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  1. Well... It's not very complicated honestly. Most part of the chairs are made using flying middle textures. I learnt the trick from mouldy's Going Down. Also, i didn't assign hidden on the automap flag to those linedefs. They aren't shown on the automap simply because sectors formed by them have same floor and celling height as the surrounding sectors. Anyway, i'm happy knowing you enjoyed the map :)
  2. Dranyan

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Uh... It's better if i don't talk about it here.
  3. It seems you still use Doom Builder 2 ? Well, just wanna advice you to switch to Ultimate Doom Builder, creating maps is much easier with it.
  4. Dranyan

    Dmon 1.2 Released

    This sounds useful. Definitely gonna download it now...
  5. Dranyan

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm working on a megawad which is planned to be as difficult as Sunlust-- just to look edgy. I can't even beat Sunlust on UV myself without saving every five seconds.
  6. Hmmm... Not a fan of heavy metal songs. So i think the first one is better. Vs I only listen to classical music, so-- yeah...
  7. Strength : I think i'm good at detailng, setting up an atmosphere, and choosing suitable music Weakness : I don't have an ability to make abstract complex architectures (like the ones in Ribbik's maps) despite the fact i really want to implement the style into my maps. Additionally, i'm protan colorblind, so i tend to mess the color mixture or something like that.
  8. Dranyan

    Do you play maps with or without ingame music?

    I play with in-game music, always. In-game music plays a big role in enhancing the atmosphere. Mappers don't just pick random midi they found on the internet. They're selective. In my opinion, Sunlust is a perfect example of great use of in-game music. Take MAP05 for example, in the very beginning of the map you're surrounded by tons of monster and at the same time the music starts with scary metal noises, which helps giving an impression of "You're fucked up.". Another example is MAP12, it uses a fast-paced high pitched music which is very suitable with the gameplay which forces you to keep running and shooting throughout the map. Last example-- MAP17, it's a dark and flesh-themed map which uses a frightening music to help creating a scary atmosphere throughout the map. Well, i think you get the idea already. If i choose to mute in-game music and use a random music from my playlist, there is a good chance the music doesn't sound suitable with the map which just gives me an awkward feeling.
  9. Dranyan

    i need help finding places to post my art.

    I use Instagram all the time. It's the easiest place to find audiences, in my opinion. A lot of professional artists post their stuff there. You can also try Newgrounds, i recently noticed many artists are there too.
  10. Ah yeah... Like snowfall effect in Eviternity which is an extra feature for zdoom ports or something like that ? For now, episode menu selection is the only zdoom-required feature that i would add to the wad. I currently have no plan to add any other features which aren't compatible with prboom+ I see. I will make sure to ask for your help if i really want to use DECORATE/EDF stuff. But for now i'm fine. Thanks for the offer, i appreciate it. Noted. I'll fix them in the next update, though i have no idea how the third issue could occurred. But don't worry, i'll figure it out eventually :) Thank you for reporting it.
  11. Thanks. But i could do the DEHACKED myself, i think i understand it enough. I don't know with DECORATE/EDF though, but-- isn't DEHACKED compatible with eternity and zdoom-based sourceports anyway, therefore DECORATE/EDF isn't really necessarily ? (correct me if i wrong...) Alright, good point. I will be also focused on other aspects, and put difficulty matter aside. I also think it would be a great idea to make a huge distinction between easy, medium, and hard difficulty, so there will be flexibility for players to suit themselves based on their own skill. But yeah-- anyway, i'm happy to hear you enjoyed the first three maps :) Hope you're looking forward for the next maps.
  12. Hello guys, i'm sorry for bumping this thread. But i just want to make an announcement, considering several people (mostly on Discord) have asked me about what happened to this project. Oh yeah. Firstly, i would like to thank The Doom Master Wadazine for having this wad in their #5 edition. This project gained more attention thanks to it. 1. What happened to Eleven Zero ? > Eleven Zero is not dead, it's just progressing really slow. I'm seriously busy with real life (and it stresses me out, to be honest). But don't worry, i still constantly work on the megawad. Roughly estimated-- the next update will be released in four months. (Yeah... Sorry for that) 2. What will be added/changed in the next update ? - Adding new maps : MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, and MAP07 (Note : MAP06 and MAP07 will take place in Episode 2, so the theme will be about Ice Age) - Adding an intro area in the beginning of MAP01 - Adding custom pistol sprites (replacing the default ones) - Adding custom monsters - Changing main menu soundtrack - Changing main menu graphics (because the current ones suck lmao) - Adding custom fonts - Improving MAP01, MAP02, and MAP03 (the main focus is MAP02, because it's the worst among the first three maps.) - Fixing several known bugs - And more... By the way, i'm trying to make this megawad as hard as Sunlust (or maybe just a little bit easier than it). So yeah-- good luck playing it :P I currently don't need any kind of contribution at this moment. But if you wish to help this project in any way, you can just let me know :)
  13. Thank you for testing it, @HAK3180. Yeah, i already expected you will have the same opinion as everyone's else. Like-- "Yeah, sure the layout looks good, but the difficulty ruins everything." And i honestly can't blame you, it's my fault. But yeah, like i said before you should expect a lot of problems considering i didn't playtest it enough (because the deadline was just so close at that time) Anyway, i've noted few things based on your gameplay and i'm already planning to make some change, including making the map so much easier. Once again, thank you! It's always helpful to have someone like you around :)
  14. Hey man, i can see many other Hellevator mappers sent their map to you so you could test it. So i think i will also send you mine, i mean-- why not ? Name : The Womb Floor (I haven't changed the in-game map name though) Compatibility : Boom Length : Around 30 minutes, but could be longer than that. Difficulty : Hard/Very Hard. Please play on UV difficultly. Regarding the sourceport, it's up to you. No jumping, no crouching, no free look. Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/download/qedbolej5565qgx IMPORTANT NOTE : - The map occupied MAP28 slot, not MAP01 - I haven't tested it much, only twice, so expect to encounter many bugs and problems that i failed to notice. But at least it's beatable. - I accidentally put one voodoo doll in the playable area. If you find it, just ignore it. (Though, it could be a problem if the monsters accidentally hit it). I'm too lazy to remove it today :p - This map could be very difficult to you. Other mappers in the project seems to hate it because of the difficulty. So, i encourage you to save a lot, i also don't mind if you resurrect yourself, or even use god mode if necessarily (Though, i want to see you try, so don't use it too often if you could) Thank you!
  15. Dranyan

    Giving Away GTX 670 GPU, i5-3450 CPU, Apple Earpods

    That's very nice of you. But, i don't have a PC, i use a laptop. So i think i couldn't use both the GPU and the CPU, unfortunately. In other hand, i'm also not interested to have a pair of earpods because i'm not a fan of listening music. Thank you for the offer though, really appreciate it.