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  1. Thievishaura

    First Doom map ever

    Wow, That intro was hilarious lol. Thanks for playing! even though you werent supposed to jump it really doesnt matter lol and there is a secret but it was my first map and i was too lazy to figure out why my secrets werent working so its there if you want to find it pretty easy to find! i had a great time watching.
  2. Thievishaura

    First Doom map ever

    Thanks for playing! sorry about the recording problems. and if you just run straight not sideways you'll get the plasma gun everytime :)
  3. Thievishaura

    First Doom map ever

    Thank you for playing! I’ll be sure to work on that and yeah that cyber demon room was a little ridiculous but I knew that making it. The invul was basically the only way to kill him so I’ll make sure to open up the maps a bit more and make it much more accessible next time around forsure.
  4. Thievishaura

    First Doom map ever

    I used GzDoom to test it. There is no jumping aloud. I also used Plutonia's resources to make the map. Have fun, And let me know what you think! DoomBuilderMap.rar