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Status Updates posted by DownloadTheseSweetViruses

  1. If you want to follow this thread, (or any other threads that interest you) you can press the "follow" button to the right of the thread title, Press "follow".


    Then you can manage notifications for the thread and when you're done with that press "follow" again.


    Glad you're here,  I haven't played much of the games (I want to check them out), but I heard some of the music you've made and I'm really impressed by them. Hope you enjoy it here.


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    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      No problem! What made you come here in the first place?

    3. leejacksonaudio


      Cammy convinced me. I was working with him on the TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack. He talked me into joining so we could communicate more easily.

    4. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Interesting, well good luck on the MIDI Pack, looking forward to it.





    Idk if I should give this project exclusive maps or keep it the way it is, still unfinished, updates are in the .txt log so read it, why dontcha!



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    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Thanks for the idea, I will try to make some maps.

    3. DownloadTheseSweetViruses
    4. DownloadTheseSweetViruses




      Took a break for a while, planning to make the wad more ACS oriented.

  3. More of this project,

    Added some caco varients, and fixed some stuff what I did is in the update log.



    Also, I'm planning to make this a multiplayer thing (Hopefully on version 0.7) is that a good idea?


    CACOV0.3.zip Enjoy!

  4. The project is back on...


    Somebody has brought something to my attention, that I break promises and don't finish stuff, I want to fix that so I decided to reboot (most) of my unfinished stuff starting with "CACOV.01.wad" @GraphicBleeder's original idea, I've added a shotgun modification, (this time I learned inheritance), so yeah thanks for reading.


    CACOV0.2.zip (not viruses promise)

    1. GraphicBleeder


      Wait you're still working on this?

    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      @GraphicBleeder I wanted to start on it again, Still editing the weapons and I hope I can make some caco variants, it's been forever.

  5. Saw you in DM today, that was fun!






    Sorry if I was spammy, or bad


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    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Thanks! I'm sure you will gain more skill playing, You definitely played better than me I always got last/15th place.

    3. Valhen


      I haven't played DM for a long time, so my skills were a bit rusty, but judging how fun it was in today's game, I should totally play more often :)

    4. DownloadTheseSweetViruses
  6. Screenshot_Doom_20210105_162458.png?raw=

    Are you going to do a sequal for carn's mom too, or no? XD 
    (joke not a suggestion)


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    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Yaes, it was scary but I got the hang of it, and I swear I recognized the music "Nuclear Fusion" from another wad, but the nucleardemon is one of the greatest danmaku machines to walk this earth. It was hard yet fair. 

    3. URROVA


      nuclear fusion is utsuho's theme from touhou 11, another danmaku shmup so goes well with the boss xD


      the danmaku patterns at first view are scary, but some of these has tricks to make it simpler, like "when start shooting move slow to the right to align bullets" (streaming) or things like this

    4. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Streaming is a good tactic, along with standing far away from the projectile circles until they separate.

  7. This for, when come back.

  8. Hello, guys on the CACO.WAD series, I made a little update by adding the "CacoPistol" a pistol that fires 3 caco fireballs per shot, only costing 1 ammo. And I made max health 400 and start health 200. And that's about it. 



    GraphicBleeder for the idea, I'm not going to @ them, it gets annoying after a while.

    B4NM.wad and CXV.wad I used to help me with the code, (I'm beginner and can't code for crap.)

    Zdoom wiki for the Cacodemon and Pistol code.

    And you!





    CACO V0.1.zip

    1. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      No viruses I promise you won't be trolled.

  9. Inspired by @GraphicBleeder, this is an alpha kinda, I made a .wad that changed all of the enemies (including Commander Keen and except Romero's Head). Monster actions don't work for some reason (like E2M8, E3M8, MAP07) etc. so if anyone got any ideas about it, please tell me!





    1. GraphicBleeder


      Pretty cool man!

      I know this is a joke wad, but if you want, I think it would help to adjust item and weapon placements to accommodate for the Caco's being much tougher then Zombiemen or Shotgunners.

    2. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      I will do it! IDK how to replace the lesser weapons because this is an IWAD edit, so I'll just change the weapon alibilities!