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  1. forgettablepyromaniac

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    I want more optical Illusions! Like white surrounding you, but with a white pillar in the center, and when you walk behind it, the area around it changes with an invisible tele or something like that. like you come in from a jungle, go around the pillar, and now you're in a techbase, or something like that. Or hell, make a version of that infinite waterfall thing or one of those "see the word from one side and see another word on the other side" things. I really like optical Illusions and I think they would be awesome to see more of in doom.
  2. forgettablepyromaniac

    EZDec - Create DOOM mods with ease!

    I can see it doing small yet really important shenanigans given enough TLC. Good luck!
  3. forgettablepyromaniac


    Nah mate, don't worry! Doing my best to make sure it isn't an incoherent mess lmao Some maps (especially toward the beginning) will be quite short, but they do grow into bigger and more expansive places as it moves on! As for why I wanted to do 32 maps: I wanted to make something big! Some of the wads I've made before have been at max 10 maps, so I wanted to make something a lot bigger. Also I used to only work with UDMF since that's what I was told to use, but I thought what you could do with BooM was awesome and wanted to do stuff like that myself! This was also one of those Casali moments where I wanted something around my skill level. It's not quite slaughtermapa ofc, but I wanted something that would challenge me without just instantly killing me like most wads I've played do (so I'd say it's difflculty is around TNT levels, but zombiemen aren't in every level lmao)
  4. forgettablepyromaniac

    Favorite website?

    uh, dw... tcrf... everyone has already said what I would already say! I will say one I haven't seen yet, and that's Twitch. Oh! I also like scrolling through the Metroid Construction forums on occasion, but it's pretty dead, unlike Doomworld lmao
  5. forgettablepyromaniac


    no, been working even longer. I just announced it in august. Earliest known date is 5/1/2021 but I have earlier versions I scrapped.
  6. forgettablepyromaniac


    Currently hating myself since I haven't been working on shit when I should have. Anyway: So... I heard you like brown? https://imgur.com/a/6GFgNx6
  7. forgettablepyromaniac

    Doomcute thread

    https://imgur.com/a/XRlt8B3 Doomcute tacos!
  8. forgettablepyromaniac

    I can't play Postal 2.

    also keep in mind that it is a 32-bit program. If you update your MacOS version past 10.15, it won't work at all.
  9. forgettablepyromaniac

    Doom Streams

    Doomin and Coomin Join! Or don't, not your parent.
  10. forgettablepyromaniac


    When I want to play mods that only run on GZ, I try running it on LZ first for performance reasons.
  11. Still working on doom stuff but it's making me a bit tired.


    After I finish Breaking.wad I'm definetly taking a break of some kind.


    Won't stop on the doomin but I'm definetly slowing down.

  12. forgettablepyromaniac

    Doomcute thread

    "3d bridge lol"
  13. forgettablepyromaniac

    Jokes Thread

    I'd tell you a joke about the ceiling, but I think it'd go over your head.
  14. forgettablepyromaniac

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  15. forgettablepyromaniac

    "Sector with more than 22 adjoining sectors crashes Chocolate."

    Very interesting limit that I never knew about. The reason it crashes is oddly similar to the All-Ghosts effect (only so many objects on a table before it overwrites other data). My question is why some tables are so limited, or why there are tables at all. Why not, at the very least, change the table dynamically? For each object, add 1 spot to the table. Probably optimization.