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  1. kawadec

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    Over time it seems I've gone from a palm grip to more something akin to I guess what the graphic on the last page calls either an extended finger or pincer claw grip, going toward one or the other depending on how intense things are getting. As the number of buttons on my mouse increases (this one has been my go-to) it's helped if I keep my fingers and thumb arched a little so they can more easily move between everything.
  2. kawadec

    Fav shooter before 2000?

    Aside from the obvious answer of Doom 64, I also have a big soft spot for the first Turok, for a lot of the reasons already stated. Just a really good run n' gun experience with platforming that isn't too bad, some good enemy animations and music, and of course plenty of fun weapons. Though I never played Descent, I did get to enjoy Forsaken growing up and have to give it a shoutout, both the PC and N64 versions (since they were indeed different, and it's cool that the Nightdive remaster merges the two).
  3. kawadec

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Very good point, I should definitely mention that, rather than playing the DOS version, I was running it through the BStone source port for WASD controls and the such. Apparently it was originally made for Planet Strike, but works well enough with Aliens of Gold as well, aside from a few minor audio things such as the weapon jingles not playing.
  4. kawadec

    Which of The Following Weapons do You Use The Least?

    Huh, and here I thought I was the weirdo for shying away from the BFG. For me the combat comes down a lot to using the right tool for the job --- shotgun for sparse or distant fodder, chaingun for larger groups of fodder, chainsaw for pinkies, rocket launcher and SSG for the big boys, and plasma rifle for whatever needs to be both stunlocked and killed quickly (some overlap exists in these categories of course). There's enough variety and effectiveness among these weapons that I just never feel the need to deal with the heavy ammo cost and slow fire rate of the BFG, when a longer yet still tolerable amount of time using the other guns will also clear a room in a way that's more fun than one or two left clicks.
  5. kawadec

    Least Used Weapon?

    Pistol: "What is my purpose?" Me: "You kill one shotgun guy." Pistol: "...oh my god." The chainsaw is my go-to for pinkies, and at least the fist is a viable way to save ammo once you got a Berserk in your system. Unfortunately the pistol is just a worse chaingun and not much else. I don't blame 64 for giving us a shotgun 2 seconds into the first level, nor Eternal for cutting out the middle man and just making the shotgun our actual first weapon.
  6. kawadec

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Earlier this week I was in a bit of a funk, and as a way to give myself something to do that wasn't the crushing grind of Warframe (not that I could have played much of it anyway, since my internet cut out a couple hours later for the rest of the night) I returned to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and played that. Over the next couple days I finished what remained of that game's 60 levels, then got the sequel and beat that. Something about the simplicity of a good Wolfenstein engine game was something my brain needed at the moment, I guess. But yeah, if Wolfenstein 3D but sci-fi and with new bells and whistles added to levels sounds like your Jam (get it, because the developer was called Jam) I give both a solid recommendation.
  7. kawadec

    Is Doomguy Left-Handed?

    One thing I've heard from those who are left-handed is that, since a lot of things are designed for right-handed use, they often become a bit ambidextrous to some extent out of necessity. So I could see him using his left hand by default for pistols and the such but right hand for things that would be awkward to handle otherwise.
  8. kawadec

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been getting back on my gacha nonsense again by going through more of Fate/Grand Order's story. Finished the Agartha chapter --- wasn't a big fan of the writing, though I did finally warm up a little to Scheherazade by the very end, and the stall team I've been putting together really paid off a few times, so fun was had. Feels nice now having three developed strats to try given the situation (stall team focused on survival, buff-stacking zerker team designed to take out bosses as quickly as possible, and a buster-crit team with survivability in between the two). Moved on to Shimousa, which I hear really kicks people's butts and requires you to have a balanced roster to make it through the bosses (no borrowing a friend's servant to fill the gaps), so time to see where my weaknesses lie I guess, heh. Worse comes to worst, there's an event starting tomorrow I can farm a shitload of materials from to get a necessary person up to snuff.
  9. kawadec

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Finally getting around to Ion Maiden Fury. I've tried a couple other Build Engine games (Shadow Warrior and Blood) and unfortunately decided they weren't really for me, but this might be one I play through to the end. Satisfying guns and combat, nothing frustrating me so far about the enemies, and I'm a sucker for tracker music.
  10. kawadec

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    All these people posting SSG as their "newest" waifu, as if they haven't had pin-ups of it in their bedroom since they were 12 smh
  11. kawadec

