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  1. Nesbros_YT

    I fuckin hate raisins

    why, why would you do that, I need a gif for this
  2. Nesbros_YT

    Generating words out of the UAC logo texture

    cool, I want it, but my pc cant hold enough stuff for me.
  3. Nesbros_YT

    What program do people use to make demon in doom?

    I think it's DeHacked
  4. Nesbros_YT

    Test Your Luck!

    yeh, not good at modding myself, never written script before, and everytime I try to update map info, it never works, so yea, I'm no genius either.
  5. Nesbros_YT

    Test Your Luck!

    probably, I've always wondered how this stuff works, its kinda like reelism.
  6. Nesbros_YT

    No End in Sight

    looks really COOL, I'll wanna play that, soon as I get back home, cause my chromebook will NOT run doom.
  7. when I get home, I'm thinkin' about putting some of my low effort maps in my about me section.

    I rarely spend more than an hour mapping. currently working on a tranzit inspired map, just with a less finniky bus. oh, and also, a map meant to be played with hideous destructor. more on these later.

    1. Nesbros_YT


      I mean,I'm home, I'm just fukin lazy.

  8. Nesbros_YT

    The Doom Marine.wad

    looks fun, maybe even slaughter-mappy, I'll play it ALL the way through!
  9. Nesbros_YT

    A tech-base themed level.

    woah, whats hard doom? I oughta try it out. as for the map, looks good, I'll play it.
  10. Nesbros_YT

    Test Your Luck!

    major enemies are revenant! lmao what gonna try that, I'll have fun. that might give me 4-5 playthroughs before I get bored!
  11. why are there 4 ways to like something?

  12. my TERRIBLE speedruns will now be shown in my about me page.

    1. Endless


      Theres no terrible speedruns, only happy accidents. <3

    2. Nesbros_YT


      or theres three seconds, which takes me 60 minutes to work up to, so nah.

  13. great about me page!

    1. Nesbros_YT


      yup. my life is gifs. thats all I need in life, just... gif.