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About Me

Soooo yeah if you here for some reasons, thats cool!


Mapping status 06.02.21



For now im mapping Negativeone map 33

Also im looking for CP



(Pretty cringe informations about me below)


So i start with how old i am?

20? 30? Maybe 40?


Im become 13 yrs old in 2021!

(Hah no one expect)

Also i am from poland

(Slovian hardbass start playing)



So if you know something about me (lol)


My hobbies are drawwing, playing old games, and of course mapping

Also i playing minecraft and apex legends


So short story about mapping

I mapping for over 1.5 year now and my first map are not even that bad tbh


And for now my maps are not even bad, people think they are pretty decent and fun anyway im a project mapper (of course im making solo maps but i do t upload them) so if somebody want a pretty decent mapper PM on discord



Anyway im mapping Geometry dash maps