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  1. JangoFett

    Doom Ports

    I only have 1 computer with the internet on it the other one we have I'm not allowed to use. So I was wondering if there was one where you can play those Split-screen types.
  2. JangoFett

    Another Story

    This one turned out to be 3 pages long. Narrator: After I got out of the dungeon, I, Jacob Shurtz, left the Marines for a short period of time, keeping my Plasma Rifle Commander Yates gave me. I settled in a small shack, near the base so I could get there quickly on short-notice. After 7 days of listening to the sound of Commander Yates' Brother yelling at the men in training camp I decided to visit Commander Yates. On Monday I headed to the Base taking my Plasma Rifle along. Upon reaching the Base I was greeted by a guard, Guard: Marine Shurtz! What are you doing here! You aren't supposed to come here until next week I mean Jacob . . . Jacob: Well, for now on call me Marine Shurtz. I'm heading back to the old Marine times. Where is Commander Yates? Guard: Well, commander Yates passed away 5:00 in the morning. . . Sorry to not have told you earlier but . . . I have to tell you that he wants you to be the Next commander Jacob: ME?! Narrator: I looked at the guard with a worried face as I watched the Guard open the Door Commander Yates' brother, Boyd Yates, walked up to us. Boyd: What do ya think ya doin'? Hey! Aren't you Jacob Shurtz? Boyd looked at me waiting for a reply. . . Jacob: Well, I am. Boyd: So you're the next Commander? My, My, never should trust my brother, Merick, to this type of job! Are you sure you’re ready? Jacob: Well I was never told to be the next Commander! Boyd: Just come inside. Narrator: I followed Boyd to the Commanders Quarters where I was given my own room and any weapon I wanted. I only chose to keep the Plasma Rifle I have already. So he gave me some cells for it Boyd: Well here is your room. Just call me if you ever need any help. Jacob: Don’t worry I will. Narrator: I looked around the large chamber that I was given as my room. A “Great substitute for the old shack” as Boyd would say and said on our way to the Chamber. Boyd also said every morning after I leave that he’d send one of his “Slaves” to clean up and fix my bed. That wasn’t very pleasing to me, I don’t want to have somebody else have to work for ME! But I guess that’s the way Boyd works. Jacob: So this is where Merick Yates stayed? Narrator: The reason why I was so surprised was because I was never allowed in the Commanders Quarters. After that Boyd flung open the door revealing him and a uniform that I was supposed to wear. Boyd: Okay Jac put this on then I’ll give you the Pins. Jacob: I don’t like Green! Boyd: What do you want? Jacob: I WANT BLUE!!! Boyd: Okay I’ll get “Blue”. Jacob: That’s better. Narrator: Boyd walked out with the uniform and pins. I sat on my bed and waited for Boyd to return. After 30 Minutes of lying on my bed Boyd approached me. Boyd: Okay will this satisfy you now! Jacob: Okay. Narrator: After I had changed into the Blue uniform I headed to my Chambers where Boyd was shining the old Pins Merick wore. Boyd: My, you sure don’t look smashing! I still say Green would be better. Jacob: Shut up and don’t ever again call be Jac! Boyd: <Mumbling> you know what you’re doing for me? You’re taking away my job! Jacob: Wonderful the other Marines will be happier now give me the pins! Narrator: Boyd handing me a shiny silver pin with an Eagle on in and the words, “Marine Commander” engraved in it. I put it on my Uniform and he gave me a second pin of a body of a Cacodemon with a Marine next to it. Jacob: I don’t think this is going to work out. Boyd: Either do I but I’ll be glad to be a backup is you mess up something. Jacob: Thanks. Narrator: After all that we had a dinner of Pork and Beef, since Boyd really likes meat and he was the one to cook it. I eat the Meat quickly and had seconds. After I finished eating I headed to the Weaponry and got some more cells for the Plasma Rifle. The next day Charles Windruff woke me up saying that there was a swarm of Cacodemons headed our way. I got my Plasma Rifle and changed into my uniform and ran down the stairs with Charles. As Charles tried to open the door the control short-circuited and the door was permanently open. As the controls were malfunctioning they were going to explode. I tried to tell Charles that by he was too busy shooting the Cacodemons, then the Controls exploded thank goodness I was out of the way. But Charles died of the explosion along with the Cacodemon. Boyd Yates walked up to me and looked at the body of Charles and the Cacodemon. Boyd: What happened here? Jacob: The controls to the door malfunctioned and exploded, killing Charles and a Cacodemon. Boyd: Well I can see that it killed Charles. . . I wonder why they malfunctioned. . . . Jacob: I have no Idea. Boyd: Well come on there are more Cacodemons to roast. Jacob: <Sigh> Coming sir. Narrator: As we headed out to the swarm of the Cacodemons I shot some on my way over but there were more there. I saw a Cacodemon head behind I turned around and saw another swarm of Demons coming! I turned around and said to Boyd, Jacob: Boyd, you would guess what is coming from behind us! Boyd turned around and gasped. Boyd: My goodness, Jacob hurry we’ve got to fight them. Jacob: Okay. Boyd: I’ll be right back, I’ll get a rocket launcher to kill them in large masses. Jacob: That would be good. Narrator: Boyd ran in the base and retrieved the Rocket launcher . . . two to be exact. Boyd: Here Jac take this one and get ready to fire. Narrator: As we both aimed and fired we killed around 20 of them in about 10 shots. Boyd: That takes care of those. Narrator: We turned around and fought the Cacodemons. Once we finished the battle we observed how many Marine Bodies there were laying in a pool of blood. Some had already retreated to the base to save themselves, which was a good thing. Boyd: Well, looks like you did a pretty good job, I’m proud of you. I suppose now after you handled that Plasma rifle so good that you would be a good Commander, and marine. Jacob: Yeah, well, next time I’m NOT going to go and settle down for 2 weeks I’ll just stay here at the base. Boyd: You know kid, you’re going to be Just like Merick, trust me, I went after my commander and my commanders commander went after his commander. . . . and so on. So please try to be like him, he’s not all that bad to be like. . . . Just the way he acts, he can get a little jumpy at times but otherwise he’s fine. Jacob: Or perhaps I should be like you. Boyd: Nah!
  3. JangoFett


