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  1. zaichikred

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Oh so it's actually a bug in the original game that PrBoom+ replicates, but I've gotten so used to Zdoom over the last decade+ where its fixed that I didn't know it's the original behavior. Thanks
  2. zaichikred

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I just decided to try out prboom-plus, downloaded and compiled it from sourceforge today. I'm running on ubuntu 18 at 1920x1080 fullscreen with doom2.wad, and I have just noticed the guns seem very inaccurate, like I will miss enemies right in front of me. Is this a known behavior/bug, or something with a fix I just don't know about? I mention resolution because maybe that's it? I tried playing the game in gzdoom ( also on this linux box ) just to see if it was my imagination but no it's very obvious when I come back to prboom-plus
  3. zaichikred

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    There is a megawad I played probably more than 8+ years ago. There was one particular level on it, it might have been one of the secret maps. It was one of those maps that had all 6 keys (or maybe more?), and two exits from the level, one which required all keys and one which only required a few. The map was generally city themed. The map was divided up into very large chunk set pieces, each having one key, and one secret key in it somewhere. It was a very large map. I also remember one of the secret keys was up a like 1 pixel wide hidden staircase against a wall in one of the regions. I was never able to beat it (playing coop with someone) because I believe zDoom of that time had some sort of bug with what was a sewer area. I think you were supposed to get that "in water" effect that some wads do, but it didn't work, so you couldn't get into a sewer area to get the key there. It's likely from a relatively well known wad from 8+ years ago. Does anyone know the megawad/map that I'm talking about?