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  1. Ant1

    Crispy Doom Update Question

    That's what's going on. I know the capture is weird, but I had to do it this way cuz OBS didn't wanna do display capture.
  2. Ant1

    Crispy Doom Update Question

    Thank you, I'll try this procedure if I can't get my old settings working.
  3. Ant1

    Crispy Doom Update Question

    I downloaded the July 31 build. I know there shouldn't be a difference, and that's why I'm confused. I'll see if I can get a video on YouTube.
  4. Ant1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That's hilarious
  5. Ant1

    Crispy Doom 5.10.1 (Update: Mar 24, 2021)

    Hey, just a quick question. My music in Ultimate Doom sounds different on this update than it did in the last one, while Doom 2 is still perfectly fine. Also, on Doom 2 I can see where I had saved the game, but opening Ultimate Doom doesn't show those. Both of my WADs are in the same folder. Am I just dumb or do I need to do something new? Thanks, and love the port!!
  6. Ant1

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    This exactly. Nobody really hates the enemies or we just wouldn't play.
  7. Ant1

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    Really? I don't think anyone is saying we hate the enemies. Like for me with Revenants, they're a great enemy in the game, but I'm bad at fighting them. I hate fighting them cuz of that, but they're well designed and fair. That's what most people are saying here, not "OH ENEMY SUX I CANT FITE IT".
  8. Ant1

    Cheapest Traps in the IWADS?

    Yep. (That's all I can say about this. It's so blatantly awful there are no words.)
  9. Ant1

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

  10. Ant1

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    I mean, it depends on what form of worse you're using so I'll answer both! Worst in terms of most annoying/difficult (basically, worst to deal with) other than the swarm of wanna-be Barneys is the revenant. For god's sake I hate dealing with them. I forget exactly which level tbh, but I think it's Suburbs which has that ledge full of nothing but revenants, which were the majority of my deaths. Worst design-wise is easily the pain elemental. You can cheese those meatball fuckers so easily once you figure out how they work. They still piss me off (obviously), but nothing satisfies me more than holding mouse 1 on them with a chainsaw.
  11. Ant1

    Doom II and where to get it

    For most things like that, any copy of the WAD will work. Just make sure to buy it! I bought my Doom IWADs from Steam, but GOG also works as mentioned above.
  12. The original idea was from 2003 celebrating 10 years of Doom, so they carried the idea over into 2004 with the "11th Annual" awards.
  13. You're on the right track, but there are much more recent versions of Chocolate Doom.
  14. Ant1

    Super 3D Noah's Ark Is Now on GOG

    The entirety of your post, while well constructed, suffers from a fatal flaw that this line here exhibits perfectly. Nobody. Would. Buy. It. Sure, parents might, but not a lot of them. And those sales would be worthless due to bad publicity. Plenty of companies (like Wisdom Tree, and a few others) existed both in the 90's and even into the modern day, but we never hear of them. Why? People don't want to be preached to in a game. Obviously some do, but when I want to be pious I go to church, not boot up Super Noah's Ark 3D.
  15. Tool-assisted speedrun. This means you can slow down the game, or make yourself do things much slower. This is used to show what a "perfect" run could look like if one ever existed. These don't compete with human players.
  16. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Can I give you a medal or something?
  17. Ant1

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    A war-torn Doomguy... (Magic Doom) Fun fact: I didn't die on this attempt, I beat the level somehow lol
  18. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Thanks very much, yours are as well.
  19. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Many people agree that his posts are more than just different. Matters of basic respect are not shown by his thread derailing comments and willful ignorance.
  20. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    My bad then, sorry! :)
  21. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Nobody really criticizes you for playing keyboard only. You're criticized for your posting habits, which are, to be blunt, obnoxious and frustrating.
  22. Ant1

    How does one get good at Doom?

    If this was directed at NIH's post, you missed the point. Like, to speak about myself for a moment, I've beaten the first few maps of Doom 2 on UV Fast. My post history has nothing to do with that at all though, because I understand that a lot of the people on this forum are MUCH better than I. Additionally, I typically make (at least half decent, I think) posts where I interact with what other people are saying instead of the "quote entire paragraphs and derail threads" approach that NIH is calling out.