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  1. Usurper

    looking for edm.wad

    The filename search worked fine for me. Perhaps you didn't notice the red arrow indicating another page of search results...?
  2. Usurper

    looking for edm.wad

  3. Usurper

    Searching for Tarin's p2t

    Thanks, boris!
  4. Usurper

    Searching for Tarin's p2t

    I'm looking for Tarin's p2t utility, however neither http://www.doomhq.com/tarin/ nor http://www.paci-fist.net/doom work anymore. I've tried looking for it in the /idgames archive, but if it's there then I can't find it. Anyone know where I could download it? Failing that, is there another utility capable of mass patch to texture coversion? I have all the patches I want loaded into a wad file, however creating and defining a texture for each one would be very tedious.