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  1. FabulousDoom

    What do you think of Italian food?

    The best food
  2. I asked if I'm allowed to use them in a legal way. But thanks lol
  3. This is just a picture of a secret.
  4. All I used was this BJ sprite and this jail wall texture for a secret in my map, but I don't know if it's okay for me to use these resources from other games. Thanks in advance!
  5. FabulousDoom

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Reminds me of 2000-2010 internet for some reason.
  6. FabulousDoom

    Your mapping fears

    People saying it's too easy/too hard Healing and monster placement People opening my map in Doom Builder and see what a mess I have made Monsters infighting Accidentally using the same tag Sudden DB crash Not knowing what texture should I use
  7. FabulousDoom

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    PC: UV, sometimes savescum Nightmare on iwads for extra stress Mobile (with touchscreen) - HNTR
  8. FabulousDoom

    Doom 1 and 2 are flawless.

    I think it's nearly perfect, the only problem I know is design of some maps and minor stuff in their sprites. But hey, it was 90s so I guess the mistakes are mostly forgivable.
  9. FabulousDoom

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life, Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2
  10. FabulousDoom

    Doom Iceburg

    This the most disturbing and controversial iceberg I could find:
  11. FabulousDoom

    My first 2 wads

    I really like the architecture of the maps. I died at the beggining of map02, but quickly found the medikits. Keep it up!
  12. FabulousDoom

    Doom Iceburg

    That's the point of iceberg actually. Post a link to it with a spoiler or something, I would love to see it.