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  1. kawadec

    unpopular retro opinions

    For the sake of my Smash habits I was certainly glad the analog sticks on Nintendo controllers got more comfortable on future consoles. Overall though I'm willing to cut the N64 some slack, given it was the early days of 3D gaming and whatnot. Won't try to argue the controls of Mario 64, Ocarina of Time or Turok have aged like fine chardonnay, but when it comes to the better-designed games on the system, unless your name is Arin Hanson it's still not too hard to get used to their setups and do what you gotta do. Besides, it's not like Sony's early controller ideas didn't also have some growing to do (let's not forget that it lacked analog sticks at first).
  2. kawadec

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    As a longtime GZDoom boy I must admit you got a point. Pretty different visual atmosphere compared to running with GZDoom's bells and whistles if that screenshot is any indication, which is neat.
  3. kawadec

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    Given the premise of this wad I expect the maps in this are gonna be on the short and sweet side, which works for me. For my run I decided to get silly and throw on a combo of Doom Incarnate and Colourful Hell. Former can be a bit overpowered, but based on past experience I know the latter can kill me in an instant if the RNG gods get tired of my nonsense, so this should be interesting. MAP01 - “Ebb” by Lord_Z Mancubi and revenants right in the first level, eh? Alright, I'm game. Enjoyed how quickly you get thrust into the action with those shotgunners at the start. Overall a pretty good time if going to town on whole rooms with primarily the shotty is your cup of tea. Colourful Hell decided not to throw anything too crazy at me this time, though I did get caught off guard by the capabilities of a purple hell knight by the blue key. Looking forward to the next map for sure.
  4. kawadec

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    I like the arch-vile for how much of a tough, hard-hitting bastard he is. Taking on more than a couple at a time is a bit much, but no foe makes shit turn real quite like he does. Chaingunners, meanwhile, can die in a fire. Damn things are the reason I don't play UV-fast/Nightmare, as much as I'd like to.
  5. "Please let the second be a cover of-yesssss"
  6. kawadec

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    I committed heresy unto the soundtrack by muting it during the Khan Makyr's boss fight and playing other music. Just wasn't feeling it like I did the other boss themes, and with how badly UV was kicking my ass I needed a real banger in this moment to keep me going. In my defense, committing heresy is kind of a theme in the Urdak mission. Also the music I chose was Celldweller (this song specifically), and both Klayton and Mick Gordon did music for Killer Instinct 2013, so that's, what, 2 degrees of separation max from Mick? Yeah, I'm going with that.
  7. kawadec

    How much do you play or used to play Doom?

    Off and on periods of playing it in the past, whenever a mod or wad catches my interest. More often now since I arrived here. Been having fun trying the maps people make and uploading the playthroughs. Combines my Doom pastime with my old hobby of fooling around in video editing software.
  8. kawadec

    SANDYS REVENGE.WAD (Vanilla DooM II map)

    Idea of this level seemed too fun not to play. As expected, was a hoot. Lighting in this level was pretty nice, overall I liked how the different areas looked. Was fun not knowing what was going to be around the corner (and for that matter, whether that corner will warp me to an entirely different corner). Accidentally locked myself out of the last room thanks to High Noon Drifter's demon-summoning BFG replacement, but that was nothing a bit of noclip couldn't fix.
  9. kawadec

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Cheeky Neptune in a Deadpool hoodie, cropped from some fanart by Men-don't-scream:
  10. kawadec

    DOOM2 - NIGHTMARE! (mega update)

    Decided to give it a go. Some observations: - The switch to reveal the blue key doesn't appear to light up when activated. - The barrier I assume the red key is supposed to open doesn't seem to do so. If there was something else I was supposed to do to open it I failed to find it. More of a problem than that though is the fact a couple of the poles were missing, making it possible to walk in, grab the yellow key and exit the level without ever getting the red key. - The meat locker full of imps was a nice cup of slaughter; not sure what its purpose beyond that was supposed to be though. Was there perhaps supposed to be a switch in there to lower the aformentioned barrier blocking you from the yelllow key and mancubus? One thing I did like about the map was how the pinkies start off as a threat if you fall in the lava, and thanks to the teleporters they later turn into a surprise to deal with whenever you go back to the starting room.
  11. kawadec

    What do you think of mods like brutal Doom?

    Really have gameplay mods to thank for keeping my interest in Doom this alive after so many years. Vanilla still holds up of course, helped by the fact it's so well-crafted for the challenges you're up against, that said I love the flash and creativity such mods present that can enhance the experience or straight-up transform it into something new. Brutal Doom itself never really clicked with me (can't entirely say why), but it was a nice gateway that led to me discovering stuff like Russian Overkill, D4D, Doom Incarnate and Terminusest13's output, among many others. As someone who has played Doom 64's maps more times than he can count, it really breathes new life into the maps to play them as Terror Billy, or a supernatural cowboy, or a cyborg ninja, or a girl whose weapons change depending on her outfit; the possibilities are endless.
  12. kawadec

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Id could have some fun with that. Similar to how Doomguy is a descendant of B.J. Blazkowicz, would be fun to see if they someday connect the new Wolfenstein and Doom plots together. Like, in addition to Argent D'nur and the Makyrs being a thing in this universe, perhaps this Earth underwent a different timeline of events in which (among other things) the Nazis won WWII and Billy had twin daughters instead of a son. Perhaps the technological advancements of the Nazi dystopia helped bring the world to an energy crisis that much sooner, and perhaps Jessie and Zophia's descendants were out there somewhere during the events of Eternal, having their own fight against the demonic invasion.
  13. kawadec

    Clippy's new Doom 2 map - 2 Cyberdemons!

    Have a weeb run of the level with DemonSteele. Tend to play the mod's other character more often, but this is definitely one where I think Hae-Lin was the right call, what with the limited arsenal/ammo available in this map (not helped by the chaingun not spawning for some reason). The final arena took a while for me to conquer, but as you can probably tell I still had a jolly good time with it. The comical number of switches required to get to the blue skull was both amusing and an interesting way to pace one's resource collection as you deal with the cyberdemons.
  14. kawadec

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Regarding Samuel Hayden, the theory I was going with was that after Samur Makyr's exile from Urdak he underwent a sort of reincarnation, being reborn as a human and growing up to become the Samuel Hayden we know. This would make the Seraphim and Dr. Hayden one and the same the whole time. As for why (more theorizing here), he needed Earth's technology/resources to pursue his goal of "clean" Argent energy, and perhaps he believed he could sway humanity to his cause more effectively if he did so as one of them, as opposed to descending from the heavens unto the mortals like the Khan Makyr did with the Argenta people. The brain cancer his body developed was a slight complication, but nothing his knowledge of Makyr technology couldn't work around.