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  1. RiviTheWarlock

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Let's do this again
  2. DARKZONE. Darkzone is a community project with the gimmick of being, well, dark. Now you might be thinking, "Wouldn't it suck to play maps cloaked in darkness?". Well, that's where this project's special sauce comes into play! @Muusi's SoftFX allows for bright map style effects in non-ZDoom source ports, so now you can see the bad guys' eyes in the dark so you can blast 'em! SoftFX is one of the cooler things I've discovered in Doom, but it's criminally underused, and this mapset hopes to solve that issue! I've included some screenshots that demonstrate this effect, along with an already made MAP01 for you to try! Rules for Mapping: - You must use only the included mapping resources. These include an already made MAP01 that shows off the resources. - Format is Boom for Doom 2. The target port is DSDA-Doom 0.24.3 - Difficulty settings must be implemented, and Co-op compatibility is encouraged. - Maps must be compatible with software rendering. - Maps must have a majority of the playable space be 144 light level or below. Small sections of bright light for lighting effects like ceiling lamps or light sequences are allowed. Certain episodes allow for slightly brighter outdoor areas. (see the claim sheet for specific episode rules) - Maps must have a minimum playtime of 5 minutes, and a maximum playtime of 25 minutes. These are soft limits so it's okay if it's a minute or two off, we all play at different speeds after all. - You must claim a slot. To claim a slot post here or more preferably send a post in #slot-claims channel on the project discord. - You may only claim ONE map at a time, once your map is finished you can take another slot. Please do not rush to complete a map so you can have another slot. - There is no time limit, but if you do not post a progress update for two weeks you will lose your slot. Screenshots preferred, but just a heads up is enough to keep your slot. - You must follow the episode you are mapping for's specific rules and difficulty guidelines. - Newer mappers are allowed and encouraged to participate, but newer mappers must also be open to feedback and change. - Maps must be titled as such: username_map##_v1 i.e. rivi_map01_v1 - Completed map submission must follow these guidelines: - To submit a map post here or more preferably send a post in #map-submission channel on the project discord. CLAIMS ARE HERE, ALONG WITH IMPORTANT GUIDELINES SCREENSHOTS: Feel free to bring up any questions or concerns!
  3. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    No hard deadline as of now, I just want to make sure everyone's making progress! Ideally I should be getting more submissions here soon, but I don't want to rush people.
  4. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Things are going well! I have just updated the project resources with fixes and a new M_DOOM! I also wanted to share some WIP screenshots from the team so far:
  5. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Not at all, the double defined patches are just the edited SoftFX textures overwritting the old ones. The proper textures are being used.
  6. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Liquid light sources sound fine! In fact my Map01 has the acid floor glow.
  7. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Difficulty guidelines are rough generalizations so don't worry about it too much. As for the source port, as long as you make the map in Boom (Doom 2) format it should work in DSDA doom, but it's safest to download and test in DSDA doom. Your submission just needs the map and midi file I will handle everything else.
  8. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    It's fine if you think the first map is too hard. I personally don't find it too difficult, but we can turn it down if more people agree it's too rough. As for the resources the point of this is to use Muumi's edited 32in24 resources, so I wanted the whole thing to be available. Part of community projects is that everyone has a different style, and if you don't like my style that's okay. I'm making maps too, so I also need feedback! If other people agree I went too hard with Map01 I'll change it or move it to a different slot.
  9. Not trying to be rude, but I really don't have any interest in this project so please refrain from pinging me. Thanks!
  10. RiviTheWarlock

    [/idgames]A speed slaughtermap project: Capybara

    Nice to finally see this get released, great maps from great mappers who I'm happy to have worked with.
  11. RiviTheWarlock

    Acid Reflux | 3 acid filled maps for Boom [RC2]

    Thanks for letting me know, I'll be updating the credits file accordingly for the IDgames release or if an RC3 is needed
  12. >>>> [[DOWNLOAD]] <<<< Acid Reflux is a map set for Boom-compatible source ports where you delve through acid-filled sewers, factories, and... subway stations? It should take you around 30 minutes to finish the whole set, and the maps get progressively longer and tougher as you go on. The map contains custom weapons, namely an auto rifle which replaces the pistol, and an upgraded chaingun. Plasma marines replace the wimpy Former Humans, with sprites done by @Tango. Technically there are 4 maps, but the last one is just a credits map so I'm not counting it. Inspired by Vicarious (another 3 map set), I similarly haven't had the motivation to make new levels for it and would rather the work I have already done not waste away on my hard drive. So thanks to @ZeMystic for the motivation to release this. Testing was done by @Alfredo and @Dunn (& Dunn). Dehacked for the weapons is from Bourgeois Megawad by @Doomkid Palette is by the UDM Team Maps: MAP01: Sewer Count MAP02: Treatment Plant MAP03: Shelly / The Escape Screenshots:
  13. RiviTheWarlock

