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  1. I open this every once in a while, just to stare at the main categories and then close it again.

    I dunno, man. I think I just fell off.

    I'm gonna just unbookmark this website and go do something else for a while.
    If I get the sudden kick to make maps again, I'll hop back in.

    in the meantime, you'll know where to find me.

    have a great night.

  2. i am so tired
    sorry yall been focusing on making a game rather than doom modding. I'll get back to it at some point, but it's basically at the back of my to do list at this point.

    in the meantime, you'll know where to find me.

  3. forgettable pyromaniac

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    fucked. The last thing I played was actually vanilla doom... So I'd be ok, I think.
  4. forgettable pyromaniac

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Mock 3: Mach 3 Cyberdreams 2: "Now with 50% more thigh highs!" BOOMEDIT 2: "It's just MBF."
  5. Okay so, update time.

    I am still messing around with building, just haven't made anything that cool as of late.
    I finally got UDB working on linux (built from source, using mono)
    so I don't need to use eureka anymore.

    So, what should I do exactly? I made two megawads (one by myself, one as a community)...
    Might make a one-map wad just to shake the rust off.

    I dunno, I don't really know anyone here, per-say. Mostly just acquaintances.
    I enjoy talking to stxvile on occasion when they're streaming, but that's about it as of late.

  6. I still dont have a name for the cat oc

  7. forgettable pyromaniac

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    Regular candy hurts my teeth - It's probably all the sugar. For that reason, if I want chocolate, it has to be dark. Otherwise I risk pain for an hour or so :(
  8. forgettable pyromaniac


    I made a custom palette (both PLAYPAL and COLORMAP), henceforth "tPal". It's pretty similar to the original colour palette, but the idea is that it's supposed to be easier on the eyes. I'm planning on further updating it. Perhaps editing the green colours first. Feel free to use tPal however you wish, and give some ideas on how to edit it to have it look better. I'm thinking of making a one-level wad with it as well, after further adjustments. Screenshots ((Original, then Pal)) I know this kind of simple stuff is below my pay-grade, but I am too tired to do much level designing as of late. Thank you. tPal.zip
  9. I just thought of a neat Community Project idea.

    "Religiously Square", where all sectors must be squares with equal-length sides.

  10. hey guys who wants to see the greek doom

    1. Wadmodder Shalton

      Wadmodder Shalton

      Someone should turn this weird comic into a Doom PWAD, like what the 96 comic was.

  11. forgettable pyromaniac

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    changes + dl link:
  12. forgettable pyromaniac

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    I havent touched the map in over a year at this point but you know what i should probably go back in at some point gimmie a bit and I can open it back up, assuming that fixes are still able/allowed to be made. Gonna wait for @Ofisil's confirmation on that first, though.
  13. idk who needs to see this but apologies if ive said or done something stupid before and didn't realize or clarify properly.

  14. forgettable pyromaniac

    Bugfixing an old project (Textures & DEH fixing)

    - Damn, aw well. The sounds section in the settings didn't seem to help either, but it's not the end of the world, I guess. - Both are in software, 4:3. DSDA is a slightly lower resolution. though. I'm pretty sure I've quadruple checked and don't see any preloads for crispy, checking inside the config file as well as in-game (although an option in-game doesn't seem to exist, might as well check, right? :P).
  15. forgettable pyromaniac

    Bugfixing an old project (Textures & DEH fixing)

    Didn't modify Step07, but the other patches, I did. And yes, they're enclosed within P_Start and P_End Note: Did just test it in DSDA and it works fine, just not Crispy Doom. What??