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  1. Xulgonoth

    In memory of Magikal

    Catastrophe is perfectly playable on cl9 and should be on cl2 as well. There are some stuck enemies but as far as I can tell, that's a mapping error, not a compatibility issue. Industrial is very different, but much more hilarious, the whole map is completely playable even on cl2 from the beginning to the end, it's just not finishable. If you don't want to deal with Legacy, I recommend GZDoom on any compatibility other than strict.
  2. Xulgonoth

    Junk Food Demos [-complevel 9)

    MAP57 UV-Max in table-filling 20:59 junk57m2059.zip
  3. Sorry for the really late reply, I think I was talking to @bofu about this slot on Discord a while back? I'm not sure, it may have been another one, and I have no idea if he's interested in taking it, but if he's not, you're absolutely very welcome to claim it. And speaking of finishing this thing, I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I'll probably need someone more active and competent to at least co-lead this through the finish line. I'll be honest, I've kinda been losing control over my life lately, haha. But yeah, I can think of a couple people I'll ask privately about helping to carry this project, as I've been admittedly kinda failing to do that over the past several months.
  4. Sorry I took so long, here's the updated version: Callisto Mansion_1.3.zip I kept the regular exit as is, but a couple weeks ago I cobbled together a little expansion with a secret exit. I think I may have made some other bug fixes, but I honestly don't remember, I made this late in the evening and forgot to post it the next morning. So there's a good chance there's more bugs than there was before, but I have no idea. As for @Firedust's question:
  5. No offence taken. But you know, I hear this exact phrase a lot, I don't know who said it first, maybe MtPain27? In any case, I guess it's easier to see for some people than for others, because I really do wish this style had caught on. At this point I feel like I've played all of it and nobody really wants to make more, which is a bit of a shame.
  6. After some playtesting being done, I had to make just one more update, because someone managed to completely break two of the puzzles. You know who you are, I love and hate you both at the same time for always breaking my maps. Here's the hopefully final version: Callisto Mansion_1.2.zip Update log: Also about this, since I'm already writing this post, it won't break the rest of the maps at all. Colormaps between the C_START and C_END markers are used in combination with fake floors and ceilings to give specific areas a colormap other than the default one, here it's for the underwater area in the southern circular arena. And if you wanna see an example of it being perfectly safe for every other map on the project, check out MAP07 of CC2, it uses an orange colormap for a whole hell section of the map.
  7. I included an updated version of my map in my original post a while back. I probably should have made a new post for it, but yeah. Also if we're talking map position, I feel like maybe my contribution might benefit from being a secret level, because I don't think a lot of people will enjoy my kind of inane shenanigans.
  8. So I've had a couple days off and decided to make a speedmap, because I felt like mapping for a bit again, but wouldn't have enough time to make significant progress on my main projects. And unfortunately for y'all, I was really intrigued by the premise of this year's Mayhem. I really like Jim Flynn's style of puzzle maps and I've wanted to make an homage to it for a while, so this was a cool opportunity. Since combat really isn't the focus here at all, the way I've decided to handle difficulties is that the setting determines how many puzzles need to be solved before the player is allowed to exit while the monster count stays the same. Coop spawns are there, but it's untested and I have no idea about the extent to which having multiple players will mess things up. Name: Callisto Mansion Music: "Desert Jello Bouncing" from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (sequenced by @Peter) Inspired by: Titan Manor from Master Levels EDIT: Made a few little tweaks to my map before the end of May: Callisto Mansion 1.1.zip Also, completely unrelated to my map, but I thought I'd write this here instead of a new post: @Danlex I had to play your map just for the fact that you chose a pretty similar premise, and you've made something truly beautiful. The puzzles are pretty easy (though I may have been at an advantage, given how a bunch of them were clear Eternal Doom references), but they're all very clever and engaging, so I had a blast playing your map! That's all, I've got no constructive feedback, only subjective praise.