    Talk about some custom monsters you likeĀ 

    The roster of Hell/Cabal hybrid enemies in Bloom (a Doom/Blood crossover mod as the name may suggest) are a group of baddies I enjoy getting chewed up by repeatedly. They have less of the BS things that kept me from getting into Blood (namely the hitscanners' lightning quick reflexes), while still remaining far deadlier than Doom's vanilla offerings. Imps that can throw both fireballs and evil spirits, fire-breathing pinky-hounds, cacogoyles that can block attacks, slime archnotrons that do splash damage, the list goes on. All I can say is let's be glad Davoth and Tchernobog never swapped ideas at the water cooler. Also, I dunno if back-ports of modern Doom enemies count, but I love bringing 2016/Eternal's Knights and Barons into the classic setting. It's one thing when those two are basically just imps with more health and damage, and a whole other world of "oh shit oh shit oh shit" when they're sprinting and jumping at you.
  12. kawadec

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    The way I picture the Doomverse setup is kinda like a bicycle wheel, where Hell is the axis, Urdak is the tire, and the spokes in between are the myriad of mortal dimensions (dunno who put that idea forward first, but I swear I read that description somewhere and it made enough sense). Doomguy was born in one "spoke," and after killing the Sister Resurrector got yanked from Hell into a different one that had its own Earth with a similar history (similar enough to have its own UAC at least), but with more direct involvement from Argent D'Nur and especially the Makyrs. Personally I liked the idea floating around back in the 2016 days that the Doom Slayer was a different guy --- a Night Sentinel who sold out Argent D'Nur to revive his son (so yes, he would have been the Betrayer the lore talks about), was betrayed by Hell and went on a one-man wrathful crusade from there for vengeance and atonement. But hey, if their goal was to make Eternal as hype as possible by confirming the "Doomguy = Doom Slayer" theory, I can't say they failed at all at that. Of course Id can't seem to make up their mind on the lore of new-Doom, so who knows how accurate the current theories are (or how much will be retconned with the next game). But I guess one advantage of the multiverse setup is that it's pretty easy now to assume Doom 3 slots into one of the other mortal dimensions, with yet another Earth and UAC mucking about with risky technology.
  13. kawadec

    How Do Ya Like Your Coffee?

    Used to be a generous cream and sugar kinda guy, but in recent years I took an interest in cutting back the calories in stuff and switched to no cream and just a hint of sweetener, ended up developing a taste for that as well. I still maintain the heresy of going decaf a lot of the time though, just due to too much caffeine messing me up instead of helping.
  14. Funny how many of these I knew were stock sounds, but also how many also were but I didn't recognize at first. A while back I was editing a recorded playthrough of some level and fast-forwarded through a part at 2x speed, and when some zombies were getting shot in the footage I heard the sped-up hurt noise and was like "wait what, I know that scream!" Imagining imps with that noise at the original pitch and screaming like a normal human is a pretty funny image, I must say.
  15. kawadec

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Played through this a while back via GZDoom, going in with the expectation that this wasn't going to be the spooky ambient experience of Doom 64, but rather a re-interpretation of if this came out years prior as, say, a Doom II expansion of sorts. And for what it is, big thumbs-up on the execution, as it does all feel like what Doom 64 would have been like if it was made with Doom II's engine, assets and visual/musical presentation. We even have some creative QoL improvements that I wish were in the original, such as dioramas near some specific switches showing exactly what hitting it did in another room. Of course the lack of 64's scripting capabilities and the such make some parts of various levels different by necessity, but the workarounds to keep a similar experience work pretty well. One example that stood out to me is the opening area of Dark Entries. Normally going into the large room at the start triggers a volley of homing fireballs you have to take cover from; you don't have that here, and instead there are multiple monster closets full of Revenants that open one by one as you progress through the level and have to cross back through that room again. Creative stuff. The Absolution got a particularly interesting overhaul, with three side areas you now have to figure out your way through to get skull keys to turn off the spawners in the final arena (a replacement for the demon artifacts of the original). Of course, one of the selling points of 64 was the scarier atmosphere and visuals compared to the previous entries, so I could see the lack of that being a deal-breaker for some. Meanwhile for the Doom II fans they may expect levels that get as crazy in enemy count as those of Hell on Earth, and may be disappointed that 64 even in this incarnation doesn't quite do that either, and is a little more prone to making you backtrack and figure out puzzles. But those who have played the original probably already expect that, and if you know how those levels go you'll find the same flow you knew from before. It's all personal taste whether that's your jam or not, but if it is then this is certainly a fun romp through the levels, in a familiar yet interestingly different flavor. One additional pro for this wad I'd like to point out: for those who like to throw mods onto their Doom experience, one of the tricky things you may have run into when it comes to other ports/remakes of 64 (GZDoom 64, Brutal Doom 64, Doom 64 CE, etc.) is trying to get them to play nice with mods intended for Doom II wads. Depending on the mod, something always seems to break or glitch out when you try to apply your favorite gameplay mod to 64's levels. So having a version of the levels made all from Doom II assets is great to have from a compatibility standpoint.