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  1. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    Well there isn't really much help when it comes to MAPINFO other than the Doom wiki page. Unless you have some knowledge on Object Orientieded Programming (OOP), it can be quite difficult to understand. I do recommend scripting; once you have the skill and patience, you can practically make anything on Doom.
  2. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    Feel free to look at script if you want. I'm no expert programmer so the code is quite messy. Good luck trying to decipher it XD Honestly, I'm quite new when it comes to Doom wads. I didn't really know about Reelism until today. Having seen videos of it, I think it's fair to say that I have not got the talent to become its predecessor. I'm happy for people to call this WAD a "simplified" version of Reelism even if it wasn't my intention. :)
  3. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    Please do. I'm sure every playthrough will have different enemies and modifiers. :)
  4. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    I'm happy you enjoyed it Dynamite. Some of the modifiers can be really brutal XD. I was considering whether I was going have demons as a minor enemy, but their spawn points are quite large and it couldn't fit in certain areas of the map, so I had to swap them with Chaingun guys. If I ever make a another map, then I will certainly will make the swap.
  5. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    Thanks man. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
  6. Umz_Eats_Kebab

    Test Your Luck!

    First post. Here's a WAD that I made called Test your luck. Inspired by Test your luck from Mortal Kombat and the gold saucer tournament from Final Fantasy 7, this map will have spawn random monsters, power ups, and even weapons. You could be cruising with a BFG and a super shotgun, or be stuck with a chainsaw. Every single game you play on this map is different. So grab your leprechaun because this could be either be easiest or most difficult map you will ever play! A bit of info for the map. There is only one map in this wad (MAP01). None of switches or doors do anything (the map is used is part of a megawad which I am currently making). Secondly, there is ammo regeneration from the start, and finally, there are no health packs or amour bonuses, but health and amour is rewarded depending on how fast you complete the wave. For example, if you complete the wave with 13 seconds to spare, you get 13% health and amour. Good luck! Test_Your_Luck.zip (UPDATE 07/01/2020) Apologies I should of added this before. A bit more info about this map. I used GZDoom for testing. There should be no freelook, jumping or crouching. (It doesn't matter too much, you can still complete the map if you could). Songs used were from Final Fantasy 7.