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  1. Return Fire is pretty cool :-) It’s a bit different from the other games as you have 4 vehicles (a helicopter, tank, APC and a Jeep) and you Just drive around destroying the bad guys base :-D I only ever played the demo as a kid and had to do some googlefu to find the name but remember it being awesome (chucking grenades outta the semi-uncontrollably fast Jeep was always a blast!) and will be looking for a download now :-P Edit: didn’t wanna provide a link for copyright reasons but looks like it is abandonware so here you go :-D
  2. DooM Bear

    How hard are the bosses in doom 2016?

    BFG scroll trick and they are all defeated in a few seconds very easily XD On a more serious note, the SSG / gauss cannon mix usually makes them pretty easy :-) As @Chezza said, just learn their attack patterns and you’ll be fine :-)
  3. You almost hit the nail on the head in your comment but honestly I agree with @Impie :-P In reality it is poor people that are systematically oppressed in the US and many other parts of the world. In many of these countries, all citizens have exactly the same rights (or even slightly beneficial rights to some minority groups). Now if you replace “black” with “poor people” in your examples you will find the same correlation. Don’t get me wrong, yes historically black people were oppressed (no one in their right mind would disagree there) causing the black population to be generally poorer (they don’t have generations of inheritance, companies in their name, etc.) and that is disgusting. However, they now have the same rights, responsibility and, legally speaking, opportunities as anyone else :-)
  4. DooM Bear

    Do you get lost in maps?

    All the time! Especially on maze like maps that require a lot of backtracking (E3M7 comes to mind) :-P I like and am so use to the map design style that uses enemies to “show you the way” that I get really lost the moment I’ve killed everything and can’t see an obvious door or teleporter :-P
  5. Hehehehe :-P All good :-) Hopefully the discussion remains civil and well reasoned but I’m with you and foreshadow that this thread is about to go off the rails :-P Hope I’m wrong!
  6. Democratic socialism can and does work :-P Ask all the people that live in countries with socialised healthcare etc. and watch them point and laugh at America :-P I have a incurable, life long illness and I would much rather live in a democratic socialist system than a pure capitalist system! If I lived in the US I probably wouldn’t be able to afford my meds and would most likely end up homeless and dead. In a socialist system though, I would be able to afford medication and therefore could be a productive member of society rather than a drain on the system :-P Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying socialism is a perfect system but I feel people are often misinformed as to what socialism actually is :-P Democratic Socialism can and does work, Marxism and Communism do not (due to humans being inherently corrupt). Anyways, craziest ones I’ve heard are that Australia doesn’t exist (find this hilarious as an Australian) or that 5G causes Covid :-P
  7. DooM Bear

    Cacodemons live-birth or lay eggs?

    The diagram could still be right! The fathers (the PE’s) could have been in the nests caring for the young (like male penguins do) while the females were out fighting the DooM marine. It also explain some why the PE’s show up in DooM 2 as they had to send both males and females to earth so they could reproduce and take over the world! :-P
  8. DooM Bear

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Hehehehe agree :-P I still watch his videos as they are interesting and informative but I always take his ratings with a grain of salt :-P
  9. Hehehehe same :-P On my first play through of a WAD I’m not too worried about getting 100% secrets (might spend 5-10 mins running around at the end of each level looking for the ones I missed) :-P After that I’ll watch a play through or take a peak in a level editor to find the secrets before jumping straight back on in and going for a UV-max run :-D
  10. There was a recent thread on this named “Is 100% kills important?” :-P The general consensus was play whichever way is the most fun for you :-D I’m personally a bit of completionest and like to max everything :-P
  11. DooM Bear

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Was about to start a new thread but figured I’d post it here in case it is an overwhelming yes / no answer :-P Question is, is DooM 3: Resurrection of Evil worth playing? I didn’t really like DooM 3 too much when it came out so never bought the DLC back then but do you all think I should give it a go now or is it a case of “if you didn’t like DooM 3 you won’t like RoE”?
  12. DooM Bear

    The value of building tension

    I like C myself :-) To me, it doesn’t matter if used the barrel crusher trick before as the player probably doesn’t know that :-P I personally don’t care what happens “behind the senses” when I’m playing as long as the level and atmosphere are cool :-D Plus I don’t feel using a trick more than once is over doing it but I’m not a mapper either :-P You know the old saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken” and all :-P If it works it works and no need to reinvent the wheel to get the same effect :-D
  13. I completely understand all the people that always play pistol start and that it makes it easier for the map maker but that said, some times it’s just plain stupid :-P Like in some WADs where it happens every couple of levels, the majority of the weapons you loose from the death exit are on the ground in front of you at the beginning of the next map :-P I sometimes think “well what was the point of taking my weapons away if your just gonna give them back straight away / almost straight away?” :-P
  14. Just started replaying Eviternity which reminded me to ask, how do you feel about forced pistol starts / death exits in WAD’s? Personally, I don’t mind a few (like 2 or 3) in a 32 level WAD but find it a little annoying when it seems to feel like it’s every other level or every time you get the BFG :-P Don’t get me wrong, I love Eviternity and think the creator/s did an amazing job of fairly restocking the player with what the need but I still find the whole forced pistol start thing just a little annoying :-P
  15. DooM Bear

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    Pain elementals! Normally they are just annoying meat balls that aren’t a threat in themselves but you have to waste your ammo and attention on them before they start overwhelming you with lost souls (especially when playing UV-fast)! On the flip side, once the lost soul limit is reached they are just pathetic! With the above in mind they have a threat level of no threat -> huge threat -> no threat which is unlike no other enemy in the game and is really annoying as you don’t always know if they are about to be a threat or are no longer a threat. Note: yes I know I can turn the lost soul limit off :-P