    I know I tried to make a Map based on it but I don't have any full Doom Version but I am hoping to buy the full Doom 2 soon. But is it good at all?
  4. JangoFett


    Okay this isn't the Greatest but, hey, I created this story in a hour or so I didn't really check it over so there is probably alot of grammer/spelling errors. Here: Wages of War I A Story Written by JangoFett You, a Marine called Jacob Shurtz have been taken to a dungeon by your Commander, not being able to remember why... But you can only remember Him handing you the Plasma Rifle you now hold in your hands along with afew Cells for it. After 15 Minutes of constantly trying to figure out what your mission is you then remember you Commander, Commander Yates, has given you a peice of paper that had your mission written on it. You take the paper out of your pocket and un-crumble it and read it: "January 15th 2000 Jacob Shurtz, MISSION 1: Your mission is to find the map that the Gorgeian Warriors have been keeping in a room called the 'Spectre Nest' a room filled with Spectres protecting the map(But there is about 5 Spectres in there... Now some of our men killed some). And in the 'Spectre Nest' there should a box holding 100 Cells so be sure to get that. And get a key-card from there. MISSION 2: After getting the map keep it, goto the lab, but you MUST be warned in the lab there should be many Cacodemons so get you Plasma Rifle ready. MISSION 3: After Ridding the Lab from the Cacodemons head to the main Deck, there should be some Bodies of Imps around the door becuase of our men, Take a Small Stone you find in a small hall type place then leave. Your Commander, Commander Jay Yates" Finally remembering your reason to be here you head to the 'Spectre Nest'..... After 30 Minutes of endless walk you reach the 'Nest', ready your Plasma Rifle and aim and fire... You missed! Being very nervous you aim, not being able to aim you close your eyes and fire! Hearing the loud cry of a Spectre in pain you heart starts beating harder and harder! You see a Spectre next to you... Jumping up you aim a fire, killing the Spectre. 3 more still roam around in the dark room. You aim for 1 and fire missing. You aim again fire again and again and again killing it, You aim for the next and fire again and again and again killing it. You quickly run in the room and get the Gorgeian Warriors map run to the Cells in the corner and run out to the lab. After 30 minutes of more endless walk you hear the sounds of Cacodemons! Put extra cells in your rifle and fire at them. Having to refill your Plasma Rifle many times you win! You run quickly into the Main Deck kill all the Beasts (Which are: Former Humans, Former Sargeants and 1 Cacodemon) you head to the small hall and get the Stone and run out of the Dungeon! So thats it. Please tell me what you think about it.
  5. JangoFett

    Doom Ports

    Are there any Doom Ports which alow you to play a Doom game on one computer? If not is there anyway you can play over a "Null Modem"?
  6. JangoFett


    What is a cooperitive battle and a deathmatch?
  7. Where can you find Doom 3 Screenshots? Or are there any yet?

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      Hate to be rude, but where have you been the last two years?

      Making StarWars Episode II and III!

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    What is a BOT?
  9. JangoFett

    Pink Demon

    Sorry, but you may see I accidentaly posted a new topic in the Multi-player forum. :) Very good indeed. But could you draw a picture of the Baron?