, I made one too, (my first demo ever) just for fun. Because of that I propably am a fag. BTW, I used your text template too, grazza. Map19 UV Speed 0:42 mo19-042.zip
  2. mephisto00

    The /newstuff Chronicles #156

    It's propably because you have Zdoom 2.0.47 It works fine on 2.0.53
  3. mephisto00

    The One Room Contest

    I have a feeling this thread is abandoned...
  4. mephisto00

    Oh no!

    Yes! After a quick search on the internet (I was a very naughty boy). Now all I have to do is download Zdoom, Wadauthor, DeepSea, Hell Revealed, Memento Mori 2, Requiem, CSDoom, and dozens of other things and no harm was ever done. Except an unfinished project that now is forever lost...
  5. mephisto00

    Oh no!

    Damn! When trying out Doom Connector, I installed it into my doom directory and used it a little while, then uninstalled it and it deleted my ENTIRE doom 2 directory with EVERYTHING i had. Oh well, might as well get back to RPG's because i won't be playing doom for a while...
  6. mephisto00

    The One Room Contest

    It's Friday the 21st. Who's the winner?
  7. mephisto00

    what are your 8 most favorite games?

    #1: Doom #2: Counter-Strike (sue me) #3: Elasto Mania #4: Diablo II #5: Quake #6: Morrowind #7: Starcraft #8: Heroes IV Couldn't think of anything more...
  8. mephisto00

    ZDoom funny thing

    I don't know, if anyone of you know this, but while i was playing deathmatch with zdoom, against some bots, then I discovered something funny. If you kill an enemy, and then kill yourself with a rocket launcher, you get "Double kill", because you killed your enemy AND yourself. Actually, killing yourself shouldn't give you extra credit, that's why i think this is weird.
  9. mephisto00

    Skin pigmentation.

  10. mephisto00

    I hate doom because...

    I have a friend, who thinks that doom is just CRAP and he hasn't even seen it. Oh wait, did I say "Friend"?
  11. mephisto00

    Pink Demon mini-sculpt

    Better yet, make a live-size demon, then slip it next to someone's bed at night, and then when he/she wakes up... :) Also capture it on videotape, i would love to see it.
  12. mephisto00

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    http://doomworld.com/insanity/rev136.html It's there. Looks good...
  13. mephisto00

    Sympathy for the Devil

    I laugh at the irony. *LAUGHTER*
  14. mephisto00

    The One Room Contest

    Heh, i have lots of time to waste, so can i come up with a second room. I'll propably do some scripting too. BTW, how many rooms the level is going to be?
  15. mephisto00

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    That's a good idea, you can make a category for "best megawad", "best deathmatch level", "best level", "best zdoom level", or things like that. And then host an award show, which will be shown in hundreds of tv-channels in the world and where all the awards will be given, with nominees and all things like that. The award could be a golden DoomGuy.