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  1. TheHambourgeois

    I want to make custom doom weapons sprites.

    From what I can tell most people on zdoom forums either draw by hand or model and then do a paint over. I think you are using the id games method, however
  2. TheHambourgeois

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    im garbage im a little worm nah dude who cares shoot demons and have fun
  3. TheHambourgeois

    Mappers: How do go about designing difficulty settings?

    I'm a scrub tier player so my goal is, if it's hard for me to beat consistently on UV, with mapper knowledge, I call that good. I shoot for HMP to be consistently beatable but I'm frequently near death. I honestly don't put much thought into HNTR. Method kind of varies by map. For arena/setpiece heavy maps with few, strong enemies I vary resources more, but I mostly just scale the number of monsters for difficulty balance
  4. TheHambourgeois

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    Imp was bassist, no one knows what his fucken deal was
  5. Count the columns anyway i figured it out, it was a 96 px patch and the doom renderer only tiles on like powers of 2, i guess? so it was tiling at 64px, cutting the 3rd column partway through, and adding a 5th skinny column. Anyway, i made the texture 128px wide and used offsets so, that is to say, i fixed it.
  6. vanilla gurus help me: why come my door patch looks like this: and is used to make this texture but looks like this in game?: My impulse is that it's due to being an overlapping patch texture on a 2 side linedef that isn't 128px tall but idk
  7. TheHambourgeois

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    folks i have a problem
  8. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    excuse the gratuitous shitposting
  9. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    trying to complete 1 more vanilla level before i have to start working 60 hours a week again more playpal fuckery "books!"
  10. He is probably the best level designer on Doom 2 (except c*tacombs)
  11. E: Finished all the shit I wanted to. Should be up on /idgames soon if it doesn't get rejected. Well after I started an ambitious for me eternity project this year, I got hit by the reality of a 60 hour work week once things started opening back up. Anyway, here is a more feasibly complete-able project for me (not to mention an excuse to work on encounter design): I call it "You Are the Big Rocket Launcher (And I'm Just the Shot Gun)" Current Version: yatbrl.zip -added deathmatch starts, co-op starts, and other multiplayer things -added custom music -added CREDIT graphics -changed some textures to distinguish between d├ęcor and switches Old Versions: It's a fight (or flight) with a Cyberdemon. With the shotgun. Good luck! It's got: -custom color map -custom playpal -custom textures -difficulty implementation -vanilla compatibility -deathmatch starts -multiplayer things -a custom song Here's the custom playpal in action. So far I've only tested it in Chocolate Doom. It looks good in visplane explorer but there's a lot of moving parts and its pretty open so that's my main concern other than people just recognizing what they need to do and enjoying the game play.
  12. Alright, I finally finished this and submitted it to /idgames, thanks everyone
  13. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I had a switch you could grab from the floor, so I tagged the lines on the surrounding sector to SR sector brightness to 255 and target the pictures sector. So, idk if that is fully necessary, I know linedef actions block any other actions behind them, but I made them functional just to be safe
  14. sandy petersen did nothing wrong
  15. Yeah I think a more accurate terminology would be light/saturated instead of bright/muted but it's clear enough from the pictures. Fwiw I like muted red the most for D64 reasons, but bright blue and yellow and orange are also contenders.
  16. TheHambourgeois

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    I have a strongly held belief that a small number of thin border textures like this would make most of heretics textures 200% more usable
  17. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A E S T H E T I C e:when you make a dummy sector to prevent a switch grab:
  18. So other people can chime in, I'm running on a potato computer and the medusa effect doesn't bomb out my chocolate doom, but I can replace that if its fucking with other people. I am also probably going to make it a proper secret and not just a red herring in the next update.
  19. Yeah, for better or for worse this is a ~concept map~ And Fuck I'll have to make sure the other linedefs actions fully encapsulate it lol
  20. After watching the demos I am also sad the glitch room does not display correctly in non chocolate ports
  21. As mentioned by Pseudonaut, you do not have to kill the cyberdemon. In fact, I do not recommend it for a casual playthrough, it's more of a hazard to manage. My first playthrough victory during testing was achieved without killing it. Ok I knew the ammo was pretty tight but I thought I gave almost double what you'd need for the cybie. I'll see about throwing a few more shells around the ground cause I'm also sure it's hard to avoid the shotgunner drops while you are running around. I definitely need to consider that for HNTR/HMP where I reduced the amount of shot gunners.
  22. TheHambourgeois

    Running a WAD... without Source Port.

    Shit that's still more complicated than the batch files I use to start my wads. If everything is in the same folder you can get away with something only a single line, like: Put that text in a file and name it something like yourlevel.bat and you're good to go.
  23. TheHambourgeois

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this is dope I was making resources to do something like this a couple years ago but I had no idea how to implement it so i dropped it.
  24. Heretic had that and more only a year later. I'm guessing heretic had a bit heavier of a resource demand but I remember playing it as a wee lad within a year or 2 of release without having to shrink the screen or anything