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  1. Phytolizer

    Very first Doom II Single level wad: Curse Of Reverence

    A quality map, really enjoyed my time and it wasn't too easy :) End fight could use some spicing up though. I died, but only because I was ignoring the cyberdemon and missed the BFG/megasphere. Here's a video of my blind playthrough. https://youtu.be/1e4EsH-6nog Edit: my voice is too quiet. First time recording a video in a while. Sorry.
  2. Phytolizer

    [Map] Maw of Chaos - gzdoom/plutonia.wad

    Enjoyable short map. I thought there was going to be a huge fight at the end, but it's nice to have an easy level now and again. Couldn't quite snag the BFG. https://youtu.be/KlY--BZQUjc
  3. Very shocked you included my Rust implementation considering it's nowhere close to functional. Thanks anyway.
  4. Phytolizer

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Cannot replicate with the following command-line arguments: Searching for 'heretic' in '/home/kyle/doom/iwad' Results: [/home/kyle/doom/iwad/heretic.wad] Command line: ' /home/kyle/doom/engines/dsda-doom/dsda-doom -iwad /home/kyle/doom/iwad/heretic.wad -complevel 11 -vidmode GL -geom 2560x1440F -skill 4 ' EDIT!!: Getting this error with Hexen though, log attached. log.zip
  5. Phytolizer

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Will colored blood ever make it into this sourceport, or is it considered bad for speedrunning in some way?
  6. I recently made a command-line Doom launcher in Rust to practice my skills, and canonicalized paths don't seem to be recognized by Eternity. Here are the args I'm passing it: [src\main.rs:317] &binary = "C:\\Users\\Kyle Coffey\\doom\\.\\engines\\eternity\\eternity.exe" [src\main.rs:318] &args = [ "-iwad", "\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\Kyle Coffey\\doom\\iwad\\DOOM2.WAD", "-file", "\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\Kyle Coffey\\doom\\pwad\\mods\\qol (no gameplay changes)\\D2SPFX19.WAD", "-deh", "\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\Kyle Coffey\\doom\\pwad\\mods\\D2DEHFIX.DEH", "-complevel", "11", "-vidmode", "GL", "-geom", "2560x1440F", ] and Eternity asks for an IWAD folder as if I hadn't given it a specific IWAD. Also, when I select the correct folder, it doesn't seem to like it. This might have to do with the fact that my Windows home folder has a space in it.
  7. Phytolizer

    Map The Fourth - There Goes The Neighbourhood (v2)

    Is this limit-removing? If not, what -complevel should I use?
  8. Phytolizer

    Command-line Doom launcher

    I've updated the script. It should be much more robust and easy to change now. Note that directories are hardcoded, so edit it before using it in your own command line. play.zip EDIT: It's also got shortcut command parameters! p python play.py -c 9 -p eternall -r eternal01 -w 1 -c means --complevel, -p means --pwad, -r means --record, -w means --warp. There's no shortcut for --render. By the way, the script expects this folder structure: . |-- demo |-- iwad |-- pwad \-- play.py
  9. Ok. I will wait until you can call it stable and keep doing single segment runs (if i can, LOL). Thanks for being patient with me.
  10. Still getting desyncs with MBF demos :( Here's a video (well, 2 videos): EDIT: desync is about 2 minutes in
  11. Phytolizer

    Command-line Doom launcher

    I made a little Python Doom launcher and thought I'd share. It's meant for PrBoom-based ports, and some of the functionality will be useless for e.g. GZDoom. In particular, it's useful for managing the -viddump parameter. Here's an example invocation (file extensions can be omitted if you know there's only one with that basename, e.g. ETERNALL.WAD): python play-doom.py --complevel 2 -p eternall --render demo/eternall-map01,demo/eternall-map02 Maybe someone else will find some use out of this if they don't want to use a graphical launcher (one of my nitpicks with ZDL is it won't give you console output, grrr). play.zip
  12. Phytolizer

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    I'm excited for this, can finally record a TAS over multiple sessions! This port just keeps getting better.
  13. Phytolizer

    Is there a place for non-speedrun demos?

    I think what I am specifically looking for is blind runs. Maybe I should look for FDAs (are they centralized anywhere?)
  14. Phytolizer

    Is there a place for non-speedrun demos?

    I'm subscribed to coincident and decino, but sometimes wish I could see the playthroughs without commentary (not that the commentary is bad or anything, I just don't want it sometimes).