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  1. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Ah, yeah, I was uploading it late and kept having to reupload it every time I changed settings (because apparently if you change the name of a category it hides every run on the board, I can only hope there's a way around that for the categories that have to add glitch/glitchless later in life...) All your runs are up here, and a clean sweep for you in EC-Max :P I'll probably slowly populate my own time board, but I doubt I'll get any times better than yours. Cheers for filling up the first episode! :D https://www.speedrun.com/freedoom_phase_1/individual_levels (I didn't add your EC-Speed of E1M2 since you didn't make a video, but if you want it up there I can)
  2. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    https://www.speedrun.com/freedoom_phase_1 I have got FreeDoom (Phase 1 only) added as a game on Speedrun.com! I've got a full run of Ep1 EC-Speed up, and will hopefully have Ep1 Any% (ITYTD) up when I'm next at my other computer with that demo on it. @Shepardus If you would like to add your ILs then I should have those categories sorted very soon (probably by the time you see this). If not I can add them for you (unless you don't want them at all). This goes for anyone else who has ILs ( @beast ) Hopefully this can make things easier for tracking scores instead of a mess of forum posts, but of course keep posting them here (especially since demos are required for IGT and all ILs so you've got to host them somewhere!)
  3. MxCraven

    Obscurity regarding binding keys

    Multiple buttons to the same command should be perfectly fine, the only objections here seem to be multiple commands to 1 key (or making one key by physically gluing 3 buttons together or something). I've got ctrl and M1 bound to shoot, and I use both, so I hope that's allowed :P
  4. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    FreeDoom Phase 1: Episode 1 33m04s (33m38s real time) This came a lot quicker than I was expecting it to. Shame I didn't hit the sub 33, but I'm happy with the sub35. This run has a lot more time to be taken off of it, both with better strategies, and more luck running through everything (currently I play very safe). Hopefully I'll get some more improvements out :3 Currently in the process of getting a speedrun.com page set up for this so we've got some sort of leaderboard and easier access to see what's been done than this. It'll only be Phase 1 since I don't have a full game run of phase 2 (hoping they accept a single episode, but if not I'll have to ITYTD the rest of the episodes) Anyway, here's the run! :D fd1e1-3304.zip https://www.twitch.tv/videos/862332015
  5. MxCraven

    Obscurity regarding binding keys

    But it doesn't matter how hard you kick the keyboard then, only that you did it at the right time. Pressing X harder doesn't make the Doomguy go faster!
  6. MxCraven

    Obscurity regarding binding keys

    But the kick will have a slower reation time than fingers. The speed of the kick doesn't matter in this, since we're not sending things a distance we're actuating a switch and your fingers have much better twitch muscles than your legs. Sure you can kick a football further than you can flick a pingpong ball, but you'd have better reaction times flicking than kicking. I do think it's an interesting question, since you've only got so many fingers you can press buttons with so having pedals at your feet to press more buttons would be interesting. I know a few GW2 and WoW players that used racing sim pedals so they could move forwards and backwards with their feet meaning more fingers to press binds, and a few friends who have pedals under their desks have a setup to bind them to W to have a stretch while playing Minecraft and climbing a ladder or just walking back down a long mineshaft. Admittedly the second use is less important in Doom since very few levels are that long and you can take a break in between levels for episode/D2All runs.
  7. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    @Rackevin Hey, could you change the name of this post to something like "FreeDoom Speedruns (0.12.1) Post Here"? This has kinda become the posting hub and it'd be good to at least have a title that brings people in, rather than it being akwardly a question.
  8. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    FreeDoom Phase 1: Episode 1 (0.12.1) UV-Speed in 38m23s Full run, M1-M8. That was bloody hard. Have at it. I know you'll all have it beaten by tomorrow, but fuck it :P FUCK YES! This was a whole lot of grinding, and learning, and holy hell do I feel this is a big achievement for me! I know every time I do a FreeDoom run that nobody else has done it very quickly gets smashed by someone, but damn it I've finished this run. Doom is hard, man. And FreeDoom is harder than iD Doom. Finally smashed it out though. Dunno how happy I am with the time, but for now it can stand, because I can't stand running through this just now... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/857591665 Twitch link for if you want my rants about shorttics and getting shotgunned down :P fd1e1-3823.zip
  9. MxCraven

    Is there any vanilla wad that changes the HUD?

    PrBoom has the advanced HUD which removes the bottom part, but it stretches the screen out so you gain no vision from that.
  10. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Here's some runs at E1M8 UV-Max. Sub 1 min is possible, but I got bored and couldn't be bothered to keep trying for it right now. f1d8m.zip
  11. MxCraven

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I spent a good 5 minutes trying to work out what thing to put there, and there isn't really a good one! My first thought was -record, but by the number of people submitting video only to speedrun.com that argument is not used enough at all! Potentially -iwad, since most engines default to Doom2.wad if you don't specify.
  12. MxCraven

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    The most overused argument is -file Thank fuck for enyo-doom (and other launchers) :P
  13. MxCraven

    Astartes and Freedoom

    The mod may not completely change sprites out, and only add extra things to the sprites from Doom, which gives texture clashes when used with Freedoom. I could be wrong on this, but I remember seeing somewhere that Brutal Doom is one of the mods that doesn't work well with FreeDoom, and since this mod seems to be based on Brutal Doom, it could be that.
  14. MxCraven

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Ubuntu Build 0.10.0. (If you're using this or any of the other builds let me know :3) dsda-doom-ubuntu-10_0.zip
  15. MxCraven

    Freedoom speedruns?

    That run is just incredible to me after getting a PB of 2:06. For some reason I never thought about avoiding those pinkies and going back towards blue after getting red. I still haven't put the full run together, but that's definitely the way, although I'm only looking at 1:58ish. There's a lot of shotgunner luck to go down. I gave E1M4 a go for UV-Max and ended up with a 5:14, which I think I can get to a 4:xx with a bit more grind (and I'm sure y'all can do in way less than that :P) I'll put up some demos of stuff at some point.