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  1. TheHambourgeois

    What is the "nukage"?

    its the same stuff that makes the guy all fucked up in robocop
  2. TheHambourgeois

    Should Doom have had a BFG-wielding enemy?

    Keep in mind that, while this idea may be viable with a bunch of caveats (should be extremely conspicuous before the projectile is fired, the fight location should have a lot of cover, the enemy should be encountered rarely and/or alone), when doom was originally released a ton of people played with keyboard only and had the strafing abilities of a wounded turtle
  3. TheHambourgeois

    What do you use to make Doom MIDIs?

    gonna Xth the suggestion for sekaiju, though I will admit I've been curious about domino
  4. TheHambourgeois

    Do you love killing pinkies using the super shotgun.

    i like to beat fucking pinky and kill tham
  5. TheHambourgeois

    How to organize mods?

    Heres what I do: Base folder (contains subfolders only) subfolder for each source port subfolder for each editing program (doom builder, slade, etc.) iwad subfolder pwad subfolder sub-subfolders for each editing standard (vanilla, limit removing, boom compatible, zdoom, eternity, etc) then I just launch everything from batch files from within the target port's subfolder. kind of specifically self-contained mods like doom 4 vanilla or adventures of square may get their own folder
  6. If I had the free time I want to make a wolf3d style arcade shooter with a dual wield spell system like bioshock2
  7. TheHambourgeois

    The Great Hall (Heretic, first map of a planned episode)

    in awe of your doomcute but in heretic skills i will play this whenever I have free time
  8. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Going to finish this level set if it kills me, early WIP of the final regular map of condemned, cleaning the automap as i go
  9. TheHambourgeois

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    I guess make some zscript that spawns a bunch of revenants everywhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCF5f0hSfKg
  10. TheHambourgeois

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    my method is probably terrifying. here's what my general doom engine folder looks like: and here's what a source port folder looks like: yes, i launch every wad from a batch file
  11. TheHambourgeois

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    You indeed figured out the cyberdemon cheese method, also I noticed a sloppy extra armor laying around due to haphazard difficulty implementation, whoops. e: well one last hurrah, I fixed the cyberdemon fight so he can shoot over the lip in his room, fixed a texture alignment error, added some hazards to the spiderdemon fight, added an extra cell pack to the cyberdemon room so ammo is less tight at the beginning tetanus_fixbal.zip
  12. TheHambourgeois

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    IWAD: Doom.wad Tested with chocolate doom. I recommend using the chunkiest, lowest resolution renderer you can tolerate. tetanus_fixbal.zip <<< NEW e: WTH I should include a screenie e the 3rd: should probably have edited this first post a while ago oh well lol
  13. TheHambourgeois

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

  14. TheHambourgeois

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    This looks like a ton of fun and I need a little thing to get some juices flowing. For the sake of sanity I think I am going to replace MFLR8_2 with FLAT5_4 and CEIL5_2 and throw SW1BLUE into the mix but I am like 40% into a map's geometry with these.
  15. bump your thread if you make an update or whatever