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  1. Ok so the other day I get a random YouTube recommendation about a Warhammer 40k painting channel which instantly gave me a huge nostalgia hit. I instantly ran to the shed to pull out all my old Orks and next thing I know I’ve fleshed it out to a 2000pt army and bought a new 2000pt Ultramarine army as well :-P This got me to thinking though, I know DND and DooM seem to go hand in hand (I’ve never actually played it though) but am wondering if there might be a fair bit of overlap here too?
  2. DooM Bear

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Glad you and everyone are ok! That reminds me of a time where I was in a van that rolled when me and some mates were drifting it in the dirt :-P Everyone was fine but taking off my seatbelt and falling to the roof is still one of the strangest sensations I have ever experienced:-P
  3. DooM Bear

    UFO thread (don't bring conspiracy theories)

    Not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens :-P Na honestly I definitely believe aliens exist on other planets in the universe (probably even intelligent and technological advanced ones) but doubt they are dropping by earth every now and then.
  4. DooM Bear

    Get It Off Your Chest

    My screen has shat it’s self and is pressing buttons / doing whatever by itself and it is really, really pissing me off 🤬 Takes me like 30 minutes to write a simple bloody message! Grrrrr 🤬 First of all, don’t stress! I know from experience how real and frightening seeing / hearing things that aren’t there can be. There are 2 main things I can think of: 1. If you use a lot of stimulants (no need to say yay or nay here), it could be stimulant psychosis. Generally this can be “fixed” by laying off for a while but your doc might be able to prescribe you something short term to help :-) 2. If you haven’t been using a lot of stimulants, have a chat with your doc. Those sound almost like text book symptoms of schizophrenia. That might sound really scary but it’s really not something to be scared of :-) I’ve got a couple of mates with it and they just have to take a couple of pills a day and they are all good :-) Plus schizophrenics are often extremely creative people so you would be amazed at all the musicians and artists who had it / live with it :-) Regardless, have a chat with your doc :-) It could be something else all together but just remember again, don’t stress! Some times it can take them a little while to work it out and some of the meds can take a little while to start working but they will get you there in the end :-) Hope that helps :-D
  5. I always just noclipped to Romeo’s head as a kid as never could work out how to do it legit :-P It was probably years later that I worked out you could shoot it as the lift went up. And I only relatively recently learnt from a Decino video that the lift switch gives you a hint :-P
  6. DooM Bear

    Doom Annihilation is getting a sequel

    Just... Why? They must have made that thing on an absolute shoestring budget to turn a profit on that thing (and the budget shows). Or maybe it’s a Uwe Boll tax break kinda thing or something.
  7. Holy crap! I’ve never heard of those before! Gonna have to have an eBay hunt to add one to the collection :-D
  8. Hahahahaha I love the Zimbabwe money :-P I have one of the One Hundred Trillion dollar notes (the largest single denomination note ever) sitting in my draw :-P
  9. A bit of topic but what do all you people saying “No” do for work? Y’all must be a hell of a lot richer than me XP $2m is a modest home and, invested and spent wisely, retirement for the rest of your life! Hell I’d do dirty shit under the table for less XP
  10. DooM Bear

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    I don’t have a clue why but remember seeing a game theorist episode or something like that where they calculated that he runs at like 60mph (100km/h) :-P I should work out his 0-60 speed but imagine he is probably faster than most hyper cars XP Edit: Couldn’t find the video but google says he runs at 57mph :-P
  11. Where’s do I sign up?!? Sure never playing DooM again would really, really suck but I could basically buy a house and “retire” (at least from soul destroying 9-5’s) with $2m so imagine I would be happier over all :-D If it was $2m to never play any video games again though, well that would be a much harder choice :-P
  12. DooM Bear

    user Malinku was murdered

    That really breaks my heart to hear there has been no movement on the case. While I didn’t know Andrew, it is very obvious that he was very much loved by the people that knew him. I hope with all my being that you get answers and closure some day. Hopefully soon. Hugs and thoughts from Australia.
  13. DooM Bear

    Doom nerds, i need your help, why i didnt fall here?

    Nice work! Keep it up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your runs in future :-) I think the issue is an enemy blocking you as the others have said. Unfortunately if you want a “legitimate” speed run I don’t think you are are allowed to turn monster height off (my understanding is everything needs to be “stock” so the demo will play back on any copy of DooM - actual runners feel free to correct me here). That said, you could always practice with infinite height turned off to practice and get everything timed perfectly, then turn it back on for the actual run attempts. Or if it is just a challenge you’ve made for yourself then run with it off :-) Just because it isn’t technically considered “legitimate” doesn’t mean it’s not still an amazing achievement (just make sure to clarify that if you upload it anywhere to avoid confusion) :-D Good luck!
  14. DooM Bear

    Do You think Id's new upcoming game would be Quake ?

    I hope not. I feel like the ID peop’s could do with the freedom of a new IP to let their creativity juices flow at the moment. That said, they haven’t touched Quake in a while so if the big wigs think they can sell then I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if that is what we get next.
  15. DooM Bear

    what is the best build engine game quote

    “Come get some!” Just so iconic :-D