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  1. Most of you probably weren't expecting this, but...


    The Plutonia Experiment, completed single segment, without any saves, and UV Max (all required kills and secrets)! Yep, this run includes the infamous secrets maps :D.
    In the zip file below, you can find a demo that can be played back with an engine (prboom/glboom plus, crispy doom, dsda doom, NOT gzdoom) compatible with Final Doom. This took a few weeks to get and is my first exit. I'll probably end up improving this run for a time under 3 hours. Enjoy!


    Dropbox link containing all attempts: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k4htdqx3yf06rqs/AAC-wVMkdUMCdtvvQM_tUuu0a?dl=0
    P.S. map 24 had an insanely close call, but that wasn't the only one... see maps 18, 19, 27, 28. One thing I forgot to add in the text file, map15 was really really bad as I spent forever looking for a missed secret. I'm glad to have finished this by the end of the year, though :D.

    1. BlueThunder


      Super nice accomplishment.  Great to end the year.  congrats

    2. TwinBeast


      Cool, watching it and lifting weights. So far watched the first 12 levels.