    Acid Reflux | 3 acid filled maps for Boom [RC2]

    >>DOWNLOAD<< RC2 IS OUT BB Patch Notes:
  14. RiviTheWarlock

    Acid Reflux | 3 acid filled maps for Boom [RC2]

    Thanks for the catch! Put out a hotfix for it. Guess that's on me for only doing the final tests with UV.
  15. RiviTheWarlock

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

  16. Last April I made the original Void Hydroprocessing for Jimmy's 15 Years a Doomer Mapping contest, a map that spawned the somewhat controversial Skulltiverse map Void Hydroprocessing 2. Void Hydroprocessing Redux is a from-scratch remake of the original Void Hydroprocessing with better gameplay, improved visuals, and higher difficulty. I tried to keep the original spirit of the map alive while adding new elements and conforming to the general layout of the OG map. I've also included in the wad the original map from one year ago as the second map, so you can compare them. You can think of this as a representation of 1 year of mapping progress for me. This is RC1. so make sure to report any bugs or suggestions in the thread. Testers: @Dunn (& Dunn) and @Jimmy Length: 1 main map, 1 bonus map Compatibility: Boom Difficulty: UV is comparable to some early-mid Sunlust maps, HMP is comparable to Plutonia, and HNTR is comparable to TNT. Tested With: DSDA Doom 0.24.1 Additional Credits: Jimmy once again for his texture pack and midi's ==DOWNLOAD== (via Doomshack) Screenshots:
  17. RiviTheWarlock

    Void Hydroprocessing REDUX [Single Map for BOOM] [RC1]

    I mean it's either the fast floor raise where you get a bit of warning or the insta-pop up with no warning.
  18. RiviTheWarlock

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @Thelokk I need more flesh-maps in my life, I'm in
  19. 5 Minutes to Kill is a speed mapping project where every consecutive map in the set gets 5 more minutes of mapping time. Starting at 5 minutes with MAP1, 10 minutes with MAP02, 15 minutes with MAP03, etc. The levels are organized by mapping time, NOT by difficulty, and the mapset is also a bit of a variety pack, with gameplay ranging from classic techbases, to combat challenges, to slaughter. Due to this variety pack nature feel free to jump around if a map doesn't fit your liking or skill. Levels are designed and MEANT FOR pistol start. It is not enforced however if you need it to be easier, keep in mind this will ruin the design of some maps. The set features some amazing guest maps by @TMD and @Dunn (& Dunn). Primary Mapper: Rivi the Warlock Guest Mappers: TMD & Dunn n Dunn Testers: Dunn n Dunn, @MAN_WITH_GUN, Hellforge Discord Server MP Tester: @Kaapeli47 Length: 20 main maps, 2 secret maps, and a credit map Compatibility: Limit-Removing / complevel -2 Tested With: Crispy Doom, DSDA Doom 0.21.3 Additional Credits: boxoskies v3 IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SLAUGHTER MAPS: Skip Map 13 & Map 17, some players might also have issues with the platforming in Map 15 & Map 17 == DOWNLOADS == IDGAMES DOOMSHACK Map Listing:
  20. WE'RE NOW ON IDGAMES BABY Probably should have uploaded it earlier, but better be safe than sorry when it comes to RCs Anyways, if I ever touch this concept again it'll be for a CP, so keep on the lookout for that
  21. Pretty cool map overall, couldn't make it past the desaturated sectors though because the scrolling sky was making me nauseous, so maybe I'd change it up or make it scroll less fast. What I played before that point was nice though.
  22. RiviTheWarlock

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    3/6 Maps done
  23. Doesn't quite warrant RC2, but I patched in UMAPINFO and ZMAPINFO, which should give you the full map titles for the automap in the ports that support them. ZMAPINFO also automatically disables jumping and crouching, as well as enforcing pistol starts ;) Map04 also has its freelook disabled, as it's the only map in the set that can be broken with freelook.
  24. RiviTheWarlock

    akashic migraine [-CL21] [RC1] (now on idgames!)

    Awesome aesthetic and tracker music, pretty fair (though I did play with saves because the platforming)
  25. Didn't realize you were playtesting again! This is RC1 so all the maps (22 maps total) are complete and mostly polished, just need the general dooming public's feedback. There are difficulty warnings on the DW Thread, mainly for Map 13, 15, and 17. They are speed maps so they're pretty short. Vile completed UV in just about over an hour for reference. Later maps might need to be bumped down to HMP, which provides skips for certain maps platforming sections.