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  1. waciej

    [wip] Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (9 maps)

    Sign me up, rules are kinda hard but i thinking im gonna made it
  2. waciej

    SpamHordeRec | DOOM 2

    Every Slaughterfest be like
  3. Pretty fun and linear maps but sometimes some rooms was too hard becasuse you have no ammo
  4. waciej

    Shotgunner with Hair / NTMAI-esque Shotgunner

    Very Creative and nice lookin!
  5. Reserving map 33, i started working on this map 2-3 days ago and my first small update is technically ready (im going to upload after next version of map 27 to add some rooms and other things)
  6. So if there is a time i wanna replace my map with my first "failed try". Finally i tried again and made it in 9:29 so here it! working in gzdoom and prboom :p chleb.rar
  7. Map name: Chleb Iwad: Doom 2 Works in Gzdoom and prboom at least for me download: NotAVeryCreativeMapName.rar
  8. Quick thoughts after first 2-3 plays 1 As a riderr said this 3 keys switch can be activated by only 1 key, and of course skipping whole level. 2 At the start room i think better idea is using normal shotgun and use less enemies/weaker enemies + some shotgun ammo 3 Cave areas looks pretty clean and was fun to play, just like as first tech-plutonia rooms 4. There are bugged hell knights in the last area - they got teleported into wall and they cant shoot 5 Overall difficulty is bit harder plutonia (thats nice) 6. Decorations was pretty good and i think your map made it (just fix some bugs and you done :D)
  9. Also suggesting remaking first areas with some details (sorry for multipost)
  10. So this where my role as a tester starts yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee At start there are 3 bugs 1 there is wrong a texture 2 If you fall here you cant go up and there's no way to end the level 3. And there are weird lights Level need more rooms and maybe health (optional) and i think the crushing rooms are redundant I think if you make are bigger and with much more detail this map become much better :D
  11. titlepic is amazing (as always) and the music is kicking!
  12. waciej

    Hot Potato - Team Mapping Event - Boom Leage WAD out now!

    Sign me please to the Boom league! (this art look cool)
  13. Layout Ok so at start i wanna mention i found 2 secrets so maybe i missed something :v Layout was technically ok, not so linear and fun. Some parts was boring like going straight and fighting imp/zombies but some parts was intense like archville room with mancubi and chaingunner (YES fuck that room) and (i think last) room with spawning mancubi from nowhere. But as i said gameplay was technically fun Deco Decorations around the map were pretty decent and nice to look at - just simplicity thats i enjoyed (some rooms was not deatailed like others but i skip that) Monsters Okay so monsters growth rate was pretty damn good and i give it + I mean there are good monsters on good parts, just that room with archvilles and mancubi was too much on UV but possible other parts was good - like start some pinkies, imps and zombies and next revenats and hell knights (i thinking about big endning like cyberdemon fight or something but its alright) Bugs I dont find some gameplay bugs but that happend when you play this map on zandronum Overall Map was pretty decent - some things to change but fun Punctation from meh
  14. waciej

    New WAD created!

    Oh god, this terry trap at the second map! my headphones literally explode. Overall map01 is not too good - its looks like new mapper map like you as Silhou3tte said there are some bugs - like spiderdemons who cant move in blue arena room and some bugged textures on prboom+ but technically level layout was some sort "fun" and deco was pretty average (this room with 3 archvilles was pain) 5/10
  15. Another pretty good map from you :D Im not going to write a long feedback but want to mention some things 1. Thats only outdoor area for me was the best oart of the level 2. This level reminds me a lot of ultimate doom map and i love it. 3. Need some more monster and some teleport traps, fights are somethimes boring and player expect what happend next, but some traps are creative. 4. Just overall deco was nice - some room was maybe too blank but looked nice I dont find any bugs (thats nice) Nah im giving 8/10 (And also i hope you sometime make a full 32 level megawad from all your maps :D)
  16. HR and HR2 maybe not slaughtermaps at all but pretty intense (18 - 32maps) HRV - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/hr/hr HRV2 - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/hr/hr2final
  17. https://www.mediafire.com/file/auwcdvogd2raxsp/Boxes_chaos.rar/file Fixed some bugs and added some health :p
  18. waciej

    request for playtesting

    Yeah im stupid and i didnt found plasma gun - mega oof
  19. waciej

    request for playtesting

    Layout Ok so at start just some words about my toughts at layout I like that layout but i think some parts are linear and boring like end of maze part when you are going throught the maze where you are slaughtering poor demons but i think its the only thing from "layout part" that need more attention Monsters I think at the start of the level everythings are pretty balanced but then there are 2-3 arenas where you fight VS 50 monsters with 30 shotgun ammo (thankfully you gave us a rocket launcher, still needs some ammo but i made it) And on the second teleporter room (that room which teleports you into icon of sin room) I been fighting with some barons and mancubi AND THEN 20 Archvilles from nowhere killed me - its the only time when i died on this level and got suprised so much after fight with archvilles when i teleported to icon of sin room i got brain lagged and dont know what i supposed to do becasuse i shouldnt see icon of sin and then when go to the middle of icon of sin room, i dont know what to do - most of monster spawning down of the final room Decorations I dont count decorations becasuse as Alek say he just wanted to see if how people react to layout Overall Ok so last, i enjoyed this map, i have a fun killing all of these monsters bu as i said earlier in the last 2-3 room before "teleporting to icon of sin room" its feels kinda boring to play. I cant say much about deco, probally in future when complete level came out i can say more Just something to note this level aiming for slaughter and he did a pretty good job Punctation?
  20. Thanks for the feedback, anyway i planned this to be my second map - original i tried to make brick castle map but i realised i have not much time for everything to clean so i make the second map thats i think its smaller and got low deco, and thanks for the Sky's thread i try to fix my issue in 10 - 20 mins (yeah im not creative with that box map lol) https://www.mediafire.com/file/ikzz6ee0fjg8r7j/Boxes_chaos.rar/file
  21. Hah, no one expected Spanish inquisition "Base" map Textures: CRATE3 GRAY7 and SW1GRAY (and of course DOORYEL2, DOORRED2 and EXITSIGN) Midi: Batlle with dracula from castlevania 3 Sky: Custom from google search (lol) Build time: total time is, i think 5-6 hours Difficult setting: Yes link here https://www.mediafire.com/file/ikzz6ee0fjg8r7j/Boxes_chaos.rar/file (tested in prboom and gzdoom) correct link here https://www.mediafire.com/file/ikzz6ee0fjg8r7j/Boxes_chaos.rar/file
  22. Im in, just litle problem is - 1 texture is a door texture, 2 texture is switch and 3 textures is free, but i think i can handle it :p
  23. waciej

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    Probally yeah, just replace "old" textures with correct new textures!
  24. waciej

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    oh this is my map, probally others textures are in "portal sector" :p Fixing timeeeee
  25. waciej

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    Oof, my part was skipped :c