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  1. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    TAS door boosts

    The same thing happens on vitas e1m1xo791. Some time ago i asked about these two instances specifically in the discord. Looper replied: Looper - "ah yeah that one, it is precise angle that you can bypass the 14.5 momentum limit" Me - "Is that something that is possible to do in other places? is it known why the game lets you do that?" Looper - "it works in other places, yes i dont know the exact details, but in d2m31, when going for the normal exit, you can wallrun in the final room in similar fashion, bypassing the 14.5 limit but you can't do it for the full length of the wall because the wall from another side of the map will block you somehow (you are wallrunning south side of the map, the wall blocks you from north side, probably wraps around the universe or something) I moved the wall once and noticed I could wallrun exactly more/less the based on how I moved the wall in another side of the map" Vita also said - "It sometimes works if you have very small X/Y momentum. Like 16 X momentum and -0.0001 Y momentum." This seems to have something to do with your screenshot above, i cant help more than this but i hope this is useful to you somehow. With the regular momentum preservation, not doing the 0.000000 trick, this might help but the guide needs a few reads to become comprehensible, for me at least! That part of the guide concludes with "So in conclusion: if you are running into a corner with an infinitesimally small XTAP or YTAP, it is possible to maintain your TAP because the engine’s rounding measures result in a false negative and a subsequent preservation of the player’s TAP." Basically when you get very close to a wall, not 0.000000 close, you can generally do the trick most of the time. Vitas e1m1xo791 demo also shows this, as well as the previous 0.000000 trick achieving X mom > 14.5. On tic 189 they get to X = 2960.000778 and do the trick. If you watch a bunch of tases from Looper and Vita and pay attention to their positions while doing these tricks hopefully you should get the hang of it, it helped me a lot anyway.
  2. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    XDRE 2.21 help

    I actually just got xdre2.21 working on linux yesterday, im also very new to linux. I used Lutris, it was my first time using it so i dont know if i missed something important but this worked for me. I havent used WineHQ before. - Download the xdre 2.21 .exe (obviously) and lutris. Also have an iwad somewhere. - I dont know if this is the best way to do it but i made two folders, one called "XDRE" and one called "XDREwine". Put xdre.exe in the "XDRE" folder. - Open lutris and click the + at the top right, then click Add Game. - In Game info: "Name" should just be XDRE, runner should be "Wine (Runs Windows games)", release year can stay blank. - In Game options: Executable should be xdre.exe, in the XDRE folder from before. Arguments should include, for example, -iwad /path/to/iwad/doom.wad. Working directory should be the "XDRE" folder, and Wine prefix should be the "XDREwine" folder. Prefix architecture, 64-bit. - In Runner options: Wine version for me is "lutris-5.7-10-x86_64 (default)". If i remember correctly that was it, i then clicked save and that was that. When i then ran xdre for the first time, it spent a bit of time downloading something, but then after that it worked.
  3. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    Post your favorite album art.

  4. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    What do y'all think is the best song of all time?

    Right now its this. Tomorrow it will be something else, probably.
  5. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    What are your top 10 most beloved video games?

    No Order: - Rimworld (The exception to the no order rule, favorite game ever) - Final Fantasy VI - Fallout: New Vegas - Fallout 2 - Super Mario Yoshis Island - Chrono Trigger - Doom, of course - Final Fantasy IX - Age Of Empires 2 - The Witcher 3 probably has to make it into this list
  6. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    XDRE not working

    Click on the input box in the top right corner and press the i and j keys to go backwards and forwards through the demo.
  7. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Alien Vendetta Map 2 in 0:15.89 - av02o1589.zip YouTube Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52h_Sh0CVkw Stream highlight - https://www.twitch.tv/toolafflictedspeedrunner/video/710939998 Improves the dubious demo by JonaG of 0:15.97. Also improves the demo by Doomdaniel95 of 0:16.74. Map 3 in 0:13.91 (really happy with this!!) - av03o13.zip YouTube Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW_h6vG7k6c Improves the 0:14.74 demo by Cacatou. Map 03 NoMo100s in 0:20.74 - av03os20.zip YouTube Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcX0uXXmFig This improves the 0:21.06 demo by NoisyVelvet.
  8. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Alien Vendetta Map 4 in 1:00.80 - av04o100.zip YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odYDc2CzBrM Stream highlight - https://www.twitch.tv/toolafflictedspeedrunner/video/709914665 This improves two dubious demos on DSDA: 1:00.83 by JonaG, and 1:01.69 by almostmatt1. Other than them it improves the 1:02.83 demo by Cacatou.
  9. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Alien Vendetta Maps 1-6 in 3:58 - av1-6o358.zip Stream Highlight - www.twitch.tv/videos/704999188 YouTube Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDuRv3mvDBY Map 5 in 0:39.43 - av05o39.zip Stream Highlight - www.twitch.tv/videos/706770803 YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnujfAB7TDg Map 6 in 1:05.17 - av06o105.zip YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-fMPKCFe_g The 1-6 demo isn't great and there wasn't a previous record of it to beat, it was just something i did to challenge myself, i only played to map 6 because 7 cant be done nomo. The IL's are only tic improvements but the demos they beat are marked as dubious on DSDA, so they could be second records too i guess?
  10. tool_afflicted_speedrunner

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    The Ultimate Doom e1m3s No Monsters in 0:22. e1m3sox22.zip