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  1. JaMpocalypse

    How can I run Zandorium on singleplayer

    Did you mean Zandronum? If so, go to where you installed it and run Zandronum.exe
  2. JaMpocalypse

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.1.0 (9/2020)

    Is there a way to rearrange the tabs manually not by name?
  3. JaMpocalypse

    [RELEASE] DN3DooM - update v.1.05

    Thanks for adding this!. I like a lot that version.
  4. JaMpocalypse

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Hello, I want to report a problem that occurs in Alien Vendetta MAP01, a texture becomes glitchy when seen by the player. I thought it was because i was using an old version but the the problem persist in the new versions. I have tried other ports but so far this problem only occurs on GLBoom. This problem also happened in doomretro but it has already been solved. I leave the link of the report so you can see what I mean. Here Edit: HOM