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  1. Final Verdict

    How did you get your username?

    I somehow read it as "mini-slayer", my brain read two different lines at first glance. The plush avatar didn't help heh. The name is great but I do agree with you that 'Sector Slayer' would do it justice. If you do decide to change it then keep the avatar, love it.
  2. Final Verdict

    Easiest difficult is a thing?

    I think P41R7 simply meant it's easy to view it that way. People who play on harder settings tend to talk about it more, or even brag, so it can be misleading if you only go by threads/posts on that subject. On the other side of the spectrum people who play on easy don't really talk about it much. Probably because of how some people judge them for it or pressure them into playing on a setting they do not enjoy. I'm talking about on the internet in general, not so much Doomworld. Thus, going by the forums/internet alone isn't really painting a clear picture. That, I think, is what P41R7 was attempting to convey. Plenty around here play on easier settings and they shouldn't have to defend that position in my opinion. Which I stated in my post earlier, games are a form of entertainment and escapism. If they're having fun then they're playing it correctly. Whatever floats your boat. The only wrong answer is to play a difficulty when it's more frustrating for you than fun.
  3. Final Verdict

    What are your ten favorite maps of all time?

    Both @Omniarch and @Phobus posts are a breath of fresh air. Fantastic stuff, both of you. It's also a great way for me to dismiss that creeping feeling that I tend to ramble on or go into too much detail sometimes.
  4. Final Verdict

    Easiest difficult is a thing?

    There's a lot of that around now, but to be honest its always been there. In general I tend to play on hard difficulties but that's only because I enjoy a challenge. After all, where is the fun in playing it on the hardest setting if you just get frustrated with it? Likewise, for those who are used to hard difficulties in games it would be frustrating for them to play on easy. Two sides of the same coin. The idea is the have fun and games are obviously a form of entertainment. If you're not having fun then go up or down in difficulty until you do. It may sound simplistic but there really isn't anything more to it. Time is also a factor, some don't have the free time to waste on playing the hardest setting and they just want to enjoy the journey/story. There are many legitimate reasons to play on an easier setting and not all of them are because of skill or ability. Anything outside of that is either our own ego interfering, or someone else showboating to prove a point. Both can be safely ignored when it comes to games because they're for entertainment and escapism. The story thing is different. If I'm playing a game that has a deep story (or it's just a cut above the rest) then I generally take it down to normal and play on that. I don't see any point in putting it on hard when most of the game is focused on the narrative, characters et-cetera. In that case I'm there for the journey, not so much the challenge.
  5. Final Verdict

    Get It Off Your Chest

    There is more to life than a girlfriend/boyfriend. I know it may not seem like it now but it will pass in time and you will move on. Don't blame her, we all have a 'type'. I doubt she did it intentionally. Some people know what they're looking for and for others it takes a few tries until they find it. The latter often results in a few broken hearts along the way. Take it as a lesson and apply it to the next person you meet. Only lower the drawbridge when you know they feel the same way, anything less is wishful thinking and never ends well. Or ignore all that and find your own method. Either way the worst thing you can do is to wallow in self-pity and beat yourself up, women will run a mile from that attitude. Pick yourself up and dust off. Chin up, you'll get there. Every one of us is work in progress.
  6. Final Verdict

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    While your scaring off the local kids I'll be right next to you scowling and shaking my fist at the sky....right after I find my tweed slippers and tobacco pipe.
  7. Final Verdict

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    I doubt that will happen anytime soon, classic Doom is supreme. For example I enjoyed the new Doom games but I still consider classic Doom to be much better. I have only played through Eternal once, but I have been coming back to classic Doom for decades. It just has more replay value and staying power in my opinion. Maybe it's the pixels and aesthetics or maybe it's just nostalgia, but classic Doom will always be the king among kings to me. At least as far as Doom games are concerned.
  8. Final Verdict

