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  1. TheHambourgeois

    Mappers and Monster Spriters needed!

    so I have been approached for work on a commercial product on these very forums. things that were present in that proposal: -indication of previous work -up-front offer of payment for completion of work -I was approached via DM, indicating that the team was looking at individual output and not just shotgunning offers into the void -most of the non-level resources already existed now, I am someone with more ambition than free time, so I get the desire for help, but you can't really get around the fact that you need to have something to show. If your big gap is mappers, then having other resources/gameplay coding complete to showcase is good. If your big gap is assets, you can always grab placeholder assets from something like OpenGameArt.org or just use dots/silhouettes, rough out some level geometry to demonstrate gameplay principles, etc. as others have stated, a discord link isn't really going to be compelling to anyone.
  2. no guesses what this is: Quilt2Gnt.zip BUG NOTICE: Tag 35 sector (shown below) will not lower until tag 36 door (shown below) is opened in Crispy and Chocolate doom. It works as intended in Eternity and DSDA. The action is clearly activated but buffered, as the wall does not lower unless one of the triggers for the tag 35 sector has been activated. If door 36 is already open, it happens right away. Any insight into this is welcome.
  3. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Pluggeing away Lol: I am going to get ahold of the hardware renderer eventually, dammit.
  4. TheHambourgeois

    Is there a lack of complex combatants in doom's bestiary?

    I think doom 2 hit the nail on the head in terms of enemy complexity. Doom 1, Heretic, and Hexen are all a bit lacking on that front. Doom 2 has some enemies able to be individually threatening, while also having simple enough enemies that environment design comes to the fore to set the pace of a fight.
  5. revenant cause they make funny sounds whoop pssh
  6. TheHambourgeois

    Door Design Discussion

    I love crazy weird doors. The giant, 64mu doors from ogrelabs stand out as cool doors. I almost always lean on 16mu doors with 8 or 24mu inlets, but I also mix in 32mu doors with 16mu inlets. I am a slave to the grid.
  7. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Back at it babyyyy
  8. The Pit. You start in a literal pit. Can't argue with that IMO I think Sandy hit the ball outta tha park there
  9. TheHambourgeois

    How do I create a doom level off a mod?

    I did this with Condemned (built on top of Wayfarer's Tome). As others have said you need to probably package the version you build off of with your levels to ensure compatibility. Probably good practice to contact the mod creator as well. RE: What Kinsie said, you could probably just add a MAPINFO file to your level set to give the Project Brutality things DoomEd numbers. Giving editor keys is a bit more advanced if they aren't in the original but you can do it
  10. Beholder??? I hardly know her!!!

  11. TheHambourgeois

    How to have more fun in DooM??

    Drop a difficulty level and play some easier mapsets, then ramp up the difficulty again.
  12. TheHambourgeois

    should i play thy flesh consumed?

    There's some good maps and some bad maps in it. I am an e4m1 apologist. Love my little condensed maps