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  1. A m232 fast m232f144.zip
  2. Heh, I should get a -fast demo for this map. It's kind of duty for me since I submit a banch of demos for max cathegoty. I guess I still have enough skill for a tablefilling run after almost a half of year without dooming. Btw Vdgg, A -fast for m228 is a great run. A time is kind of meaningless here. I know what I say since I play some coop with -fast through 3rd episode years ago.
  3. I didn't watched 13:00 demo and I didn't watched Vile's run in 1.9 in years. But I'm sure when any player chooses route to the rk door and lets knight leave their niche, he gets the sprite limit distinctly. The revs cages are second sprite disappearance example here. Btw. I don't understand the problem. Why someone tries to emulate vanilla doom recording process in PrBoom-plus? Wants to prove that his demo should be comparable with CN demos? If someone is able to get a faster demo then current (often aged) CN record for av26 or av29 or any other map at 320x240, with no kills counter and so on, why he doesn't simply record a demo with 1.9 exe under DosBox? Edit: I've red some posts in this thread. I should do it early though. I could agree with Myk. If someone makes efforts to optimize most of CN max records for any wad except D1 and D2, he beats these times. So it's really matter of time and motivation. Using of advanced PrBoom-plus features is a subjective thing. Someone guesses that HUD, HiRes and so on makes no difference. The other don't think so. I make an assumption. May be another one guesses that using 85-95% games speed or re-recording parts of a demo makes no difference. He could say I can beat these times so why I should spend hours to polish second half of a demo when I run fast enough through the first half constantly. So he may decide to optimize only second half of demo via partial recording. Understanding what an advantage is different between players. So I think if someone wants to compare his demos with previous runs he should use the same exe.
  4. It's not such map to emulate vanilla feelings. 1.9 can't visualize 65 and more things simultaneously. It's important for av26.
  5. Didn't watched the new record yet, but there are quite obvious shortcuts on map 13. Soul sphere skipping and using the window instead of the teleport as uv/nm route. I'm sure tatsurd-cacocaco has found something else though. I got 7:4x on first exit with one missed spectre in the maze a hour before I got m2211215. I used to think I could get under 7:15 here. Then I was busy at work all week. So it was no doom for me. Not sure If I was able to go under 7:00 though.
  6. I got the demo pretty easy so I didn't try anything except plain IDDT and Eternity’s free camera for my demo with live imp. I lost a spectre in RK area and I saw him in demo replay. Btw, another max for mm2. m2211215.zip
  7. I guess kills counter provides more risky route and saves at least 30 seconds here. But with present route at least 10-15 seconds could be saved. Btw. Another demo for this season's favorite pwad and category. A -fast for m211. m211f700.zip
  8. A max for m211. If I'm no messing something only level 13 still has a fastest max demo from mm2_3 demopack. m211-612.zip
  9. A max for map 27 should be under 10 minutes. My max for this map has been done without sound. I played carefully after I had two or so exits with a missed monster. If I remember correctly, my max for m227 is a first exit demo. I guess a max for m222 needs at least some time to beat Anthony. It's too easy to leave a monster or two alive. I tried it in 2007. If I remember correctly, I had one exit under Anthony's time with one or even several missed monsters and several exits with time 13:xx again with some alive monsters. May be I should tried harder though. Good luck in your struggle through.