    Get It Off Your Chest

    What about if you have the Angel of Death on your left forearm? Does that qualify?
  9. Final Verdict

    how gamer are you

    I actually backed Path of Exile when it was still in early development. This was long before it came to steam, I think it was around 2010-2011. Back then there hadn't been a Diablo-like game in years and the genre was effectively dead. I came across it one day and immediately threw money at it, which kind of backfired on me. Don't ask how much, suffice to say I had my name in big flashing golden letters on the credits screen. I remember having a discussion with the main dev (Chris something, I forget his second name) at the time about removing it, he never did. It was too flash and pompous for my liking and I eventually changed my GGG forum name because of it. Then just to piss me off they added flashing bronze, silver and gold trimming to forum avatars for those who had backed it. Based on how much they had given. This couldn't be disabled at the time and people kept mistaking me for a dev, pestering me for updates and acting all fanboyish around me. I tried in vein to get them to remove it from my account, they never did. So I abandoned the forums forever... I'm weird that way. This was back in the really early development days though, there wasn't many gold supporters at the time. It was rare to even see a bronze supporter and the platinum support pack wasn't even a thing yet. I don't know if that name flashing disco credit screen is still in-game. I haven't played PoE since Tencent got involved, it took a different direction after that and I left. It's a great game though and it isn't uncommon to see time stamps of 2,000-4,000 hours on steam. You're definitely on the higher end of that spectrum though. Nice going.
  10. Final Verdict

    Placing THINGS on platforms.

    You'll probably get better answers over on the editing/tutorial sub-forum. I can't link it at the moment but just go through Doom>Classic Doom>Doom Editing. Either make a post there or check editing/tutorial questions at the very top of that. Also, welcome to Doomworld.
  11. Final Verdict

    Wadazine Survival Sessions #11: Jenesis

    Nice to see the Wadazine is still going Endless, even better to see it reaching new heights and branching off. Provided a nice read when I came back from hospital and read through the issues I missed while I was away. Best of luck!
  12. Final Verdict

    Memento Mori 1 and 2 .deh files?

    I'll just insert my usual excuse: I'm on post-surgery medication for the pain. To be honest it's a wonder I type anything coherent at all. I can't play Doom Wads or games, or do anything really. So I just sit here zoning out for most of the day. 2 weeks down, 2 more to go. Although don't expect the weirdness to go away, I'm a little eccentric by default heh.
  13. Final Verdict

    How many PWADS do you have to complete to not be considered a poser

    You have most of the Wads, but to become a true paragon of knowledge you must track down obscure trivia about Doom on the net. Start in the 90's and work your way up. You must memorise it all. Watch a ton of Doomtube stuff, get into source ports, editing, making maps etc, etc. Eventually, after several years, you'll be knowledgeable enough to call yourself a layman, maybe intermediate level. Failing that you can attempt to hack your join date and set it to 99'. People will simply assume you are a venerable zen-master of Doom, right up there with Romero and co. They won't question you, they will stand in awe and blindly agree with almost everything you say. This is the top of the pyramid, if you get there you're practically a demi-god. Or you can just ignore all of that and be like the rest of us. Most people are here because they love everything Doom, not because we're old and wise. In my case I am kind of old so I have an edge, I know a lot of irrelevant crap about Doom but that's because I've been around since Doom came out. I still learn new things about Doom now and then. That said, if you think that makes me wise and stuff then I won't argue with it. I'm also offering a once in a life time chance to teach you the 7th step to mastery, after a few years of doing chores for me. Of course there is the chance I may perish from old age before that, but think of the wonders you will learn.
  14. Final Verdict

    Memento Mori 1 and 2 .deh files?

    It's not really, but some of the people who worked on it were involved with Momento Mori 1 & 2. It was made during a time when the common consensus was that Doom was on its last legs due to games like Quake etc. This was in the late 90's to early 2000's if I remember correctly. Hence the name 'Requiem'. Just like Momento Mori's latin translating to "remember you will die". Which in itself comes from an old Roman story relating to a victorious commander returning from a successful campaign and hiring someone, usually a plebeian, to humble him with those words as he walked through cheering crowds. The idea was to keep the commanders ego in check. It's a shame we no longer practice that in the west heh. In my opinion it's separate from MM 1 & 2, some of the same people worked on it but with a different stroke. But as @P41R47 pointed out some people see it as a continuation of MM 1 & 2. There's no right or wrong answer, just differing opinions.
  15. Final Verdict

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually the reason I almost always list the map number followed by the name in brackets. The way I view it is that I might know the levels in a Wad like the back of my hand, but it's inconsiderate of me to expect everyone to know what Map 23 is in something like Momento Mori. Much like Alien Vendetta it's an popular old Wad, but that doesn't mean everyone has played it to the point of memorizing the maps. Maybe they only went through it once years ago, or perhaps they have played so many Wads and maps it's getting hard to remember every single one. Ultimate Doom was less guilty of this because of it being structured around episodes. So E4M1 can work by itself, though I prefer to put the name in anyway. Besides that, Map 28 (Spirit World) just looks better than 'map28'. More people can relate to it and join in the discussion. I could rattle off more reasons to do it but you get the idea.