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm not dead, at least not yet. I'm really sorry about my inactivity. I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately, more than I expected. In that regard I'll have to postpone the soft deadline further. I have no idea what date would be reasonable, but let's say two more months, so hopefully by the beginning of July we should have something. In another news, Bobby had to withdraw from the project, so the MAP14 slot is open now. Also I haven't heard anything about malfunction54 in a long time, @roadworx would you happen to know anything about them? Awesome work, just like last time :) I don't think any adjustments would be necessary, even when it comes to soundfonts, it seems to work just fine with the MS Wavetable and SC-55, which is really all that needs to be worried about, I think. The MAP15 slot is all yours, sorry to keep you waiting for so long. But about the intermission MIDI, would you mind if I tried doing something with it myself tonight or over the weekend? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to bring it close to what I want for the intermission, but I'd like to give it a shot. And I know I'm being an asshat about this track specifically, but the intermission theme might just be the most important MIDI in any megawad, because the player will hear it most often and for me personally it's always the music I associate with a wad the most, so I really want this one to be just right.
  10. That would actually be really, really useful. If you have the time, definitely go for it :) Awesome, definitely sound better :) That's a shame, but completely understandable, congratulations on the newborn kiddo :)
  11. Well, that was an unexpected surprise, but a really welcome one :D I like it, it's a bit of a return to the original soundtrack in the orchestral style, but ironically enough that makes it stand out. It's definitely a MIDI worthy of Paldorian :) Do you have a name for it, by the way? EDIT: I forgot one thing. I have one slight issue with the MIDI, I don't know if I'm the only one, but the glockenspiel sounds a little too ear-piercing to me, would you consider switching it up for maybe a celesta, music box or a vibraphone? I feel your pain with Microsoft's synth, for me Cammy had to step in to fix all the issues in my MIDI that are specific to it. I really hate that it's still what most people use when there are so much better alternatives, but what can I do :D And well, it was just after your post, but LPad has just claimed the MAP32, and with that it's all the slots claimed. There's still MAP30 though ;) Also I think it's about damn time I contributed something for my own project. I've finally added my MIDI for Silures and I have to thank @Cammy for editing it for me so that it's compatible with the GS Wavetable. I hate that synth so much... As promised, I'll start setting deadlines, I'd like to be able to start wrapping up by the end of April. It's not at all a hard deadline, for now it's just a date I'd like to strive for, but please @malfunction54, @Bobby "J, @NiGHTMARE, @RogueAkai and @SynDoom, keep it in mind.
  12. Definitely, though I just tried listening to it without the drums at various slower tempos and I think it might need further adjustments. Right now I'm thinking the intermission could benefit from something in major scale, but I might have to try playing with it to figure out if that's really a good idea or not.
  13. Awesome! I think most people don't spend more than a couple seconds in the main menu, so the intro needs to hit right from the beginning, so I'll use the short version, that one's great for that. Though I'll gladly include the extended one as a bonus track. I'm getting a Warcraft 2 vibe from it, which just so happens to be one of my all time favourite soundtracks, so I really like this one :D The intermission sounds great, but it's very... different from what I would have imagined. I guess that's really my fault for not writing any guidelines for it, so I'm sorry about that, but the feel I'm getting from this is "stay pumped for the action and get right back into it", which I'm not sure is a good fit for Eternal Doom. I know the original intermission is similar in that way, it's very marchy, but I think this one goes a bit too far in the upbeat direction. What I think would fit this wad a lot better would be either a celebratory jingle like what Hell Revealed has with Victory from RotT, or something calm to give off the vibe of a sort of a break. I'll still include it, but would you be okay with me either heavily modifying it or replacing it down the line?
  14. It's alright, I know you're going through a rough time and you've already done a lot for this project. Of course you'll always be welcome back if your situation improves :) Sounds great! It's definitely a good fit for Timeslip, and while it technically doesn't abide by the 3rd guideline, it's very close to it I'm very much willing to be lenient with it just like with MAP04, as that rule has always existed more or less to encourage enough content in each MIDI, which this one definitely has. Yes, very much still going on! I'll mark you at the MAP21 slot then :) Well, why not, your style is definitely the most prominent here already, so I'd be very happy with you creating the two remaining non-map MIDIs :D By the way, since you seemed interested in contributing to MAP30, it's being organised over Discord, the link is in the OP :) Though "being organised" may not be the most accurate phrase at the moment, as of now there isn't really anything actually done yet.
  15. A new @Cammy MIDI has just dropped at MAP07!