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  1. Willy W.

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    I really enjoy maps with interesting spins on regular Doom combat. Ones where if you try mindlessly supershotgunning all enemies, you won't get anywhere, but instead have to treat encounters more like puzzles to first solve and then overcome. Ribbiks does this incredibly well, I just wish I was good enough at the game to play his maps on UV.
  2. Something about this map honestly feels incredibly 90's. I think it's the bizarre texturing and the hordes of barons. I'm not even going to ask what's up with the exit, because I guess that's just a part of the experience, but I have another question. Why do you use MP3 renditions of MIDI tracks as your music replacements? I've noticed you doing the same thing in another one of your maps I played, but it just doesn't really make sense to me.
  3. Willy W.

    Any Top Picks for the best WADS/MODS of 2020?

    This thread might help.
  4. @Clippy Crouching is allowed in this wad. ...Took me a while as well when I first played this, because so few wads ever use that.
  5. Well, it's certainly a... unique experience.
  6. Willy W.

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Eviternity. Great aesthetics, but gameplay ranges between infuriating (which is 99% of the time caused by the awful dehacked enemies) and utterly boring. I've said this before, but the megawad feels like nothing more than a showcase of OTEX, and while ukiro absolutely deserved a cacoward for the texture pack, Eviternity definitely did not. And this may be another hot take, but Eternal Doom is brilliant. It has some subpar maps (most being the ones made by Chris Couleur), but Cranium's maps in Eternal Doom are great, especially MAP12 is a masterpiece, and it's a shame that most people only come into contact with his maps in the Master Levels, which are... acquired taste. Also it has to my knowledge one of the first Tyson maps ever made, and it still holds up pretty well today. The only maps I could absolutely see most people not liking are the ones made by Jim Flynn and especially Bob Evans, just because of how increadibly unreasonably cryptic they are, but I still highly recommend playing them in a group and trying to figure them out with other people, not on your own, because they still have a lot of creative stuff that I think fans of Doom should experience... just know what you're getting into and that Evans' maps take up to 2 hours to complete, if you're going in blind.
  7. Willy W.

    What's the worst megawad for Doom?

    I immediately think of this: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/bcsmw Encountered it on D!Zone Gold once and to this day it's definitely the worst megawad I've ever played. Alternatively there's this, but I've always felt like it's so comically bad it's almost entertaining:
  8. Willy W.

    Largest deathmatch-only map?

    When decino was attempting to play deathmatch in Odamex with 100+ players, he was playing on very large deathmatch-only maps made specifically for this event. @KUBA18i was the one compiling all of them into a single wad and he should probably still have them.
  9. I made a small update to the resource pack. Added two textures for the nether that I forgot to make the first time. minecraftres_glboom.zip
  10. @P41R47 You're right that the issue is with the PNGs - for this resource pack you need a source port that can use textures in PNG format and there really aren't that many of them. You could try to create a new palette, but from what I've seen the Minecraft textures are too varied in colours to palettise them without muddying some of them up. But as far as I know, GZDoom and Pr/GLBoom+ are the two most popular source ports, so making the wad compatible with these two should satisfy most players. @nue No, I didn't mean that at all. I meant if you could place a death exit at the end of your MAP11, so that my MAP12 would have a forced pistol start, because I want to make a tyson map.
  11. Since there are people taking multiple slots, I had a stupid idea for MAP30... if I can pull it off right. But now that the texture pack is finally finished, I'll focus on the MAP12 first. @nue I picked MAP12 because I was hoping to have a forced pistol start at the beginning of the chapter. Would you be able to do that for me please?
  12. Okay, so it took a lot of quite literal blood, sweat and tears, but the GLBoom compatible resource pack is finished. minecraftres_glboom.zip A lot of the things could have been done more efficiently, but it should still work. I haven't tested all the textures, but the ones I did worked, which doesn't mean it's necessarily 100% functional, so let me know if you find a bug or two. Also do note that in any editor the textures will still display paletted and they're going to look really weird, but that should fix itself once you load it up in the actual game.
  13. Thing is, it's impossible to make this compatible with PrBoom because of the colour palette messing up a lot of the textures. What I'm creating will only work in GLBoom+. And GZDoom as well, of course, but almost everything works in that.
  14. With some help from Anarki I have finally figured out a way to make the resource pack fully compatible with GLBoom+. It's going to take some time and effort though and in the end some sections of already finished map will have to be retextured (mainly all the flats). But if you give me a day or two, I should be able to remake the entire thing.
  15. My guess is that Bushpig2dope forgot to set it from private, and as it's the second link, nobody has really tried it until now.